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I CARE Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Banking Service;

ICARES Medicus, Inc.

ICARES Medicus, Inc. was founded in 2011 as a premium medical devices manufacturer by surface scientist, Dr. Ih-Houng Loh and the management team of AST Products, Inc. of Billerica, Massachusetts, USA. ICARES focuses on developing, manufacturing, and marketing innovative ophthalmic products worldwide by virtue of its excellent development team in optical field.
1. The aspicio™ Soft Hydrophobic Acrylic intraocular lenses (ASP60SC, ASP60SY) are one-piece foldable posterior chamber, UV absorbing optical implant lenses used for the replacement of the human crystalline lens in the visual correction of aphakia in adult patients. The yellow ASP60SY also contains ICARES’ proprietary blue light filtering chromophore that filters light in a manner that approximates a young human crystalline lens in the 400 – 475 nm blue light wavelength range.
2. The lioli™ IOL Delivery System is a single-use, sterile device intended to insert a onepiece foldable intraocular lens (IOL) into the human eye through a surgical procedure. The system provides a tubular pathway for lens implantation through an incision.
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imedtac corporation limited

Provide intelligent hospital and healthcare through IoT applicant.

Industrial Technology Research Institute / Biomedical Technology and Device Research Labs

Improvements in medical care quality and healthy lifestyles are fundamental to a happy society. They are also indicators of a nation’s competitiveness. ITRI combines its resources and capabilities for cross-disciplinary efforts in the fields of mechanical engineering, precision measurement, material science, and ICT, and is devoted to R&D in advanced biomedicine and innovative medical materials.
The goal is to safeguard and improve citizen’s health via developments in technologies for mobile medical devices, disease prevention, medical diagnosis, rehabilitation instruments, and healthcare assistance. Service system technologies are also employed to assist the development of healthcare service solutions and fitness services.

Information Mediary Corporation

Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor ) is a medication event monitoring system in the form of a Smart Package. Med-ic ECM data can be used in a variety of ways in both research and clinical trial settings. The system can help the Medical team to monitoring and tracking their Chronic patients medication compliance situation.

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Insight Medical Solutions Inc.

InsightEyes EGD Video System
Insight Medical Solutions Inc. is a medical equipment startup focuses on investigating and developing a capsule endoscopy system. With unmet medical needs as the starting point, their first product is the InsightEyes, aimed at providing a complete solution for upper GI (EGD) diagnostic endoscopy.
According to Insight Medical Solutions, the product has received positive feedback after being tested by clinical staff. The product has been sent for registration review.
Traditional endoscopy involves going directly into the digestive tracts for diagnosis. The procedure often causes discomfort and induces fear in the patients. The introduction of the noninvasive capsule endoscopy has provided a solution for these issues. The product is a single-use capsule system, which eliminates the maintenance cost and the risk of cross infections. During the procedure, the patient does not need to be anesthetized and are therefore shielded from related risks. The patient only needs to swallow the capsule with an attached 1 mm wide wire into the cavity and be examined in a painless, comfortable state.

Insilico Taiwan Ltd.

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Institute of Nuclear Energy Research

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research has successfully developed “Dolacga” Liver Reserve Imaging Agent. We have got the approval of USFDA phase 1 clinical trial on Jan 20, 2018. INER “Dolacga” Liver Reserve Imaging Agent is Taiwan Brand innovative new drug. By specific binding with liver receptor, it can be applied as indicator of liver reserve measurement for hepatectomy, liver transplantation, or chronic liver disease therapeutic evaluation. The innovation has more than 19 patents from USA, Japan, Europe and Taiwan. In addition, It owns the 10th National Innovation Award, award, the 66th Nuremberg Invention Award, and 2015 Taipei International Invention Platinum Award, which is the biggest prize of Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart. We will have a first-in-human peptide-type Liver Reserve Imaging in the world soon.

Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan

“The technology with diverse applications for depolymerizing and saccharifying lignocellulosic biomass” can depolymerize and saccharify lignocellulosic biomass, thus convert agro-forestry residues and fast-growth energy crops into valued industrial raw materials. The depolymerization system has special and innovative design for the heating and the continuous input and output, also special design of the mixing blades. It can continuously transport cellulosic materials; completely mix them with catalyst, fast heat up to reaction temperature, and instantly flash and discharge. It has been validated using several feedstocks to be in compliance with the requirements for commercial application as long-term stability, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and low maintenance cost. It can depolymerize cellulosic materials into xylose (or xylooligomer), cellulose, and lignin. If combined with the low-cost saccharification process of this technology and via bio-fermentation process, the cellulosic sugars can then be converted into industrial building blocks, such as: ethanol or lactic acid. The “eco-friendly specialty strain FRIEND for lignocellulosic ethanol production” can rapidly convert both glucose and xylose derived from lignocellulosic materials into ethanol. The high performance and robustness capabilities of FRIEND have been validated to achieve an overall production yield enhancement of 10-35%. This technology can be applied to low-carbon energy (bio-green power, bio-gas and bio-fuels), high-end medical materials (medical grade PLA), high-valued industrial materials (nano-fiber, carbon fiber), food and animal feed (xylose, xylooligomer, xylitol) industries. Its market is extensive and highly potential.
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We are seeking developers for technology licensing.

Inventec Appliances Corp.

SmartMed Smart infusion pump
Quan Jia Bao Multifunction Physiological Measurement System
IronMag CTC Autoprocessor