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Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

1. Peripheral Vascular Intervention Treatment
2. Hearing , Speech And Cochlear Implant Center
3. Breast Care Center
4. Love is the best medicine: Apply to holistic medicine care model
5. Implementing holistic medicine education to medical personnel
6. Modern Holistic Health Care Under Combination Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Care And Western Medicine Care
7. Holistic, full view, full care, Evaluation for children development never be missed

Cathay General Hospital

1. Medical Service
(1) Coronary artery disease care team
(2) Breast Reconstruction & Beauty
(3) Emergency Assistance
(4) Intravenous Sedation in dentistry
(5) Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: A patient-centered multidisciplinary team care
(6) Assisted Reproduction & the 3rd gener

2. Innovation in Medical Systems
(1) Innovation in Nursing
(2) Innovation in Informatics

3. Quality
Transforming Quality Expertise into Clinical Excellence

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou

1. Reconstructive Microsurgery Center
2. Proton and Radiation Therapy Center

Changhua Christian Hospital

CHC Hospital Group (Yeezen)

Chi Mei Medical Center

1. Minimal Invasive Surgery-da Vinci Robotic Surgery
2. Percupaneous Endosope Interlaminal Disectomy(PEID)
3. Endoscopic Papillary Large Balloon Dilation (EPLBD)
4. Radiology-Based Neurointerventional Therapy
5. Precision Medicine
6. Autonomy and Dignity on the Life Journey
7. Tailored Anesthesia and Individual Patient Monitoring
8. Shared Decision Making Implementation

China Medical University Hospital

1. Features of China Medical University

   (1) Education
   (2) Academia-Industry Cooperation

2. Innovative Medicine
   (1) Cell therapy and stem cell
   (2) Immune Cells
   (3) Robert Surgery Center
   (4) Precision Medicine
   (5) Smart Hospital
   (6) Intelligent Assistive Technology
   (7) 3D Printing
   (8) Biomedical Industries / Spin-off Companies

3. Features of medical services

   (1) Corporate Social Responsibility
   (2) International Medicine (Advanced Reconstructive Surgery)
   (3) Organ Transplantation
   (4) Cancer Treatment
   (5) Stroke Treatment

4. Future Perspective

   (1) Shuinan Health Industry Park
   (2) China Medical University Hsinchu Hospital

Chung Shan Medical University Hospital

Ditmanson Medical Foundation Chia-yi Christian Hospital

1. Recent Advances in Strabismus Surgery
2. The milestone of spine surgery: percutaneous endoscopic decompression
3. Perfect New Methods for Management of Urolithiasis: Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery plus Tubeless Percutaneous Renal Surgery
4. Achieving an outstanding hospital in four cancer screenings
5. Integrating community service and home based medical care for the older people – a novel developing model

E-Da Healthcare Group

1. Limb Salvage - New Strategy For Treating Mangled Extremity
2. Zero Tolerance:Minimizing Surgical Risks in 200 consecutive bariatric patients
3. Advanced endoscopic techniques for early diagnosis、treatment and prevention of esophageal cancer
4. Tongue diagnostic analysis with health manage cloud system
5. Team Resource Management Strategy on Clinical Efficacy and Development of the High Alert Medication instructions application (app) by mobile technology-An Example of Contrast Media
6. The impact of building automation systems for hospitals