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ALTC Air Long-Term Care Platform

"ALTC is an acronym for ""Air Long Term Care"", it is the largest long-term care institutions search platform in the nation. The concept of ALTC is the sharing economy in the Internet, with the same working model as Airbnb but in the long-term care field.
ALTC establishes an ""Smart Search Platform"". It is contained all LTC institutions introductions and availability with very simple usage. Every requester only needs to check ""desired area”, “age of occupancy”, “medical needs”, “care needs"", then ALTC will right away filter out the most suitable institutions for you. Furthermore, ALTC also provides nurse consulting services for every requester. Let searching a long-term care institution is just as easy as searching a hotel!
Through ALTC, it will not only give an accurate institutions recommendation for those families, but also help those LTC institutions to shorten the idle time of their long-term care beds effectively."
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Invite long-term care institutions to Join ALTC.
2. The food and meals-on-wheels for elderly

3. Products and services for elderly and disabled

Armed Forces Medical Supplies Office

Introduction to the Tactical First-aid Backpack(EMTP Backpack) for the Military Emergency Medical Technicians.

Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

Tzu Chi Charity Foundation had set foot around the world in over 99 countries. Therefore, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital already became an internationalized medical center, which has accumulated many fruitful accomplishments over 33 years in medical aspects. For many years, it collaborated with charity, education, culture main missions and continued to provide innovation and hope within the Taiwan medical systems. Hence, our hospital participates in this exhibition with co-development firms. Our central theme this year is ”Stem cell innovative therapy” followed with other hot issues, including cell therapy, cancer immune treatment, development of new drugs and innovative medical appliances, smart healthcare, preventive medicine, international healthcare, and New Southbound Projects. We hope to share our accomplishments with society. Through this exhibition, our hospital wishes to enhance international links and achieve the initial intention of innovative development with people-oriented thoughts in the end.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Co-Developments
2. Commissioned development and trial
3. Technology transfer

Cathay GEneral Hospital



This exhibition, combined with the five major medical features and Chang Gung Medical Technology, put forward six key themes.
1. Cancer medicine. The largest proton radiation therapy center in Asia is located at Linkou Chang Gung Medical Hospital, providing 360-degree radiation therapeutic regimens at different angles and actively developing forward-looking technologies and related researches. It can accurately target and attack cancer cells to achieve the best treatment outcomes. 2. Craniofacial esthetics medicine. provide professional medical services for inter-disciplinary integration of patients with various craniofacial diseases, and medical technology ranks internationally.3. Transplantation medicine. Provides a variety of organ transplant medical services, of which the survival rate of living liver transplantation is the highest in the world. 4. Hepatitis C Medicine. With a multi-disciplinary team to go deep into the community, starting from prevention, let the people get rid of the threat of liver cancer.5. Innovative medicine. With the three major axes of "smart medical, micro-bacterial implants, medical equipment", it presents major health issues and the latest clinical research.6. Chang Gung Medical Technology. Demonstrating the results of clinical medical and industrial cooperation and innovation with Chang Gung Intelligent Moving System


Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) located in central Taiwan was established by England missionary David Landsborough and minister Campbell Naismith Moody in 1896. It is not only the best-known Christian hospital with special features in Taiwan, but also the unique medical center with a century history in central Taiwan. Furthermore, CCH is the hospital accredited and certified by Joint Commission International (JCI) - the worldwide leading standard in international healthcare quality.

The exhibition will include health topics such as
1. Genomic Medicine, which adopts novel genetic technologies and customized design strategy to promote the clinical use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and whole exome sequencing.
2. Reproductive Medicine Center is an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) institution granted with Symbol of National Quality and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the multi-disciplinary comprehensive infertility treatment is performed by the professional, quality medical research team.
3. Medical 3D Printing: we provide 3D simulation software for preoperative planning and 3D printing bite in splint intraoperative positioning, to achieve a safe and accurate surgical treatment.
4. Cell therapy
5. Dr. LAN Medical Care Chatbot
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Hospital construction project: hospital building, internal infrastructure, hospital operation.
2. International medical care services
3. Hospital Infomation System Project

Chi Mei Hospital

1、New Genetic Technologies.
2、Hospice medical .
3、Chi Mei Medical innovation products-
Three Gatherings, Two Air-bags, and One Warm-Cloth for Best Wishes.
4、Early-warning broadcast system.
5、OCT Makes Diseased Coronary Arteries No Way To Hide.


1.Health Education Bot

2.Bye2NeedleStick-Smart needle remover for insulin pen injector

3.Chinese medicine for adjuvant treatment of cancer patients
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Technology transfer
2. Cooperation in Sales channel of medical institute

China Medical University And Healthcare System

China Medical University Hospital works in close collaboration with the world’s top universities, medical centers, and research institutes. The remarkable accomplishments of China Medical University have been well recognized by the world: ranks 60th in Asia University Rankings 2019, the first among private universities in Taiwan.
CMU Healthcare System strives for excellence in healthcare. We invest our efforts in developing top-notch medical technologies, such as stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and AI Hospital. Meanwhile, our projects on “Hsinchu International Health Science Park” and the “Shuinan International Health Science Campus” together create an environment for developing cutting edge biomedical research, industry-academia collaboration platforms and startups.
As frontline in central Taiwan, CMUH continues to build on a strong basis for acute and critical disease healthcare. The faculty are committed to permanent objectives of instruction, research, and medical services. Above all, we also put great emphasis on social responsibility. Moreover, we envision to be an “excellent world-class medical center with the best integration of western and Chinese medical” and “world-renowned high-tech biomedical park.”
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Stem cell therapies/ Immune cell therapies / Regulations on Governing Specific Cellular Therapeutic Technology(RGSCTT)
2. Medical AI and related software development / Medical AI system Introduction and Consulting Services / Medical AI soft/hardware construction
3. 3D medical software and hardware sales-Collaborate & Development / Customized Medical Models and Molds-International Medical

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital

The core value of our hospital is based on humanism, medical technology and AI technology to improve patients’ physical and psychological health. The exhibition will feature "Smart Hospital" that allow visitors to experience the most comfortable healthcare through Smart Navigation, Smart Treatment, Smart Surgery with (VR), Smart Ward, and Smart Bedroom. Even when a patient is discharged from the hospital, he or she may also continue to experience the unlimited service from our smart medical technology.

The exhibition will include health topics such as cancer, aging gracefully, dementia, uterine myoma, smoking cessation, etc. that combined with information technology. Doctors will also directly interact with the general public. There will also be an elder assessment area to evaluate their bone density, walk velocity, grip and pinch power (sarcopenia). Portable deep sleep stimulators can also help people achieve better sleep and prevent dozing off when driving. Welcome to experience the latest technology at our booth.