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landseed international medical group

Medical care without walls
Wisdom Ward
Smart Medical Related Applications
Case-based healthcare


.'Effects of High Protein Density Diet on Muscle Health in Middle-aged and Older Adults: A Meal-Based Randomized Controlled Trial' Clinical trial results published
.Nutrisoup free sample tasting
.BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) for visitors
.LAUREL NUTRILAB official [email protected] introduction

MacKay Medical Foundation The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan MacKay Memorial Hospital

1.Chiun Mai Communication systems (CMCC)
2.Smart Patient Information System
3.The Integration of AR Glasses and Endotracheal Intubation
4.Insights from the implementation of the EasyDoctor physiological measurement system
6.Smart Patient bed information terminal
7.Nursing information and patient caring system
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Supplementary instruments for intubation in
2. Smart hospital application, Emergency patient information system , Smart Patient bed information terminal, Nursing information
3. The goal is to apply this partnership model to other healthcare facilities or community health management organizations to promote

Medpex Inc.

MEAD Meridian Energy Analysis Device.
ZenStim Interactive Neuromodulation Device.
Zenus Facial Toning Device.


Medscope SOLID CLIP Single Use Clip Applier(ML)

Medzoneasia Co., Ltd.

"MedzoneAsia - The medical e-commerce platform for clinics
The secondary procurement option for the general practitioner, Providing varieties of medical stuff and making doctors purchasing conveniently."

Min-Sheng General Hospital

Asia’s Leading Healthcare Ecosystem

Min-Sheng General Hospital

"Due to the improvement of medical treatment and health environment, People’s average life expectancy is increasing year by year. With the aging of the population, the types of diseases have changed from acute infectious diseases to chronic diseases. In order to solve the current problems, medical technology is also developing towards regenerative medicine, precision medicine and digital medicine
We provide genetic testing services using Illumina biogenetic medical device. We use SNP testing to identify key sites on DNA sequences, and by comparing the genetic database, we can obtain the results of disease risk prediction and provide personalized medical services.
Min-Sheng Hospital will use the telecare and wireless remote physiological monitoring of the health care system (height, weight, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc.). After the medical team interprets the data, people with abnormal values will be tracked and managed. If necessary, people are recommended to receive further services in hospital."
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Precision Medicine

2. Digital medical

3. Min-Sheng General Hospital

Mytrex Health Technologies, Inc.

With 30 years melt-blown manufacturing experiences, Mytrex has excellent melt-blown technology and high stability process capabilities using the utmost raw material and a complete set of inspection equipment and produces various types of filter media (air, water). With the outbreak of coronavirus, the public has paid more attention to and relied on high-end medical masks. Mytrex is currently not just dedicated to assisting the government in deploying epidemic prevention tasks, but to develop "facial purifier" - medical masks made of highly breathable HEPA filter for adults and children.