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Airllo Technology Co., Ltd.

Airllo ePTFE 3D Mask -30pcs/box
Airllo ePTFE 3D Mask -supplement- 20pcs/box


日濢 益康膠囊

ARNOLD Peaceful Water

A Safer Sanitiser – 99% Water
Eco-friendly – Fast Acting – Non-toxic – Alcohol-Free – Non-residual.
A powerful disinfectant, whilst providing peace of mind around your home. Simulating mother nature’s process, electrolysed water can now offer you and your loved ones a clear point of difference. Our home sanitiser products are perfect for use on:
Hard surfaces
Floors and walls
Kitchens and bathrooms
Toys and equipment
Toilets and laundries
Tables and hardware
Benchtops and chopping boards
What’s more, they eliminate odours leaving your home fresh, clean and safe.
For use produce wash at 10% dilution rate, rinse with potable water prior to use.


AUO CARE provides platform solutions that boast both operational efficiency and quality care to elderly care institutions.


The exclusive KBA technology for Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body mass production developed by the Balay technology Corporation has obtained a lot of certifications and patents. In particular, we have obtained patents for cancer adjuvant-chemotherapy in Taiwan, Japan and China. In addition, we have complete efficacy and safety reports issued from well-known domestic research institutions. Balay technology Corporation produces Taiwan's unique precious Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body in the spirit of integrity, quality and gratitude. Furthermore, we strive to make every liver cancer and lung cancer patient healthier because the help of Antrodia cinnamomea fruiting body. We sincerely welcome industry partners such as Chinese and western pharmaceutical companies, medical health inspection units, Long-term care institutions, health food factories and brand distributors to consult product development and distribution.

Bali Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Recovery Star – fighting for productivity

The innovative rehabilitation model of the Bali Psychiatric Center is - Recovery Star. There are five main recovery powers such as anti-stress, mind-up, temperament, autonomous and productivity, to achieve the recovery and successful in rehabilitation of the psychiatric patients. The purpose of the application of the diverse occupational rehabilitation model in the Recovery Star of our hospital is to rebuild psychiatric patients’ work attitude, train their work skills and enhance their productivity.
There are many kinds of industrial therapy provided to psychiatric patients, including sheltered workshop, supportive employment, work skill training and prevocational work team such as pottery work team, horticulture work team and quilt work team. We also try hard to connect other resources, like cross-industry alliance, join art competition and exposure on news & media. Finally we expect our patients can become productive members and get recovery.

Cardinal Tien Hospital


CareMore Internationl Inc.

AllClean hypochlorous acid electrolysed disinfectant machine, employs advanced technology “ membrane-less electrolysis of brine”, with just salt and tap water, safe and non-toxic HClO acid electrolysed disinfectant is readily available right in your household.

Cathay General Hospital


Cathay General Hospital

Cancer Treatment Plan System is integrated program management which provides monitoring, simultaneous, hospitalization, health care evaluation and planning services. In addition to all efficient information about patients can be collected and delivered immediately, the Cancer Treatment Plan System improve service quality of Oncology healthcare. The Cancer Treatment Plan System can focus on patients, extend better care with pleasant, familiar view and furthermore achieve the excellent goal of best beneficial between patients, hospitals and medical resources.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Patient Rferral