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Far East Bio-Tec. Co., Ltd

ApoX antivirus in vitro spray

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FENH) was established in 1981 and is adhering to the Far Eastern Group’s belief of “Going out of society and giving back to society”. FEMH is committing to the development of new medical technology, the establishment of a professional medical team, and the electronicization of medical services to achieve a high level of medical service quality in order to assume the role and function of the medical center. In terms of the people and environment, FEMH respects the dignity and value of the patients, treats the staff friendly and keeps promoting energy-saving measures and obtains green building signs.
FEMH is constantly dedicated to deliver the very best health care in a safe and comfortable environment and continuously improving the quality of medical care. FEMH has a consistent commitment not only to improve the health and well-being of the Taipei Metropolitan area we serving but also to play a major role in the world through pioneering research and educating foreign health care professionals.

Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd.

FET Health+, your best ICT integration partner.
Dedicate to delivering smart healthcare and medical quality service.

1. With innovative medical IoT applications and data collector service, we provide services such as real-time monitoring, automatic pre-alarming, and safety control. These could not only improve the efficiency of hospital procedures, but also reduce human errors to deliver the best healthcare quality.
2. Through healthcare service integration, FET Health+ can help you simplify the information management process and realize the online-merge-offline healthcare services. The platform construction can be completed in 90 days.

Faspro Systems Co., Ltd.

Wireless Medical Dental Camera: The first innovation high-tech camera that is with wireless technology and rechargeable battery for long working hours. It could transfer the video to remote site on time or store the video forever.Smart Tracker: The new 4G LTE Cat. M1 & NB-IoT technology tracker, using GPS for outdoor and WiFi for indoor setting location, with long working hours rechargeable battery for monitoring the senior citizen or children anywhere and anytime.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution channel 2. Cooperative Development 3. Research Collaboration 4. Technical exchange

FEGO Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.


Forlab Clinic

With the advent of biomedical science, new biotechnology not only allows us to acquire the genetic codes, and also steers the current medical practice into precision medicine. However, the communication between biotech providers and clients becomes more difficult than ever in this situation. Counseling has, therefore, become a must for precision medicine. In this context, Forlab Clinic intends to be the bridge of precision medicine, and will provides the services as follows:
* For patients looking for help of high technology, Forlab Clinic provide pre-testing counseling.
* For patients received testing of precision medicine, Forlab Clinic provide post-testing counseling.
* For those who are care about their status of health, Forlab Clinic provides whole exome sequencing (WES) with detailed interpretation.

Our mission is to be the bridge of precision medicine; and vision the leader of the pack.

Formosa Plastics Group Medical Development Center

1. i Health Care Center 2.Formosa Lohas 3.Formosa Health Living Hall 4.Chang Gung Heath and Culture Village

Frihed Mobile LTD.

Medical Information Service APP、Healthcare Information System Cloud;HIS Cloud
Cooperation projects and needs
Seeking cooperation options
1. Distribution channel - Mobile Medical Information Service APP, Cloud Medical Information System Agent or Service Distributor
2. Cooperative Development - mobile medical software APP development cooperation
3. Research Collaboration - mobile medical software APP research and development cooperation


Full Bright sells the machine tools and coordinate measuring machine from Europe and USA based on high-precision and high-quality on products and service.

High-quality Coordinate Measuring Machine form HEXAGON with the Brown & Sharpe – DEA- Leitz.
Innovation High gauges from TESA/ ETALON
Profile Projector from BATY
Multisensor measurement form WERTH
Non-contact measuring systems form Vision

Tel: +886-2-82271200 / Fax: +886-282271266

Furoto Medical & Welfare Company

若要打造一個長輩覺得舒適且有良好照顧環境的生活空間,應有幾個要件:1. 復能的新觀念;2. 預防介護與自立支援是關鍵;3. 智慧照護科技的應用。樂齡生活,誰說老了就一定殘弱,其實透過適當的生活輔具、智慧科技之應用、合宜的生活環境改造,已部分達到高齡福祉生活的創新與實現,接著再配合政府完善即時的長照體系輔助,即可讓家庭不因疾病、老化而分崩離析,依然完整、留住歡樂、安心終老。

本次出展品項:日本 Mazroc 松六的扶手、輔助溝通器、智慧集尿器

Cooperation projects and needs
1. 投資或品牌合作
2. 連鎖加盟
3. 代理/經銷
4. 醫療合作 - 病患轉介
5. 高齡者照護相關專案計畫合作
6. 復能設備和課程的合作