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AcuOnPath acquires pathological images by scanning the fresh tissue samples directly and automatically, without traditional sample sectioning, H&E staining procedures. Therefore the frozen artifacts are avoided, and the accuracy is improved. The automation operation of the device refrain from the constraint of on-site man power needed. The acquired images are intrinsically digital. The pathologist can read the images remotely through the network and broaden the diagnosis service area.

aetherAl CO., LTD.

~End-to-End AI Solutions
• Web-based Digital Pathology System
• Annotation Service for Digital Pathology AI
• Neural Network Construction/Training/Tuning
• High-Performance AI Compute Solution
• AI-Powered Workflow Automation
aetherAI is a medical image AI company specifically focused on digital pathology. We provide web-based digital pathology system and end-to-end medical image AI services. aetherAI is dedicated to improving the quality of pathology workflow.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Digital Pathology System
2. Medical Image AI Development

Apex Health Care Mfg.,Inc

1.Patient lift-Mobility assistance device
2.Long terms care bed

Bangham Biotechnology Inc.

Bangham Biotechnology Inc. is a Biotech company providing the True Active Ingredients for Cosmetic industry by combining these cutting-edge technologies, Liposome and Biological Network.
Bangham Biotechnology Inc. is a Biotech company providing the True Active Ingredients for Cosmetic industry by combining these cutting-edge technologies, Liposome and Biological Network.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Request Distributors _ We intend to look for the reliable partners to expand the worldwide market.
2. Collaboration Request _ We plan to request for partnership to develop cutting-edge liposomal technology as well as novel applications of liposomes.

Brain Navi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Within the increasing demand for precision medicine, the neuro-navigation is a standard in neurosurgery worldwide. Nowadays, most of the navigation system are using the type of “vision-based optical tracking systems” for registration (the relationship setting between patient and equipment). However, it does require the line of sight between the charge-coupled device cameras, the probe, and the microscope remain unobstructed. Brain Navi innovated the “Autopilot” neurosurgery robot- NaoTrac in 2018. With the combination of the computer, touch screen, machine vision, and robotic arm, it can assist in the surgery like Biopsy, DDP, SEEG, endoscope and EVD…etc. to localize the positioning and guide the surgeon to the surgical targets without the use of external frames.

Core Value of Brain Navi design is to improve the Doctor-Patient Relationship. Usually, the surgeon explained the estimated with the post-operative result. However, so many uncertain elements contained during the surgery and out of the plan. NaoTrac’s machine vision can show the surgical pre-planning and the surgeon can explain what the effect of the post-operative will be. With the pre-planning analysis, the patient can understand the exact situation of preventing the misunderstanding.


BRAXX focuses on developing novel radiation treatment solution for cancers. BRAXX designs new generation of brachytherapy applicator for esophageal cancer according to clinical needs; this applicator gives clinicians and radiologists a better tool deliver therapy.
In conventional brachytherapy to treat esophageal cancer using radiation, the radiation is not only delivered to tumor cells, but healthy tissues are also exposed. This usually causes unfavored local control rate and other side effects. We designed an applicator that contains multiple balloons that each allows independent control to achieve precision positioning and targeting.
By adjusting individual balloons, radioactive source can be placed at desired position based on computed tomography. The applicator can be positioned according to tumor size and location. This method can increase the conformity of radioactive treatment and greatly decrease side effects due to exposure of radiation to normal tissue.
Based on preliminary physical studies, it is found that our designed applicator can reduce the amount of radiation exposed to as much as 60% comparing to using regular nasogastric tube. It is expected that this technology will provide esophageal and other cancer patients a better treatment plan.
BRAXX applicator is a patented technology. The applicator received FDA 510(k) clearance, and expected to obtain TFDA approval in 2019 Q3.
BRAXX focuses on developing innovative medical device for radiotherapy. BRAXX aims to improve the therapeutic efficacy and avoids side effects in brachytherapy procedures. The esophageal applicator provides patients a new treatment option.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Request Oversea Distributor
2. Request Business partner


BSI is the British national standards body, and a CE Notified Body. We help medical device manufacturers to expand the global market with our trusted regulations and quality management solutions and services. The "BSOL - Online Standard Library" and "BSI Compliance Navigator - Medical Device Compliance Navigating System" are powerful tools for research and development of medical devices and ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory requirements.
"BSOL - Online Standard Library" and "BSI Compliance Navigator" are powerful tools for R&D of medical devices and ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory requirements. BSI helps MD and IVD manufacturers to expand the global market.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Online Standard Library - a simple online tool that gives you instant access to standards you need, including ISO, EN, BS, PAS, ASTM and IEC standards
2. Compliance Navigator - a simple way to manage your regulatory information for MD and IVD products with EU, UK and US requirements
3. Certification and Training - BSI provides certification and training for various standards and regulations , including ISO 13485, CE marking, MDSAP...

Cancerfree Biotech Ltd.

Circulating tumor cell (CTC) is a group of tumor cells that detach from tumor tissue into the blood circulatory system. CTC flows with blood in the body and considered to be a key factor leading to tumor metastasis. Tumor samples from blood are also referred to as "liquid biopsy". Liquid biopsy is low-risk and real-time sample sources can be used to reflect the dynamic changes of tumor cells in the human body. Our innovative technology is the first in vitro culture of CTC. It takes about 4 weeks to 10^4~10^5 level. The culture success rate is up to 90%, including lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer... Etc.

1. Personalized Anti-cancer Drug Sensitivity Profile Report
We provide Personalized Anti-cancer Drug Sensitivity Profile Report through 20c.c. blood sample. The drug testing content is 5-10 kinds, according to the clinically common drug group. We can further discuss for customized testing.
2. Circulating Tumor Cells Commissioned Expanding and Drug Development Testing.

Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology



8-Axis 3D Chiropractic Robot Table.
*For the first time in the world's spinal neurological medical community
*8-axis 3D microcomputer remote control spine manipulation therapy table.
*Has obtained Taiwan, United States, Chinese invention patents
*The movement forward, backward, left and right bending, left and right rotation, extension, can be a single, synchronize, respectively, sequence steps and so on.
*It is a 19-module program to perform therapy tasks through the App link.
3D Chiropractic Robot Table.,The movement forward,backward,
left and right bending,left and right rotation,extension,can be a single,
synchronize,respectively, sequence steps and so on.It is a program that performs a treatment task by the App link.