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Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

:dc PM2.5 washable membrane Face Mask
:dc Dustmite Out pillow Protector
:dc Smog Stopper, PM2.5 Window screen filter
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Agent welcome
2. Product Research and Develop


Health care socks, compression socks, diabetic socks, protectors
Performance socks

DAOPiN Incorporation

Accelarate Precision Medicine with Daopin!

Daopin is a biomedical data company, dedicating to shed the burden of data processing from healthcare research laboratories and companies. We deliver bioinformatics solutions - including next-generation sequencing data processing, pipeline automation, high-performance computing infrastructure, cloud-computing infrastructure - for converting biomedical raw data to accessible gold mine.

Dataa Development Co. Ltd.

“DKABio Smart Health Analytics” &” AQHI Probe”
DKABio Smart Health Analytics and AQHI Probe were developed by the big data company, DATAA, located in Taipei, Taiwan. The products developing team was led by the internationally renowned professors K.F. Cheng (Dr. of Biostatistics) and Y. S. Lee (MD). DKABio Smart Health Analytics integrates information from personal and family disease histories, 88 blood and urine markers, and related survey data into easily understood indexes, such as health score, and predicts personal future (5years) risks of 15 chronic diseases/disorders. The analytics has a unique feature of ranking each health score among ordinary or healthy Chinese, for example, and a warning system measuring “distance” from developing a new disease or measuring degree of aging. This information is considered to be crucial to the individual health management. The analytics also evaluates the impact level of each abnormal marker and provides personal medical recommendations for the users, based on applications of various outcomes from the analytics and machine learning techniques.
AQHI Probe is another analytics linking information between neighborhood air quality and readings of health markers, such as 6-minute walk distance, SPO2, blood pressure, heart rate, FEV1, FVC and PEFR, etc. These health markers have been well known to be significantly related to the performance of lung and heart, for example. By using AQHI probe, one can easily assess the impact of air quality on the change of the readings of important health markers and hence on the performance of one’s lung and heart.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Personal health management business cooperation such as preventive medicine, precise health, health check value-added services, and health promotion.
2. Smart health insurance services, smart policy recommendation services, smart policy planning services, etc.
3. Air pollution-related health risks and personal health management business such as health promotion cooperation.


"BSOL - Online Standard Library" and "BSI Compliance Navigator" are powerful tools for R&D of medical devices and ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory requirements. BSI helps MD and IVD manufacturers to expand the global market.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Online Standard Library - a simple online tool that gives you instant access to standards you need, including ISO, EN, BS, PAS, ASTM and IEC standards
2. Compliance Navigator - a simple way to manage your regulatory information for MD and IVD products with EU, UK and US requirements
3. Certification and Training - BSI provides certification and training for various standards and regulations , including ISO 13485, CE marking, MDSAP...

Decormaster Industrial Co. Ltd.

"DPillow Zinc Oxide Anti-bacterial bedding and bath textile " produced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pharmaceutical grade -Zinc and made of Nano Zinc Oxide fiber, including the following:
1. Pillow (Standard pillow, King pillow, Snoring minus pillow, Healthy pillow, Body pillow, Bolster pillow, Children pillow and Baby pillow)
2. Topper
3. Mattress Protector
4. Pillowcase (knitting and weaving)
5. Bed sheet (knitting and weaving)
6. Blanket (knitting and weaving)
7. Bath towel

Dentsu Taiwan Inc.

Tri-Creation in Healthcare

Development Center for Biotechnolgoy

Development Center for Biotechnology (DCB) is founded in 1984 and has its mission to facilitate the ongoing growth and development of Taiwan's biotech industry. To this end, we strive to act as the industry's partner, coordinating resources among government, academia and private companies. DCB plays a key role in building and upgrading Taiwan's biomedical infrastructure, developing critical technologies and culturing Taiwan's professional workforce, and also contually fosters international partnerships and collaborations with research institutes and global biopharmaceuticals throughout Asia and the world.
In both fields of small molecules and biologics, we may provide plenty of drug development services as well as new drug candidates for out-licensing, which are in the preclinical stage, and platforms which can be adopted in your design of drugs.
Info of said candidates for out-licensing, please refer to:
DCB Technology promotion:https://www.dcb.org.tw/posts/729
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Process development for T-cell & CAR-T therapy: Looking for licensee or clinical partners.
2. iPSC & MSC: Looking for clinical partners for the development of various applications; academic/commercial R&D members who have demands on iPSC.
3. Medical Image AI: Looking for clinical partners for the development of various applications; licensee, business partners or investors.

Diamond Biofund

Diamond BioFund Inc. is the largest fund dedicated to biotechnology innovation and also the first evergreen fund in Taiwan, managing assets worth over 260 million USD. We invited 4 companies from new drugs development, medical devices, diagnostics, and innovative healthcare services in healthcare areas, including 3D Global Biotech, StemCyte, SINEW PHARMA and CHO PHARMA to join Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO. In addition, three major members of Microbio Group, Microbio Co., Ltd. with two successful drug approvals by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), Oneness Biotech Co., Ltd. and FOUNTAIN BIOPHARMA will also participate in this event.