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ablue Co.,Ltd.

Innovative posture corrector chair \\\"Curble Chair\\\"
Comfortable and healthy
daily life in various places

Acer Healthcare Inc.

Acer has developed the medical and healthcare AI for a while; we will showcase the new products and technologies: Wellness Hub, Coronary Risk Assessment, VeriSee DR, Abdominal organ and disease detection for ultrasound.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. VeriSee DR would like to cooperate with the ophthalmic industry and diabetes care network to ensure the eye health of diabetics.
2. Wellness Hub would like to cooperate with hospitals, clinics, community care centers and home health care related operators.
3. We would like to cooperate with manufacturers of ultrasound imaging system and wearable medical devices.

AllBio Life, Inc

FloraUP® is AllBio enteric microflora analysis technology, and it combined with laboratory next-generation sequencing analysis. Patented technology accurately analyzes microbial variation areas V3 and V4. Can distinguish more flora than the market competitors.


■ ANYONG Biotechnology, an aquatic food processing factory abiding by the high standard of the semiconductor industry, introduces Cells Alive System to preserve freshness and complies with ISO22000, HACCP and Halal standard. The ANYONG Food Safety Lab in the factory conducts strict quality control to ensure food safety.
■ ANYONG Freshmart provides one stop shopping service to sub health people and gourmands. (e.g., aquatic food/ livestock/ tonic soups/ ready-to-eat products)
■ Sport gym of National Taipei University:The comprehensive sports center, with swimming pool, gymnasium, Aerobic classroom, sports training and other complete facilities, provides teachers and students of Taipei University, the residents of the Sanxia and Yingge areas for high-quality sports environment and affordable price.


NOW OR NEVER, Revolution for scalp shampoo!
Focus on Solving scalp problem
7 Features of Healthy Shampoo
• Artificial colorings free
• Dimethicone free
• Amino Acid Surfactant
• SLS free
• Soap free
• Low pH- below Ph 5.5
• No Chemical preservatives EX: MI, MCI, Paraben

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Physical distribution cooperation
2. Medical Institution cooperation
3. Digital distribution cooperation

B.Green Technology Co., Ltd

Exercise is the fundamental way to maintain healthy.
But traditional exercising methods couldn’t conform to humanity which makes it hard to persist. Could you imagine if your bed and sofa at home were able to do exercise for you?

bgreen team put much effort studying numerous international clinical researches of health promotion from Europe and America. After decades of development, we finally come out with the product “Sport Furniture” which integrates medical technology and furniture design into single equipment.

It’s the most innovative and functional products nowadays. Awarded with patents from worldwide, bgreen is the pioneer brand of sport furniture.
We show people that it is more than a piece of furniture, but a health guardian of your whole family for the lifetime.

bgreen products : uSofa Sport Fitness Sofa / uChair Stress Relief Exercise Chair / uBed WBPA Bed / WBVV Equipment /All-Purpose Stress Relief Pillow/Relegs Leg Rest Pillow
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for worldwide distributors and retailers

Back to Nature Co.,Ltd.

Starter Culture,Organic Dark Chocolate, Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil
Organic Red Beet Root Juice, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
Condimento Balsamoro Botte 100 Travasi(Italy),Organic Apple Vinegar
100%Natural Hand Made Soap


Health care adjustment bed and other mattress supplies


"BEMER"Pro-Set Therapy System

BioMab Inc

Automated CTC platform, including CTC enrichment kit , CTC staining kit, CTC instrument cartridge kit and automated CTC instrument ( process 12 samples /run)
ex viov autologous NK cell activation and expansion kit with simple work flow, high expansion rate( >1000 folds) and high target cell purity (>90%)
Cooperation projects and needs
1. cancer screening, disease progression monitoring
2. monitor treatment response and guide prognosis