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E-Champ Medical Cosmetology Group

Since 1997
" Aesthetic Medicine Pioneer!“

President: Dr. Cheng-Kun Wang
(M.D., Dermatologist, EMBA, Ph.D. of management)
Former President of LASER and Photonics Medicine Society of Taiwan
Former President of Tainan City Medical Association

Dr. Wang published the first book about medical LASER and cosmetic filler treatment in Taiwan in 1997. Creating a new era of aesthetic medicine!
Holding a weekly reading sessions for doctors and reading thousands of papers and professional books for more than 20 years. Dr. Wang published a book titled as “Medical Cosmetology and Skin Care” and got the best sale award in Taiwan book stores.

E-Champ Aesthetic Medicine Group is your good partner in business. Dr. Cheng-Kun Wang founded the E-Champ skin care company and created a brand named “Dr.
FreeVenus” or “Dr. E-Champ” about skin care product. There are many branch clinics in the northern and southern Taiwan. The skin care products are sold on hundreds of store of POYA & COSMED. The “hyaluronic acid gel” and “masks” also got many awards in Taiwan skin care market. Profession, safety and low sensitivity are our good characters.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Aesthetic Medicine Training & Curriculum Mapping

2. Brand Management & Marketing Strategy& Chain Aesthetic Clinic Administration
3. Aesthetic Medicine Skin Care Product

E-Da Health Group/I Shou University

In this exhibition by E-Da Hospital, we will present superintendent Yuan-Kun Tu’s spinal cord reconstruction techniques, and the Tu-Ma external fixator. In this year, our hospital established a Cell Therapy Center with GTP-rated Cell Processing Labs. Our displays include immune cell activity assay, immune cell anti-cancerous techniques, autologous chondrocyte cell sheet transplantation therapy for knee joint cartilage defects, autologous fibroblast cells micro-sheet therapy, and esophageal cell sheet repair. Moreover, since artificial intelligence is the emphasis of modern medicine, we will demonstrate the results of academia-industry cooperation in medical artificial intelligence. Bariartric surgery is also one of foci of this exhibition. We will promote personalized consultation on site. All spectators are welcomed to visit us for consultation. We also expect to establish collaboration with academic and industrial partners.

E-DA Hospital

SNQ主題館-癌症專區(胃腸肝膽科-Esophageal background resurfacing with endoscopic radiofrequency ablation to prevent the esophageal cancer)
The incidence of esophageal cancer is still increasing in Taiwan in recent years. Recent advances in endoscopic techniques enable early diagnosis and treatment for early esophageal squamous cell neoplasia (ESCNs). Unfortunately, there was no effective preventive measures. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is a rapidly evolving endoscopic treatment modality, and recent several studies from EDA Hospital have shown its efficacy and safety in eradicating the precancerous lesions. Furthermore, we developed a preventive strategy of RFA to eradicate the esophageal speckled background mucosa and to prevent the development or recurrence of ESCN. The procedure was named as esophageal background resurfacing. Recently, we proved this strategy can effectively protect against the development of esophageal cancer, with a good safety profile.

EirGenix, Inc.

EirGenix has core capacity in R&D and manufacturing, producing biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP, and has 7 products undergoing development. EirGenix has two main business units:

1.Contract Development & Manufacturing Operation Unit:
EirGenix produces microbial and mammalian cell based biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP from cell line development to drug substance, and provides process development and quality control (QC) analysis for products.

Cell Line Development & Cell Banking Service:
Contract Development & Manufacturing Service:
Analytical Science & QC analysis Service:
Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) service: Partnering with Formosa Laboratories, Ltd.

2.Product Development & Operations Unit:
EirGenix currently has seven biologics undergoing development.

EG12014/EGI014 (Trastuzumab Biosimilar) treats HER2 gene variance cancer. It received approval from US FDA, Taiwan FDA, EMA...etc and began phase III clinical trial.
EG1206A (Pertuzumab Biosimilar) treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
EG13074 (New Formulation) treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
TSY0110(EG12043) (Antibody-Drug Conjugate) treats HER2 gene variance cancer.
EG12021 (Bevacizumab Biosimilar) inhibits cancer by anti-angiogenesis.
EG74032 (CRM197 Carrier Protein) can be used for vaccination.
EG62054 (Biosimilar)
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Provide Cell Line Development, Manufacturing Process Development , and Analytical Service
2. Provide PIC/S GMP Manufacturing Service of biologics including recombinant protein, fusion protein, plasmid, monoclonal antibody, biosimilar etc.
3. Provide Analytical Science & QC analysis Service


ELECLEAN Disinfectant Maker
ELECLEAN plus+ Disinfectant Maker
ELECLEAN disinfectant maker using nano-catalysis electrochemical technology manufactures disinfectant within 15 minutes. Water is the only reagent and directly transformed into ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) that effectively destroys viruses and bacteria by oxidizing method. It is featured with safety (no harmful preservatives), powerful effect against viruses and bacteria, saving energy and convenience (easy to use and carry). ELECLEAN disinfectant maker is the winner of 2017 iF Design Award, 2017 Good Design Award, 2018 SNQ Silver Award in the Epidemic Prevention Category, 2019 Taiwan Excellent and 2019 CES Innovation Awards - Home Appliances.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. ELECLEAN has cooperated with renowned bathroom fixtures company to co-design and develop the innovative disinfection products
2. ELECLEAN has established an overseas branch in Malaysia
3. ELECLEAN is dedicated to cooperating with NPO and helping children with disabilities

Elixir Herbary Corporation

Rejuvenate Remède

En Chu Kong Hospital

「Expectant Fathers’Accompanying Birth~Feeling Relieved and
Protective~Embracing Happiness」is to promote the expectant father to become a full-fledged paternity. Prenatal-utilizing the expectant father's paternity film, childbirth education, the paternity manual book and the five-times paternity guidance during pregnancy will expand the paternity skills. Intrapartum - the establishment of the standard care for the father's paternity, the expectant father can effectively assist the expectant mother to breathe, relax and he will give massage to increase comfort and promote the labor process. Postpartum-Fathers’ involvement in childbirth including cutting cord, maternal-infant skin-to-skin contact. The overall effect improves the confidence and satisfaction of the expectant parents, and reduce the anxiety and stress of labor. Expectant fathers’ paternity is conducive to the new trend of maternity care, towards the core values of healthy pregnancy and childbirth . In the future, our goal is to establish a National indicator maternal and Baby-friendly Hospital.

En Chu Kong Hospital

1、Orthopedic Minimally Invasive Surgery: En Chu Kong Hospital
established the Orthopedic Minimally Invasive Surgery Center that
provides various services, including robot-assisted joint replacement,
navigation corrective osteotomy, endoscopic surgery for multiple
joints, and the endoscope spine surgery system. With the assist of
advanced endoscope and high-magnification image system, doctors use minimally invasive instruments to treat herniated disc and various
spine disorders. Thanks to smalled wounds and less damage to the soft tissue, patients are satisfied with shortened recovery period.
2、Joint Bone Care Service: En Chu Kong Hospital provides Joint Bone Care services that includes preventive screening, nutrition guidance, rehabilitation, and medical treatment. The goal is to help the high-risk group with early detection and prevention. For patients with osteoporotic fractures, the service would provide persisted follow up and osteoporotic treatment to prevent refracture.

En Chu Kong Hospital

Making You and me both comfortable - full responsibility care, full care.In 1997, we first promoted full- responsibility care, which means that the nurse assistants are employed by hospital under training and management to help the nurse staff caring the patients. Because of the aging population of modern society, the patient’s condition is more complicated and the severe. Based on the concept of "putting people in the first, treat patients as family ", the only "full-responsible care" ward in Taiwan was promoted in 2015. According to the concept of user have to pay, the family members only need to pay 1200 NT dollars per day to receive the full-time caring service. Allowing patients to receive more professional care, as well as reducing the financial burden and psychological stress of the family member.


Energy Resources International Co., Ltd (ERI) is a technology pioneer in X-ray radiography field. Founded in 1999 and with a view to making contribution to humanity in healthcare area, ERI chose to enter the medical equipment industry and has since been dedicated to delving into the properties and application of Carbon Nanotube material. Through years of tireless focus and countless experiments, ERI has successfully developed CNT-driven Cold Cathode as the X-ray emission source. With this technology breakthrough, ERI has moved to rollout the cutting edge battery-powered handheld X-ray devices to revolutionize the dental industry. In order to keep this encouraging momentum, ERI is now on the path to developing state-of-the- art portable general purpose X-ray systems for extremities and groundbreaking Intraoperative therapy X ray source.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. CNT X ray technology authorization and cooperation, including some applications in medical and industrial field.
2. Handheld dental and general X ray machines (CNT tube)- design, manufacturing, production, selling, distribution.
3. Cold Cathode X ray source for brachytherapy (IORT)-design, cooperation. Soft X ray ionizer- design, manufacturing, production, selling, distribution.