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Introduction of Medical Beauty Center, Metabolism and Diabetes Surgery Center and Artificial intelligence

E-SUN Technology Co., Ltd.

E-sun Technology Co. Ltd. was founded on July 1, 1996. E-sun has been the air purification leader in Taiwan's medical sector and the dentist community. In 2002, e-sun began to develop its own brand air purifier for hospital clinics, which greatly adopted and approved by the Taiwan medical industry. At present, there are household, commercial and medical types, the full range of products are received the GMP certification and approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare Department. All of e-sun products are certified by Product Safety Mark (BSMI), Energy Saving Label and GMP Certificate.



ebm technologies


EirGenix Inc.

EirGenix has core capacity in R&D and manufacturing, producing biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP standard, and has 7 products undergoing development.

1. Service:
(1) Cell Line Development & Cell Banking Service
(2) Contract Development & Manufacturing Service
(3) Contract Research (CRO) & QC analysis Service
(4) Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) service (Partnering with Formosa Laboratories, Ltd.)

2. Product Pipeline:
(1) EG12014 (Trastuzumab Biosimilar)
(2) EG1206X (Pertuzumab Biosimilar)
(3) EG13074 (New Formulation)
(4) FP0110 (EG12043) (Antibody-Drug Conjugate)
(5) EG12021 (Biosimilar)
(6) EG74032 (Carrier Protein)
(7) EG6205X (Biosimilar)
Cooperation projects and needs
1.We are looking for customers who need service of Contract Development & Manufacturing of biologics compliant with PIC/S GMP.
2.We are looking for partners who need potential biologics in development for further collaboration and investment.

En Chu Kong Hospital

Riverside En Chu Kong Nursing Home holds the service concept of Hsing Tian Kong medical care mission, and focus on the resident-oriented, humanity, attention to individual needs. Combined with the professional medical team from En Chu Kong Hospital, including doctors, nurses, physical/occupational therapists, social workers, pharmacists, dietitians, nurse aides, volunteers to provide the diversified, continuous and integrated quality care services; and Scientific
and Intelligent Care is also introduced and developed. It is expected to provide the best services.

1. Wound Care System: Through Remote Wound Care System APP, the wounds of residents are treated immediately and the records can be stored in the resident database.
2. Traditional Chinese Medicine: Considering the characteristics of residents, in addition to traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, while we provide the services such as Meridian Energy Detector, Low Level Laser Therapy.
3. Dental team regularly executes oral care services and utilizes the 3D Intraoral scanner to increase the convenience of denture made.
Cooperation projects and needs
To cooperate and develop - remote medical service

Eped Inc.

Eped Inc. is a professional medical equipment company. As a leader in navigation system technologies, Eped Inc. is in constant pursuit of technological innovations and flexible product portfolios to meet the challenges of the medical clinical and educational market.

The “Retina” is a stereotactic surgery navigation systems for brain and craniofacial surgeries. The “Retina” allows for minimally invasive surgeries which aid in the reduction of unnecessary tissue injuries and surgical complications. Along with a high price-performance value, the improved surgical outcomes provide better medical service for patients. “Retina” is also compatible with other surgical instruments and is rated with higher accuracy than any other competitor.

Cooperation projects and needs
We are looking for
1. Distribution channel - “Retina”
2. Investment
3. Medical Collaboration-Physician Training

EPOCH Energy Technology Corporation

Oxy-Hydrogen for Health & Beauty ® is an innovative high tech product based on Molecular Hydrogen Theory. As the water turns to oxygen and hydrogen mixed gases through electrolysis process, its oxygen supply sufficient volume of oxygen to support normal consumption for human body while its hydrogen provides benefits for healthcare and skincare. It is the most effective method to receive the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen.
You can receive Molecular Hydrogen through HB Machines with natural respiratory and circulatory to reduce the numbers of free radicals and ease the nerve tension to reach the balance of physical and mental health status with the high tech methods.

ESER Health Care Digital Technology Co Ltd

GlucoGenius: a brand new non-invasive healthcare management tool helping long-term monitoring of 5 main health records including oxygen saturation,blood flow velocity, hemoglobin, pulse and glucose.

Everay Biomed Corp.

EPC FunSystemTM