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Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd.

1. Oligo Fucoidan Plus+: Fucoidan is a water-soluble polysaccharide. It is selected and extract brown seaweed from the cleanest and most unpolluted areas of the sea. The world-leading water extraction technology was used to extract and produce low molecular weight fucodianFucoidan with a molecular weight of only 500 Dalton. Researchs had found numerous health benefits to the human body.2. Oligo Fucoidan: Oligo fucodian is easily to absorb by the human body because of its molecule weight at 500 Da, increasing the absorption more than 40%.Long-term consumption of Oligo Fucoidan can result in a healthier body and is suitable for nourishing the body before, during, and after treatment.3. Balangluco: Collaboration with the Fisheries Research Institute to develop this advanced extraction technology. Fucoxanthin is encapsulated with a highly-stability coat. It can increase the activity of Fucoxanthin up to two times.Long-term use of BalanGluco can help regulate body functions, boosts metabolism, and keep you healthy. 4. Multi-Armor: Multiple algae includes Oligo Fucoidan, Spirulina, chlorella, and Rhodophyta. It is a great dietary supplement for all ages.5. FucoWell: Fucoidan has been scientifically proven to improve health, enhance the skin, and beauty for those who use it daily. Fucoidan is a popular ingredient found in many high-quality skincare products used to achieve anti-aging effects and enhanced skin.


The Robotic Endoscope Holder MTG-H100 supporting a variety of laparoscopic is environment and workflow integrative. Surgeons can perform solo surgery with the patented RCM-guided motion system, and control endoscope position using a pedal.
The Hygiene System MHS-B100 & MLT-H100 for hydrotherapy are designed to provide the utmost bathing comfort and safety for both patients and caregivers. Built into the system are whirlpool, intelligent water condition monitoring, and disinfectant & cleansing functions. Both devices are height-adjustable and operable by single caregiver.
The Robotic Gait Training System MRG-P100 is the market's only non-suspension gait trainer. The robot is designed for patients to receive comfortable and dignified weight-bearing training. With little setup time required, the system offers extraordinary training efficiency.
Stride Trainer MRG-S100 is designed for the elderly, post-stroke patients, people in suboptimal health status, and people at high risk of falling. It is to help users maintain muscle strength, balance, and range of joint motion, leading to their walking ability. The system is suitable for rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and households. Both passive and active training modes are included.


Soft Clear the enterovirus Wet wipes 10 pumping
Soft Clear the enterovirus Wet wipes 80 pumping
Soft Lutein


*Biocera Energy Product
*Assistive devices


1.Respiratory Syatem:Essential Oil of Chamaecyparis Fomosensis
2. Circulatory Syatem:Essential Oil of Camphor Head Protection and Soothing Composite
3. Endocrine Syatem:Essential Oil of Lemongrass Rejuvenating Composite
4. Immune Syatem:Formosa Spirit Revitalizing Balm
5. Digestive:HOLY TREE Hydrosols

Home Run Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Eight healthy monosaccharides
The active polysaccharide can be converted into eight essential sugars for the human body.
Note: The combination of the eight monosaccharides formed on the cells, like the eyes and ears of the cells, receives and identifies various information, and who is the “self-family”? Who is an “invasive alien”

It is easiest to ingest glucose and galactose. Glucose is widely found in starchy foods. Galactose is derived from dairy products. The other six monosaccharides are mainly obtained from plants, especially the gelatinous parts of them, such as aloe vera fleshy transparent gel, mushrooms, fungi, pods. The glial part of the food, like the sticky gum in the white fungus sweet soup. However, due to the delicate diet and cooking methods of modern society, many polysaccharides in plants are destroyed, and people are less likely to ingest and supplement eight monosaccharides.
Home Run Polysaccharide – Extracting and Purifying Multiple Active Polysaccharides from Various Plants
Since 2011, Home Run Biotech has developed one of the cores of Home Run’s product line through its team of doctoral consultants: 臻多醣 polysaccharide. In conjunction with the National Cheng Kung University and the National Chiayi University industry-university cooperation, through the laboratory’s efficacy experiments and safety assessment. The product was officially launched in 2012.

As soon as it is launched, it was gain and confirmed by the “Taiwan Good Quality Award”, “Taiwan Biotech Award”.

And also obtained the SNQ national quality mark for six consecutive years (2012-2018) certification affirmation. In addition to health foods, Home Run Biotech also uses this high-quality core technology, combined with Home Run’s other core “Planting Enzymes”, to develop consumer products that are popular with consumers: Sugar Vitality Oral Sugar, Vigor Spring Pet Enzyme Oral Spray….etc.


HUEI YEH Group was established in 1977, specializes in design innovative shape & match human demand massage chair & fitness equipment with 30 years experience.  The outstanding team work let us gained several awards and run local business by our brand name HUEI YEH with good fame. Hope Song International Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the subsidiary company, established in 1996, handles Export/ Import business and also has strong R&D, sales team to service customers speedy to fulfill all the demands. The production facilities are in both of Taiwan, and China.  Our worldwide market includes - Middle East, European, North American and Asian regions and Africa. We expect to be your global partner and provide your firm a smooth communication, strictly quality control, reasonable price, punch delivery. Please contact us today.


- Fitness Tests and Evaluations System(for adult fitness, for senior fitness, for posture evaluation)- uGym Solution( 3D Biking, 3D Rowing)
Cooperation projects and needs
We are seeking B2B cooperation.
- Fitness Tests and Evaluations System
Health Management Center
Rehabilitation Clinic
- uGym Solution
Gym/ Fitness Center

Hualien Armed Forces Gerneral Hospital

Smart medical service robot