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Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

:dc Mircoparticle Stopper Mask
- PM2.5 Mask
- Block Heavy Metals In Ambient
- Block Cooking Fumes
- Block Bacteria、 Virus 、Allergen
- Apply Production Tracking System
All films are tested by independent Lab to ensure the quality
Each pack of mask has individual serial number to for production tracking system.
- Washable and Reusable

:dc Dustmite Out - Pillow cover protector
- Block dust mite and bacteria
- Waterproof and breathable
- 100% sealed no more fed dustmit as pets.
- Suitable for heavy allergic and traveler.

: dc Smog Stopper – Window Screen Protector
- Breathing Fresh Air Freely
- Isolation of outdoor Smog and PM 2.5
- Bring oxygen into the room
- Work well in windy condition
- Waterproof and washable.
- Light translucent, invisible, Good for privacy

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for partner who love to promote :dc mask with us.
2. Product developing are welcome.


Clean Good is the second generation improved stabilized chlorine dioxide, functions in disinfection, sterilization, inhibition, water quality treatment, spatial deodorant, mold proof, and algae inhibition. it is applicable to food safety control in board spectrum, or multiple purposes such as agricultural and animal cultivation, replacement of pesticide and public health, etc.
Cooperation projects and needs
We're seeking for strategic partners from medical field, especially
disinfection, long term care, and air purification of healthcare center:
1. Researchers from academic institutions, specifically in public health, infection control, and sterilization.
2. Healthcare centers—hospitals, Long term care institutions, moth center for just give-birth mothers, kindergartens, and clinics.
3. Doctors and nurse responsible for infection control.
4. Sterilization for medical equipment.
5. Agricultural microbiology control.

Data Systems Consulting Co.,Ltd.

Biotechnology Industry Total Solution

Medical Equipment Industry Total Solution


1. Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.(株)日立産機システ
2. Hitachi Medical Taiwan Ltd.
3. Hitachi Metals Taiwan, Ltd.
4. Hitachi Vantara
5. Hitachi-LG Data Storage Inc.
6. Hitachi Power Solutions Co., Ltd

Development Center for Biotechnology

1. TIM3: DCB8C11 binds to a new epitope in the new IO target, TIM3, showing great Kd & TGI effect.
2. TCELL ENGAGER:DCB’s BsAb is a high-yield, easy-for-CMC, long t1/2 drug.
3. Providing integrated platform to overcome bottleneck in drug development and commercialization.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for both domestic & international licensee(s) to proceed the development of DCB's tech towards market
2. Looking for partnership with academic & research institutes, companies, hospitals, and clinicians to collaborate AI pharma platform
3. Looking for subjects of academic and research institutes to cultivate pre-clinical drug development by establishing win-win partnerships.

Diamond BioFund Inc.

Diamond BioFund Inc. is the largest fund dedicated to biotechnology innovation and also the first evergreen fund in Taiwan, managing assets worth over 260 million USD.
We invited 5 companies from new drugs development, medical devices, diagnostics, and innovative healthcare services in healthcare areas, including 3D Global Biotech,
StemCyte, SINEW PHARMA, CHO PHARMA and TeTanTi to join Taiwan Healthcare+ EXPO.
In addition, three major members of Microbio Group, Microbio Co., Ltd. with two successful drug approvals by the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA), Oneness Biotech Co., Ltd.
and FOUNTAIN BIOPHARMA will also participate in this event.

DNArails Co., Ltd.

DNArails is the first company in Taiwan to focus on genomics analysis and variants interpretation software development. Our self-developed product, the GENISYS (Genetic Information System), is the world-leading genome data interpretation system, an end-to-end solution provided to the clinical laboratory for genetic testing in cancer, reproductive medicine, hereditary diseases and other areas. To break down the wall between big data and clinically useful information, all APPs provide automated analysis process and visualize interpretation results which can make you identify the clinical significant easier than before. The uploaded samples will be annotated with more than 50 genome databases and backup to high-security cloud storage server that you can monitor all testing process record at one place. The pipeline and default parameters are mainly following up the FDA and ACMG recommendation guideline to ensure the analysis correctness. We also apply artificial intelligence algorithm into our system to deliver reliable clinical prediction for unknown single nucleotide variants.