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Fooyin University

I. 4D Gut Precision Medicine Platform
Gut microbiota database including more than 10,000 data of normal Taiwanese people, standard collection and operation procedures, completed combination of blood test data, genes, gut microbiota, and data tracking at different time points have been well established; at least 30 kinds or more disease risk assessment models with corresponding nutritional solutions have been also included. It can be applied to personalized gut precision medicine, precise nutrition, development of concomitant diagnostic kits and FMT tracking.
Customized single/numeral gut flora detection were be provided. Rapid measuring of relative quantity of specific bacteria was done by qPCR technique, which reports output could be directly corresponded to NGS Gut microbiota database.

II. Personalized Genetic Testing Platform
Customized genetic polymorphism testing services can be used for risk assessments of early child treatment, chronic disease management, cancer, aging and metabolic diseases.

III. Healthy Food and Certification Platform
Animal room, next-generation sequencer, biochemical analysis equipment, blood analysis equipment, component analysis equipment, and immunohistochemistry have been well established, which can be used for health food stability, function, animal intestinal flora and efficacy testing services.

IV. Composited Probiotic Fermentation Platform
Techniques of screening, isolating, culturing, fermenting, embedding, and preserving specific probiotics were be possessed. It provides possible solutions for personalized disease assessments and microbial extraction product development.

V. Commercial Microbiota Analysis Platform
Analyzing of the microflora composition of feces, saliva, bronchial flushing fluid, skin, tissues, environment, pets, and scientific research animals can be done. The complete NGS-based microbiota analysis process, such as preservation solution development, delivery conditions, standard operating procedures, quality control system, data analysis and customized report, has been developed, providing various sample inspection and scientific data analysis and manuscript submission services.

Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Three stem-cell new drugs had passed the TFDA IND inspection and received the Phase I/II clinical trial permission.
2. Complete R&D, production, testing, and medical service capabilities.
3. Linking important international strategic partners to accelerate the clinical transformation of stem cell drugs.

Health House, Flanders/ Belgium Pavilion

Health House: Experience the future
Health House is a world class experience center where its visitors can experience the future of health and care. We want to show how technology will have an impact on the future of our healthcare. Think of artificial intelligence, 3D-printing, wearables, nanotechnology, …
Health House is a unique experience center where people can book guided tours, do meetings, host launch events or do product placement to introduce their medical device to the European Market

Horae Biomedical Co., Ltd.

Created by a pharmacist, decent rossi is a skincare brand designed for sensitive skins that provides safe skincare and cleansing products. Our Hair Wash Powder and Facial Cleansing Mousse are approved by doctors and available in medical centers. A skincare product line is scheduled to launch in 2020.
We know that people suffer from skincare problems, some even have their quality of life affected. Decent rossi is a brand that protects delicate and fragile skins. When developing, we commit to our safety first policy and do no harm to skin.
We are after proper skin care and moderate cleansing power. We insist using the least herbal ingredients and we are fragrance free, essential oil-free. We also refuse preservatives and petroleum-based surfactants. We are your gatekeeper that protects you from unnecessary stimulants and burden to organs. Take good care of the skin in the first step, cleansing.
Decent rossi is ideal for:
-Those who are intolerant to existing cleansing products
-Sensitive skin type who needs special care
-Pregnant women, breast-feeding moms and infants
-Cancer patients with chemotherapy
-Supports animal, against animal testing
-Supports the environment, loves the earth

Hospital and Social Welfare Organizations Administration Commission-Taichung Hospital, Ministry of H

Anti-Frailty、Keep vitality、Maintain cognition(Integration of Health care and Welfare services)

Hualien Armed Forces General Hospital

1.Innovative research and development- smart medicine chest system 2.0 display
2.Innovative Research: Function Upgrade on Ayuda, the Intelligent Medical Service Robot, Epidemic Prevention Function Demonstration
3.Construction of MR cardiopulmonary resuscitation + AED teaching system

Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center

During the exhibition, Hualien Tzu Chi Medical Center will cover the following topics - cell therapy, smart medical services, specialty treatment, recent innovations, international patient care, and preventive healthcare

Inventec Group Inventec Appliances Corp

The EasyDoctor physiological measurement system provides three devices that give five types of measurement data: blood pressure, blood glucose, total cholesterol, uric acid and ECG, as well as an exclusive mobile application and a health management platform. The system can be connected to an internal healthcare system, providing a
comprehensive health management solution.
Features of EasyDoctor Multifunction Physiological Measurement System:
(1) 24/7 Portable Medical Devices
(2) Health Records at a Glance
(3) Family Care at Your Fingertips
(4) IoT Health Care Services
(5) Secure Data with Cloud Storage

Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital

Design and implementation of non-contact radar module for biomedical applications.
The project focus on a long-term care application for the future development of government. Thus, a pulse-based ultra-wideband (UWB) radar with the characteristics of real-time, and non-contact monitoring to obtain physiological information from a subject. In addition, we further analyze and distinguish the vital-sign signals by the proposed algorithm to improve its sensitivity and build up the long-term care institute. For different kind of breathing situations, the related database is also developed for the sensing circuit module and monitoring system to verify its feasibility.