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Acer Cloud Technology (Taiwan) Incorporated

The Acer aBeing Wellness Smart Healthcare Platform collects physiological readings from remote health care patients via wireless health monitoring equipment. It provides chronic disease patients with health monitoring and remote health care services.

Advantech Intelligent Healthcare

Advantech, a leading innovator of medical computing platform services and solutions, has devoted to intelligent ward’s research and development. Advantech’s Intelligent Ward Solution Ready Platform is specially designed for hospitals to integrate hardware with software and enhances collaboration among patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers, administration, and IT staff.


Reducing 50% unnecessary FNA and 30% excessive surgery and lifetime medication for patients with thyroid nodules

2. AmCAD-US:
World's First Software Device Cleared by FDA to Analyze Tissue Structure by Ultrasound Backscattered Signals

3. AmCAD-UV:
World's First Software Device Cleared by FDA to Analyze Vascular Pulsation by Ultrasound Doppler Signals

4. iSONO:
An Intelligent hand-held Ultrasound Accessory Ergonomically Designed for Handy Echo Scan and Echo-guide Intervention

Apex Health Care Mfg.,Inc

Medical Equipment Manufacturer,Your best OEM,ODM partner.

ASUS Life Corporation

OmniHealth, OmniCare

BAUI Biotech Co., Ltd.

Since 2009, BAUI has started the spinal medical devices supply. We offer the most state of the art and the safest products for surgeons and the maximum benefits for patients. The main products include cervical and lumbar fusion systems, stabilization systems, and Minimal Invasive System.

◆ NOVA Minimally Invasive System is suitable for percutaneous and mini-open approach for treating spine with deformity, injuries and degeneration. The minimally invasive screw is designed to provide the surgeon a large visualization for the step of inserting the rods. The pilot holes on the top of the blades are designed to assist on screw alignment.

◆ Z-Brace Intervertebral Dynamic Fusion Device System is able to provide a primary stability with a micro-motion to enhance fusion, meanwhile reducing the stiffness of the spine.

◆ AWESOME Connection Rod is a semirigid pedicle screw system withrigid rod for spinal fusions and dynamic rods for dynamic stabilization indications, specifically designed to perfect the balance between motion and stability. It allowing small degrees of natural movement in the treated segments of the lumbar spine.

Broadsound Corporation

1. Broadsound New Replacement Transducers. 160+ models across major leading brands like GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, Hotachi-Aloka, Samsung-Medison, & Esaote...
2. Ultrasound Transducer Repair Service. 260+ models across major brands like GE, Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, Hotachi-Aloka, Samsung-Medison, Esaote, Supersonic, Fukuda, Honda, & Mindray...
3. Broadosund ProCheck Ultrasound Transducer Analyzing System. In-house, On-site & Real-time and precise measurement for ultrasound transducer.
4. Broadsound Acoustic Module Packs. Key components for ultrasound probe repairing & manufacturing.
5. Broadsound Ultrasound Imaging Platform. Broadsound Ultrasound Imaging Platform


China Steel Corporation

Biomedical Co-Cr-Mo Powder; Biomedical Fe-Co-Cr Powder
China Steel Corporation produces biomedical titanium plate and wire can be used for guide template, artificial root, bone nails, titanium locking plate and transfer abutment.
TTMC manufacture biomedical Co-Cr-Mo powder and Fe-Co-Cr powder is the raw material for biomedical 3D printing products.


Micro CT
  a. One touch /Auto-setting
  b. 2 sec. / Fast-scan
  c. 9 µm / High- resolution

2. Mesh Nebulizer
  a. Low residual medicine
  b. Patented mediation chamber design
  c. High nebulization rate

3. Veterinary X ray stationary
  a. One touch setting
  b. Two position
  c. Three type HV generator

4. Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  a. DFTTM Technology
  b. Fast Testing
  c. Easy to Use

5. Oximeter
  a. High Performance / High Sensitivity
  b. Non-Invasive Technology
  c. Compact Size Easy to Carry

6. Medical Ultrasound Imaging System
  a. Portable System
  b. High Imaging Quality
  c. Smart Design