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Huijia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent home system
Electronic medical wearable products
Smart care system
Blood pressure heart rate detection

AcuSense BioMedical Technology Corp.

[About Acusense]
AcuSense BioMedical Technology Corp. is committed to providing a safer medical enviornment for patients and healthcare professionals in the world. Our product combines wearable medical device, multi-bed IoT monitor system and A.I.-based algorithm to effectively improve medical safety and quality of care. Our product can be used in home dialysis, acute and critical IV-line safety, chemotherapy injection and ICU safety. In the future, we plan to deploy smart AIoMT solutions into the global catheter safety market. The company was founded in 2017 and has operations in Tainan Science Park in Taiwan and Silicon Valley in the United States.
[Team Achievement]
The core philosophy of AcuSense Biomedical fully echoes the World Health Assembly agenda on Patient Safety. Our team has won many awards including National Innovation Award, Ministry of Science and Technology Potential Award, Startup Raising Star, AIGO Competition award, and SNQ quality certification. In 2018, Acusense was selected to enter the Southern Science Park and passed ISO 13485 certification. In 2019, application to conduct clinical trial in Taiwan was approved. Acusense is conducting discussion with medical institutions, sales channels, and development units in Singapore, Sweden, and the United States.
[Strategy Partners and Consultants]
Acusense Biomedical’s strategic shareholders include manufacturing plants of GMP / ISO 13845 / D-U-N-S® Registere certificated, former Asia region president of an international medical materials company, patent attorney and lawyer, financial consultant (CFA certified) and regulatory specialists. We are an ambitious professional team and all employees are also shareholders. Clinical consultants include experienced clinicians in nephrology, cardiology, and internal medicine in the United States and Taiwan.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Fundraising and investment cooperation for $1M to implement relevant product about regulations and certifications to enter the market
2. Collaborating on smart medical AI research projects, Acusense
Biomedical has an AI team to assist in computational modeling.
3. The international channel for hemodialysis and ICU and strategic cooperation to enter the global market.

AcuSolutions Inc

AcuOnPath is a powerful device that rapidly delivers the histology image for surgical margin or cancer biopsy examination. FF-OCT with AcuSolutions’ unique and patented techniques, AcuOnPath can provide a high resolution pseudo H&E image at cell nucleus level in few minutes. In cancer treatment and diagnosis, AcuOnPath can help clinicians and pathologists to visualize the excision margins and cancer tissue.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Request for clinical trial opportunities and academic research cooperation.
2. Seeking business collaboration and investors.

aetherAl CO., LTD.

aetherAI is Asia's leading medical image AI company. Dedicated to bringing benefits of digital workflow to pathologists, we provide enterprise system for adoption of digital pathology and AI-powered medical imaging solutions.

Collaborating with medical centers in US and Taiwan, aetherAI is aiming to improve productivity, quality and consistency of pathology diagnostic process.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Digital Pathology System
2. Medical Image AI Development
3. Medical Image AI Applications

Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, Academia Sinica

This innovative works indicate that phytocompound DET and its novel analog DETD-35 are novel and promising for further development into a therapeutic or adjuvant agent to combat metastatic or drug-resistant breast cancer and melanoma.

Ann Tong Ind., Co. Ltd.

MICRO INJECTION MOLDING, medical hot runner system, medical cold runner system

Apex Health Care Mfg.,Inc

1.Patient lift-Mobility assistance device
2.Long terms care bed

Apollo Medical Optics, Ltd.

Apollo Medical Optics (AMO) develops optical imaging devices based on the revolutionary technology known as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). AMO's product originated at National Taiwan University (NTU), when AMO's researchers first began investigating medical optics. Although OCT technology has been researched before, the research base from NTU gives AMO's product a competitive advantage, with stronger axial resolution and faster scanning speed.

OCT is a non-invasive technique for three-dimensional tomography and AMO's refinements give higher horizontal and vertical resolution compared to the current international leaders. Our system uses our unique OCT technology to generate three-dimensional images of the cell structure and the microvascular distribution of the integral epidermis and partial dermis of human skin (in vivo). We believe we can put a serious scanning system, capable of revealing organization and cell structure, into the hands of dermatologists and pathologists, allowing faster, more accurate diagnostic and research capabilities.

Our first goal is to focus on the clinical development of our device for dermatology, followed by the establishment of an OCT database for dermatology and pathology. By licensing to foreign agents, AMO will cooperate with international associations of dermatology and pathology to promote the use of our OCT medical devices. We will continue to explore applications for OCT, and our next research aim is to integrate OCT with endoscopy.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Seeking international medical collaborators.
2. Seeking international distributors focusing on dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Auditory Implantation Center, Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

"Early Activation within 24 hours via a novel cochlear implantation surgical technique"
Traditionally, the CI device couldn't be activated until 4 weeks after surgery and further required patients return several times to Taiwan for a year to adjust the device. Our team developed a minimally invasive surgical technique by creating a much smaller incision wound, less than 2.5cm, that minimized device activation wait time to under 24 hours. Post-operation discomfort is now minimal, patients can instantly hear sound, and begin aural rehabilitation almost instantly following the surgery.

Bangham Biotechnology Inc.

Bangham Biotechnology Inc. is a Biotech company providing the True Active Ingredients for Cosmetic industry by combining these cutting-edge technologies, Liposome and Biological Network.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Request Distributors _ We intend to look for the reliable partners to expand the worldwide market.
2. Collaboration Request _ We plan to request for partnership to develop cutting-edge liposomal technology as well as novel applications of liposomes.