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Jin-Ciang Technology Co., Ltd

Low level laser instrument

JINMU Health Technology Co, Ltd.

Jinmu,ahealth company, is passionate about using our patented analytical pulse waveform to decode the pulse wave signals and provide additional health insights.
Utilizing the knowledge gained from 30 years of scientific research, 100+ peer reviewed publications, and proof of concept with over 5,000 users, we are ready to integrate our data analysis to service with a wide range of wearable and digital health products.
•We provide individualized and immediate health information, with specific indicators monitoring the female reproductive cycle, optimizing fitness and athletic performance, and screening for more serious health conditions.

Jiouzao Industrial Co., Ltd

Magic Angel Nano materials have Microbac anti-virus and FDA certifications. The effect is long-term. It is unique because of functional and safety approve at the same time with international organization. So the new nano materials can anti-virus、bacterial、PM2.5 and so on. When coating on the surface can be a protect film long-term. Make product unique and more valuable.According to functional、safety and long-term of new nano materials. We will show a serials products like spray bottle、mask、filter and so on in this exhibition. And also show how to spray our materials on public space to decrease infection. Like anti-virus、anti-mold、TVOC in hospital、school、transport and house and so on.Magic Angel Nano materials focus on unlimited、creative、environmental protection. And contribute to develop nano technology to make safty、clean and health environment.

Cooperation projects and needs
Medical appliances and equipment to combine with new nano materials.Air condition equipment and filter to combine with new nano materialsMedical、public those space are high risk environment, can be imported nano spray solution.

Johnpro Biotech Inc.

【Oncology Drug Development】
JP001 505(b)2 new drug Phase II/III Glioblastoma

【Cell Therapy】
Ex-vivo development of tumor-specific T-cells with BsAb

【Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia for Cancer Therapy】
Altering tumor microenvironment and triggering apoptosis in cancer cells.

Johnson Chemical Pharmaceutical Works Co.,Ltd (abbrev: JCP)

Company Introduction
Being a specialized solid dosage form manufacturer, JCP is targeting on development and manufacturing of niche products with less competition and barrier on formulation or difficulty in analysis.
In addition to own product development and manufacturing, JCP also accepts contract development and manufacturing jobs commissioned by customers and welcome marketing &distribution of third party products.
For R&D projects , we also welcome co-development opportunities with business or academic institutions.

Joint Commission of Taiwan

Display smart healthcare platform - Smart Healthcare Taiwan and products that received the Healthcare Quality Improvement Circle competition.


New potential treatment option for triple negative breast cancer