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DIVA Laboratories, Ltd.(TDUA專區)

Radiology Display
Monochrome and color monitors for Radiology and Medical Imaging are specially designed to display organs, tissue, bone, and fluid in minute detail, brightness, and contrast providing radiologists and clinicians with the most accurate images for review and diagnosis.

Endo/Surgical Display
Endo/Surgical displays provide the industry's highest quality reproduction of static and dynamic images, delivering true color & real-time video. When equipped with DIVA's Multi-Display-Management System, DIVA offers complete, end user-friendly solutions for Hybrid ORs, Integrated ORs, and control room applications.

Touch Displays
Engineered to satisfy the specific application needs and requirements for embedded use, stand-alone solutions, or complete system integration with any number of equipment types, Diva's touch displays can be found in thousands of hospitals and laboratories worldwide. Of course, we offer various touch technologies, product variations, and customizations upon customer requirements.

OEM/ODM Solutions
Diva has over two decades of experience delivering high quality, precision displays to meet the exacting needs of our ODM and OEM customers worldwide. With various qualified platforms and superior component sourcing management, Diva offers customers the widest selection of display products with minimum development time to enable delivery.
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