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GenerationsE Software Solutions, Inc.

GenerationsE develops AI-driven cancer pathology diagnostic solutions for pathologists in cancer care. We seek to empower pathologists with artificial intelligence and in return drive the excellence of pathology and benefit patients with fast, accurate and affordable cancer diagnosis and treatment.


GeneReach provides world's leading cost-effective CE-marked IVD products for nucleic acid detection to aid timely disease diagnosis:
1. POCKIT Central Nucleic Acid Analyzer (CE-IVD)
2. POCKIT Micro Series Nucleic Acid Analyzer (CE-IVD)
3. Human IVD PCR Assays (CE-IVD)
◆ POCKIT Central C. difficile
◆ POCKIT Central Norovirus
◆ POCKIT Dengue Virus Reagent Set
4. taco/taco mini Nucleic Acid Automatic Extraction System (CE-IVD)
5. taco Preloaded DNA/RNA Extraction Reagent Set (CE-IVD)
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distributors of IVD products wanted in regions around the world.

Genetech Biotech Co., Ltd

Genetech Biotech Co. Ltd. distributes illumina NGS system, bioinformatics solution, and circulating tumor cell (CTC) enrichment related products, also offers assistance for genomic analysis, specialized technical support, users\' training, and installation/maintenance of distributing hardware.

By providing efficient and professional service of genomic and cell biology equipment, we devote our efforts to Taiwan’s biotechnology with professional knowledge and consistent enthusiasm.

Genetics Generation Advancement Corporation

The Genetics Generation Advancement Corporation under the BIONET Corporation focuses on 5 major areas in precision medicine: maternal-fetal medicine, pediatric diseases, companion diagnostics, cancer screening, and precision health management. The company also expands its expertise and applies to consumer’s market with clinical standards by releasing diverse genetic testing for all ages, which combines big data analysis of biological information and connects with national medical plans to provide a complete, innovative, and integrated service.
First place achievements:
▸ The first listed company at stock exchange market specializing in genetic testing and scientific informatics in Taiwan.
▸ The first company in Taiwan that releases genetic testing for spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), second trimester maternal serum screening of 4 indexes for Down syndrome, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD, UltraPGD).
▸ The first laboratory in Taiwan that received accreditation by College of American Pathologists (CAP), Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF), Affymetrix®, and Illumina® CSPro, and passed test for hepatitis C virus NS5A mutation analysis by Taiwanese Society of Molecular Medicine.
Outstanding developments:
▸ Serving 40% of newborn babies in Taiwan each year.
▸ Establishing over 1.2 million pieces of medical big data.
▸ Testing services that encompass 11 countries over continents of Asia, Europe, and America.
▸ Cooperation with over 100 institutes from industry, government, academia, and research.
▸ Cooperation with 95% of domestic pregnancy testing facilities and many professional testing institutes.
▸ The first to establish a genetic counseling team that integrates genetic testing to provide genetic medical services.
▸ The first to introduce SNP chips to expand prenatal screening to pediatric disease diagnosis.
▸ The first to form a NIPT team with Natera (USA) and Berry Genomics (China) to provide complete prenatal testing services.
▸ Spending millions of dollars each year to help reporting abnormal fetuses and provide free microarray comparisons of parental blood to further clarify the risk.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Sincerely invites all domestic and foreign research institutes, medical facilities, and related health examination centers for cooperative works.

GenoRx Co., Ltd.

-NGS service
-GIANT Microbes


Demonstrate the integration of GETECH biomedical technology and the latest product release.

1. Fluke Biomedical testing equipment.
2. PHILIPS Ultrasound.
3. VWR life science supplies and equipment.
4. Hospital medical equipment integration service concept and results.
5. FaVEx animal drug residue detection fast screening solution


The "COMGO Cardiovascular AI Measurement Device" is a cardiovascular fast-screening instrument developed based on the concept of Medical Prevention. It is an integration of medical electronic engineering in combination with AI artificial intelligence and cloud IoT technology. It measures the hemodynamic waveforms and ECG signals of the finger arteries through the contact of two fingers. The data are sent to the smart phone via Bluetooth, and then transmitted to the cloud through WiFi or 4G of the smart phone. By analyzing the AI converted from the professional proficiency of the group of cardiologist, the doctor’s AI analysis results are quickly sent back to the COMGO APP in the user’s mobile phone, allowing the original complex professional medical data to be presented in a simple and friendly APP interface, enabling the user’s to know his/her cardiovascular health status in two minutes. The analyzed results includes identification of arterial hardening or stenosis of the blood vessel elasticity, vascular fatigue, blood thickness, current blood vessel age, ECG analysis related arrhythmia, HRV physiological stress, HRV physiological fatigue, comprehensive health report and health score, to remind the users whether they passes the health status of the day and whether there is a need to go to the hospital for further examination and treatment. Users whom measurement results signal to have a problem can be conscious to get an earliest possible treatment to achieve medical care prevention.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Seeking investors
2. Seeking dealers, agents
3. Brand OEM

GIMER Medical

GiMer Medical, originally spun off from NTU, is focusing on its ultrahigh frequency Spinal Cord Stimulator for chronic pain. Our system is battery-free, hence a smaller implant with faster recovery and comfort for patients. Moreover, the long-lasting pain relief per 5 min. paresthesia-free stimulation is easy to use not to interfere with daily function, and reduces the risk of injury nerves in the long run. In the pipeline we will take it further and apply to other indications, hoping to help more patients with different medical conditions.

GlaxoSmithKline Far East B. V. Taiwan Branch

GSK is science-led global healthcare company with a special purpose: to help people do more, feel better, live longer. We have three global businesses that research, develop and manufacture innovative pharmaceutical medicines, vaccines and consumer healthcare products. Our goal is to be one of the world's most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies. In this exhibition, we will be showcasing our innovations in healthcare and the work we do in Taiwan.