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AccuBioMed Co., Ltd.

Automated DNA/RNA Purification Systems
Liquid Biopsy and Solid Biopsy
Molecular Diagnostics

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Automated DNA/RNA Purification System
2. Liquid Biopsy and Solid Biopsy
3. Molecular Diagnostics

ACT Genomics

ACTOnco®+、ACTDrug®+、ACTFusion™ 、ACTBRCA® /ACTBRCA ® HRD、ACTMonitor®
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Clinical Services
provide cancer genomic profiling to enable personalized treatment plan.

2. Biomarker Discovery
provide cancer genomic profiling to facilitate biomarker discovery. Customized assay is available.
3. CDx Development
offer companion diagnostic development on NGS-based or CHIP-based multiplex qPCR platforms.

Analytik Jena

Songle Cell Droplet System, Real Time PCR, SERS Raman System, Ultra-micro DNA/RNA/Protien Analyzer, Dolomite microfluidic vaccine and biopharmaceuticals R&D system

Bio-Ray Group

Personalized probiotics, Immune cell Culture, Mesenchymal stem cell, Somatic variant detection, Cancer assessment set
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Multiple types of immune cells, stem cell storage, preparation research and production.
2. Cooperate with clinical units such as medical units, medical inspection units, and health management centers.
Technology Transfer.
3. Patented raw material supply and OEM, ODM foundry services


BIOTOOLS exhibits “Revolutionary Diagnosis of clinical pathogenic microbe and early periodontal disease” as well as “Interventions of gut microbiome and precision health” to emphasize the Microbiota’s clinical applications.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Medical Center/Department of Laboratory Medicine

Bluesea Biotech Co., Ltd.

Diets revolutionized with biotechnology
“Lan-Bao” is fully balanced nutritional food, rich in vitamins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, DHA(docosahexaenoic acid), EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid), DPA, over more than forty kinds of nutrients, and through international food laboratories in Germany Davidoff Rhine food safety certification and did not including traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine ingredients, is a low-calorie, high-calorie, high-quality protein, also known as the nearest distance health balanced ideal food.

Cargico Corporation

Cargico is a successful and honorable company that provided engineering and technical service founded in 1973 and later grown to be a full-featured facility of research, development, manufacturing, and engineering service.
The R&D teams at Cargico in Europe, Asia, and the US commendable developed Bio-Kil in 1996. Bio-Kil is a high effect anitbacterial platform to fight off bacteria and virsues commonly existing in the environments.
The Bio-Kil technology already applied to many hospitals for nosocomial infection control, such as internal medicine ICU, surgical ICU, neonatal ICU, dialysis units or burn centers, and emergency rooms.
Service & Product
1. Bio-Kil Epidemic Prevention Service - Air and Water System solutions.
2. Bio-Kil air cleaner, water pitcher, water purifier, antibacterial mask, antibacterial socks, and medical mask etc.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Agents, Dealers, Medical institutions, and Medical channels

ChrisKey Biomedical Technology Corp.

Provides hi-technique Medical device and novel health projects

1. Service of Bio-Kil Epidemic prevention.
A. Medical centers in Singapore and Taiwan, Bio-Kil mainly used in Medical ICU, Surgery ICU, Burning center, Respiratory caring center. Eliminating Legionalla pneumophila, MRSA and other lethal pathogens.
B. In Postpartum care centers, sports centers and gyms, creates environment as high level as aseptic room.
C. In Laboratory Animal Centers, more reliable experiment data are given.

2. Bio-Kil antibacterial peripherals
Bio-Kil protects family health and environment clean.
Lists: Bio-Kil air cleaner, water pitcher, antibacterial mask, antibacterial socks, and medical mask etc.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Booth number: S311, Q1014
Business discussion: Agents, Dealers, Medical institutions, and Medical channels

DAOPiN Incorporation

We will announce an on-site NGS data analysis product on roadshow (12/6 10:20 702 AB Conference Room).

Daopin is a biomedical data company, dedicating to shed the burden of data processing from healthcare research laboratories and companies. We deliver bioinformatics solutions - including next-generation sequencing data processing, pipeline automation, high-performance computing infrastructure, cloud-computing infrastructure - for converting biomedical raw data to accessible gold mine.