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Gangshan Branch of Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital

Using posters, videos and interactive experiential learning educate civilians that healthy people might face some physical threats when they fly in the air. And to show how aviation physiology training in APRL provide a training environment that replicates high gravity, high altitude, and spatial disorientation, in which personnel can apply preventive countermeasures and practice emergency procedures. The purpose of aviation physiology training is to apply the research conclusions in training, and provide aircrews the knowledge, skills and attitudes to optimize performance in physiologically, reduce the aircraft accidents and elevate ROC’s combat ability in air defense.

GeneHope Biotech Ltd

1. GeneHope Facial Analyzer 3.0 ® (Multilingual): Adoption of GeneHope Facial Analyzer is justified for both novice and experienced hands, for whole face and body, and offers more precise analysis and cosmetic execution with superior results in terms of reversal of aging and creating the most beautiful version of the person and medical training. 2. GeneHope Deep Heat ® EBD-300 Smartglass: Our cutting edge product has further created a new grid marking technique with accurate superimposition and clinical monitoring platform to foster clinical observation, advancing the science of temperature-controlled tissue heating technology and best practices. 3.ThreaFa Tight ® Thread Lifting Kits: Thread lift is one of the most popular aesthetic procedures worldwide. The ideal facial threading has the best efficacy, the fewest complications, and ultimately, the highest patient satisfaction. Evidence-based study strongly suggests that the ThreaFa Tight ® needle-hub threading provides a much effective, much safer and long lasting alternative to current procedures especially for high-risk populations.
Cooperation projects and needs
We are seeking: 1. Distribution Channel-agents, distributors, or brokers 2. Cooperative Development 3. Research Collaboration


GeneOnline is the leading genetic specified biotech media platform in Asia. The team pursues and provides the most updated and in-depth global news coverages on biotech research publishes and developments simultaneously to industry and academic focused audiences in Asia. The platform includes but not limited to multi-language website, social medias, multimedia, targeted eNewsletters, printed publications, and event planning and conference hosting, which provides precise connection among global industries.

Genesis Healthcare Co.

We, Genesis Healthcare Co., are a genetic testing company established in March 2004.
We provide a full range of research and testing services for clinicians and researchers.
In order to further popularize genetic testing in the field of preventive healthcare, we are collaborating with clinicians, medical institutions and academia to carry out our medical services, such as pharmacogenomics testing, next generation sequencing services and microarray analysis. We aim to provide a fulfilling and healthy future as we continue to grow to expand the possibilities of genetic testing technologies.

Genetech Biotech Co., Ltd

Genetech Biotech Co. Ltd., established in 2007, distributes genomic sequencing and cell biology related products, also offers assistance for genomic analysis, specialized technical support, users' training, and installation/maintenance of distributing hardware. By providing efficient and professional service of genomic and cell biology equipment, we devote our efforts to Taiwan's biotechnology with professional knowledge and consistent enthusiasm.

Cooperation projects and needs
Distributed genomic related products

Genetics Generation Advancement (GGA)


Geneway CO., LTD

Intelligent health care, simple self-test equipment, and comprehensive integrated consulting and training services for medical and long-term pensions.

Cooperation projects and needs
Brand cooperation, agency distribution, marketing, medical cooperation - hospital management system, hospital construction planning, hospital information system

GF Machining Solutions Ltd.

GF Machining Solutions’deep engineering know-how, superior application expertise, keen appreciation for collaboration in pursuit of solutions and precise, productive and highly reliable products make us the preferred partner to leading medtech players.
Miniaturization is a clear trend today and the accuracy of features is becoming even more crucial. GF Machining Solutions offer a new class of high-precision Laser micromachining platforms ideal for the medical device manufacturing industry. Our solutions answer medical device manufacturer’s needs: higher productivity, better quality and compliance with stringent regulation.

GHS Advanced Inc

Homeangel Homecare Service Smart System

GiMer Medical