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JAG Technology Ltd

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 智慧醫院方案 Intelligent Hospital Solution
 遠距照護方案 Telehealth Solutions
 電子病歷方案 EMRs Solution
 智慧健檢方案 Smart Health Screening Management Solution
 智能天窗(室內陽光模擬系統窗) EWindow
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Welcome medical and health care institutions to contact us
2. Seeking marketing cooperation opportunities
3. Seeking investment and partnership opportunities


JEN-AI Hospital attaches great importance to the "patient-centered" medical concept. We integrating special medical centers, advanced equipment and professional ,to provided with a quality and friendly medical environment. and Health care.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Medical technology development
2. Development of featured medical centers
3. International patient referral


Digital dental related equipment


X’LIFE Polyphenol
X’LIFE Polyphenol Value Family Pack
X’LIFE Enzyme King
X’LIFE Polyohenol & Chitosan Drinks
X'LIFE No .9 Polyphenol
X’LIFE Polyphenol Skin Food
X’LIFE Polyohenol U fit
X’LIFE Polyphenol Throat Candy
X'LIFE Polyphenol & Enzyme Instant drinks
X’LIFE Polyphenols Cream Essential Oil
Polyphenol Essence Tablet
Polyphenol Tea
X’LIFE Polyohenol Smoothing Tablet

Jianan Psychiatric Center , Ministry of health and welfare

Jianan Psychiatric Center is devoted to promote mental health and treatment of mental illness for people in Southwest Taiwan. To assure patient's rights and provide high quality of patient-centered holistic mental health services. In response of treatment needs of Taiwan society, we utilized our strength for connecting various institutes which provide medical services, training mental health professionals for addiction treatment and create a comprehensive network for addiction treatment by establishing the Integrated Demonstrative Center of Addiction Treatment (iDCAT). The iDCAT is one of the best addiction treatment center in southern Taiwan. We can provide various multi-integrated services (Matrix model) with numerous resources for recovery to patients with different types of addiction problems. In the aspect of treatment outcomes, we present better prognosis compared with the original Matrix model in United States and save billions of NT dollars which may expanded for addiction problems. Through our treatment, we hope our patients can get rid of their chaotic life to build a better life with physical, psychological and spiritual health.

Jingfeng Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Image scanning projection

Jinmu Health Technology Co, Ltd.

Jinmu decodes pulse wave signals to provide health insights. Utilizing the knowledge from 30 years of scientific research, 145+ peer reviewed publications, we are partnering with a wide range of devices and health and wellness solutions. With a 45 second non-invasive finger scan, we provide personalized and immediate health information, with specific indicators monitoring the female reproductive cycle, optimizing fitness, and screening for other serious health risks.
We are the bridge that connects Eastern and Western medicine.

Joint Commission of Taiwan

Health Smart Taiwan, HST/Healthcare Quality Improvement Circle, HQIC