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H.P.B. Optoelectronics Co., LTD.

H.P.B. specializes in automotive optoelectronics applications. The company has been providing OEM/ODM total solutions in optics, camera modules, algorithms, and system integration. Also, the A.I. applications, image recognition design and manufacture are professional fields of H.P.B.


DCDC clinic is the most professional team focus on hair restoration surgery. The survival rate of follicles reaches more than 90%.

Three superiority of DCDC clinic
1. The member of team is mainly composed of dermatologist who are experts in FUT, FUE and ARTAS robotics surgery. We offers many ways of surgery to customers for choosing the most suitable way to solve the problem.

2.We have thousands of successful cases, including androgenetic alopecia, megasession, designation of hairline, eyebrow, moustache, etc. We especially focus on the appearance and the transplanted direction, angle and density of each follicle.

3. Fee of surgery is reasonable. The whole process is open to public so that our customers will be guaranteed.

ARTAS robotic system is the first and only one robotics hair restoration system. Helping the doctors to solve the tricky problem and repeated action with the highest technology. It is able to decrease the risk and increase the effectiveness.

ARTAS robotics surgery won’t produce scar. After finishing surgery, you will keep natural appearance without side effect and long-time recovery time.

DCDC X ARTAS SYSTEM. Leader of hair restoration surgery.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Cooperation with partner of clinic and help patient transfer to DCDC.
2. Overseas service. DCDC offers the hair restoration technology overseas to customers who expect to improve their appearance.


1.NF7 Superlight Waterproof Walking Shoes:The weight of one foot is about 120 grams, just likes the weight of two eggs! Combined with 360-degree support outsole. Exclusive seven-day molding technology, and using BAYER waterproof breathable membrane such as egg inner membrane, create a waterproof healthy shoes .
2.Tai Chi Shunli Shoes: Exclusive round bottom arc: The heel follows the strength to push the toes, and the toes follow the strength bring to the heels. The sole is made of a "hard stable" plus 3cm "thick Q bottom" that supports a stable grip.
3. Earthing shoes: USTINI patented earthing healthy shoes with an exclusive technology called “Simulative Skin Plate”, as a good conductor of electricity makes human body create electrical potential difference naturally (〖10〗^5Ω to 〖10〗^4Ω Electrostatic Discharge), equalizes your body at Earth's potential easily.
Cooperation projects and needs
Commodity dealer
2. Commodity agent

Halza Pte Ltd

Halza's Social-Medical App allows Subscribers to Store, Track, and Share their Medical files. Through Halza's closed social-medical communication channels, users communicate privately with medical professionals, family & select friends. Doctors and Hospital staff manage patient's files. Unique features include Health Reminders, QuickShare, Family Account management. Secure and private, Halza runs on Microsoft Azure & is globally available in 26 language

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Partnership with Hospital & Clinics - Enhance their patient engagement experience through Halza for their patients
2. Partnership for healthcare integration services

HATA Inc.Co,Ltd

HATAMixer is a product that has been fed back from the medical field. It promotes metabolism by promoting blood flow of capillaries on the skin surface, removing waste from pores, and is expected to have anti-aging and skin-beautifying effects.

HCT Regenerative Co., Ltd.

HCT Regenerative is an American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited biomedical company. It is the only Taiwanese biomedical company specialized in biologics, regenerative biomaterials, medial devices based on human tissue. HCT Regenerative is the only AATB accredited company that manufactures amnion related products in Asia.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for tissue product distributors from other asian markets.
2. Looking for mid/small size device companies to co-develop medical devices, biologics, such as DBM putty, amniotic fluids.

Health Con Biotech Co. Ltd.

Infection Control, Medical Logistic, Smart System and Consultant Srevice

Health GeneTech Corp.

Health GeneTech lab is certificated by ISO17025-preventive medicine laboratory, Illumina Certified Service Provider and the third-generation sequencing Nanopore Certified Service Provider.
Provide the service of Precision Healthcare:
●The Risk of Diseases: Genetic testing for understanding the risk of diseases, to get away from risk factors, and choose the right lifestyle.
●Gut Microbiota Monitoring: By detecting the distribution of gut bacteria, to understand the possibility of getting intestinal disease, as an indicator to improve your physiology.
●Noninvasive colon cancer screening test: Screening for the risk of colorectal cancer through noninvasive fecal genetic testing for early detection and early treatment. (use the detection kit approved by FDA and CFDA)


The design team of Heatact have designed thousands of product development programs, and our company have mass produced more than 800 kinds of heating products. Combined with the super conductive heating with power saving, the product can pass the safety standards of varous countries.