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Back to Nature Co.,Ltd.

Organic coconut oil,Organic pumpkin seed oil,black seed oil,Organic cranberry juice,Organic bread juice,Organic red beet root juice,Organic apple vinegar,Organic chocolate 100%,99%,91% and 82%.
Natural nail solution,foot lotion.

Blue Sea Biotech Co., Ltd.

“Lan-Bao” is fully balanced nutritional food, rich in vitamins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, DHA, EPA, DPA, over more than forty kinds of nutrients, and through international food laboratories in Germany TÜV Rheinland food safety certification and did not including traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine ingredients, is a low-calorie, high-calorie, high-quality protein, also known as the nearest distance health balanced ideal food.

EPOCH Energy Technology Corporation

Oxy-Hydrogen for Health & Beauty ® is an innovative high tech product based on Molecular Hydrogen Theory. As the water turns to oxygen and hydrogen mixed gases through electrolysis process, its oxygen supply sufficient volume of oxygen to support normal consumption for human body while its hydrogen provides benefits for healthcare and skincare. It is the most effective method to receive the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen.
You can receive Molecular Hydrogen through HB Machines with natural respiratory and circulatory to reduce the numbers of free radicals and ease the nerve tension to reach the balance of physical and mental health status with the high tech methods.

FEGO Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.


Formosa Plastics Group Medical Development Center

1. i Health Care Center 2.Formosa Lohas 3.Formosa Health Living Hall 4.Chang Gung Heath and Culture Village

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd.

1. Oligo Fucoidan Plus+: Fucoidan is a water-soluble polysaccharide. It is selected and extract brown seaweed from the cleanest and most unpolluted areas of the sea. The world-leading water extraction technology was used to extract and produce low molecular weight fucodianFucoidan with a molecular weight of only 500 Dalton. Researchs had found numerous health benefits to the human body.2. Oligo Fucoidan: Oligo fucodian is easily to absorb by the human body because of its molecule weight at 500 Da, increasing the absorption more than 40%.Long-term consumption of Oligo Fucoidan can result in a healthier body and is suitable for nourishing the body before, during, and after treatment.3. Balangluco: Collaboration with the Fisheries Research Institute to develop this advanced extraction technology. Fucoxanthin is encapsulated with a highly-stability coat. It can increase the activity of Fucoxanthin up to two times.Long-term use of BalanGluco can help regulate body functions, boosts metabolism, and keep you healthy. 4. Multi-Armor: Multiple algae includes Oligo Fucoidan, Spirulina, chlorella, and Rhodophyta. It is a great dietary supplement for all ages.5. FucoWell: Fucoidan has been scientifically proven to improve health, enhance the skin, and beauty for those who use it daily. Fucoidan is a popular ingredient found in many high-quality skincare products used to achieve anti-aging effects and enhanced skin.


- Fitness Tests and Evaluations System(for adult fitness, for senior fitness, for posture evaluation)- uGym Solution( 3D Biking, 3D Rowing)
Cooperation projects and needs
We are seeking B2B cooperation.
- Fitness Tests and Evaluations System
Health Management Center
Rehabilitation Clinic
- uGym Solution
Gym/ Fitness Center

JINMU Health Technology Co, Ltd.

Jinmu,ahealth company, is passionate about using our patented analytical pulse waveform to decode the pulse wave signals and provide additional health insights.
Utilizing the knowledge gained from 30 years of scientific research, 100+ peer reviewed publications, and proof of concept with over 5,000 users, we are ready to integrate our data analysis to service with a wide range of wearable and digital health products.
•We provide individualized and immediate health information, with specific indicators monitoring the female reproductive cycle, optimizing fitness and athletic performance, and screening for more serious health conditions.


In Taiwan, there is expanding populations of metabolic syndrome, and it is highly related with the citizen’s top ten causes of deaths.
That’s why Li-Hsin Biotech company developed this product-〝3D+R plus Curcumin〞. Li-Hsin Biotech co. is a pioneer to develop products with the most advanced concept of 〝PPARs〞on the world. Both of this PPARs activity screening technology platform and the active ingredient of resveratrol analysis techniques are authorized by the National Health Research Institute. Then we selected five ingredients which can highly activated human PPARs receptors, and extracted high concentration from natural food ingredients. Besides we jointed the extraction, 〝Resveratrol〞,which is a kind of high antioxidant and extracted from French natural grape. 〝Cur cumin〞,which is developed using Meriva® patented. Resveratrol and Curcumin on PPARγ( a kind of PPARs type ) activation has a synergistic effect. 3D+R plus Curcumin is the second generation of 3D+R plus ( Get SNQ ) development and improvement of and upgraded version, but also to strengthen the doubling of activation effects of PPARs and enhance the activity of 2.85 times compared with the second generation.
The〝3D+R plus Curcumin〞process was controlled from raw material selection, extraction technology, to the filling and packing, strictly as laboratory quality.
The 〝3D+R plus Curcumin〞can restart the switch of the human metabolism, and longevity, is the most significant health-care products in twenty-first century.


Service items:
Intestinal microbiome screening test : assist the client to promote health.
Is there any imbalance between good and bad bacteria?
intestinal associated immunity ? risk of diabetes ? risk of obesity ?
risk of intestinal inflammation?

Supplement Brand:Metanutri
health strategy:"detox and revitalize".
"Detox series ": the old and harmful substances are discharged smoothly outside the body. In addition to the detox task of the body 75% is responsible for the intestinal tract, so bowel health can improve the capacity of detox.
"Youngut"-Compound dietary fiber and enzymes.
"Diversity"-polyphenol probiotics,

"Revitalize series": enough material to make the cell health regeneration.
"Lesbijoux": counpound collagen. 1/3 of the human body's protein is collagen, about 25-30 years old will gradually lose. use Biocell collagen, high bioavailability. "Self-healing": Natural yeast zinc and B complex . Enough "zinc" fingers to avoid an error in cell regeneration.
Cooperation projects and needs
◆Supplement strategy planning and formulation design--MLM company, health care company, clinic, drugstore
◆Intestinal microbiome screening test --hospital, health care Center, clinic, drugstore