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ACT Genomics Co., Ltd.

ACTOnco®+ is developed with the aim of supporting and answering the clinical challenges faced during the management of major solid tumors, including carcinomas, sarcomas, and lymphomas. The ACTOnco®+ panel comprises 440 specially-curated genes and references the Hallmarks of Cancer to facilitate treatment strategies, including chemotherapy, targeted therapy (i.e., Hormone therapy, PARP inhibitor), immunotherapy, and pharmacogenomics.

AdvMeds Co., Ltd.

Smart Health Station is an All-in-One self-service device, which provides self-management service of blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen concentration, height and weight. Logging with your own smart cards, smart phone app, or wearable devices, you can immediately link with your own health data within seconds. Analysis results can be shared with your friends and families on FB, twitter, or by SMS message, forming a self-healthcare circle. These continuous data can also be important information for doctors while receiving medication treatment. Knowing your own health condition anytime anywhere is absolutely a smarter way of living and an unstoppable trend of nowadays.

aetherAI Co., Ltd

Medical Imageing AI Development Platform
End-to-end medical image AI training

aetherAI is a medical image AI incubator platform, especially in pathology. Let every hospitals can build their own medical image AI model.
• a variety of medical image annotation tools including radiology DCM and digital pathology WSI images.
• seamless from labeled data to Neural Network training and inferencing
• realize medical imaging AI development based on deep learning

aetherAI's partners and customers include the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, and National Taiwan University Hospital, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, and Taipei Medical Center.
Cooperation projects and needs
Seek medical institutions, manufacturers and research units with Ddigital pathology platform construction or medical imaging AI development needs.

Allm Inc.

We contribute to the design of social welfare structure by empowering the next generation technologies and communication platforms focused on the medical and healthcare industry.

APrevent Medical Inc.

Dysarthric Speech Conversion Platform (DSCP)

Avalue Technology

Mostly focus on smart nurse station and smart ward.Share data and streamline processes: Workflow Optimizations for paramedic to concentrate on nursing.The patient-based service promotes patient's in-patient experience and assists medical staff in offering all-round care.
Cooperation projects and needs
Share data and streamline processes: Workflow Optimizations for paramedic to concentrate on nursingThe nursing station is used as an intelligent control center that connects to the hospital’s HIS system and integrates real-time information about medical staff, patients, hospital’s mobile equipment and instruments etc. Auto-link of data between nursing station and wards realizes information transparency: It is possible to manage medical staff’s scheduling, patient’s medical information, bed availability and allocation, ward call, mobile medical equipment tracking etc., from which the unnecessary human resource waste and troubles of medical staff can be saved, the bed status can be secured by real-time monitoring, work processes can be simplified, and the resource management effectiveness can be enhanced.The patient-based service promotes patient's in-patient experience and assists medical staff in offering all-round careWe endeavors in promoting in-patient service quality as well as the communication between doctors, nurses and patients with our Avalue smart ward, which offers patients an convenient environment without disturbance..Avalue ward solution integrates bedside terminal, e-ink series bedside card/note, and nursing call system. Empower healthcare administrators to improve overall operational efficiency, and enhance each patient's experience.

ChangHua Christian Medical Foundation ChangHua Christian Hospital

Changhua Christian Hospital drives innovative applications through collaborating with experienced companies that divide themselves into the healthcare sector.
Smart applications :
1.Smart medical cabinet, ePaper application, Vital Signs station, Robot
2.smart dialysis system, smart respiratory system, instrument positioning and imaging recognition
Logistics and automation:
3.Alarm Management System, Smart Infusion Pump system
4.Bio-kil mask, air purifier, Bio-kil antibacterial solution
New hospital design and construction:
5.Hospital infrastructure (electricity, power system , special medical areas, radiation prevention) overall planning and construction, LEED/WELL International Green Building / Healthy Building Certification
6.Holistic healthcare plan


stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, tuning forks, percussion hammers, penlights, otoscopes

Chirotech Innovation Co.,Ltd.

Artificial Intelligence 8-Axis 3D Chiropractic Robot (ChiRobot)
Has obtained Taiwan. United States. China invention patent.
X.Y.Z. 3-D vector spine axis synchronization movement
Cervical spine, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine undergo simultaneous bending, rotation, and buttocks movement
This is a very good spinal manipulation workbench, but it is also implemented by a computer program or App tablet operation. The function designed by this bed can solve the symptoms of spinal disorders and reduce the time for manipulation.

Chunghwa Telecom

“CHT Personal Health Record” integrates the scattered medical information then send the authorize data to medical institutions or caregivers. patients can input the physiological data such as blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. in "CHT Personal Health Record ", it will be instantly synchronized to the authorized medical unit. The healthcare professionals can also analyze the chart to master the patient's physical condition and improve the quality of care.