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Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital

Medical material supply chain management system

Kaohsiung Medical University

1.Innovative 3D additive manufacturing of ceramic materials- Orthopedics & Dental clinical application
2.Smart Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Device for Vestibular Function
3.Automatic ADSCs isolator

Kaohsiung Medical University

The Research Center for Natural Products & Drug Development, Kaohsiung Medical University to reinforce the linkage between industry and academia gaps. “Value-Added Agricultural and Biopharmaceutical Industry-Academia Linking Program” we proposed is for developing anti-cancer, airway inflammation and Alzheimer’s disease drugs.
We established the manufacturing processes to produce the well-characterized extracts from folk herbs and Qing Fei Tang. We demonstrated that the bio-active fractions with anti-airway inflammatory activities were effective against asthma/COPD diseases. We expect developing both into new herbal medicine.
We developed GSTO inhibitor for increasing platinum accumulation in tumor. So far, we have finished drug efficacy and drug dynamic experiment of IND bridge and go on the CMC and GLP-TOX stages.
Moreover, recently, the abilities of anti-inflammation and antioxidant of astaxanthin were better than commercial products such as vitamin C ten to sixty folds. We hold on the new clinical research to ask the question of whether astaxanthin improve cognitive function and memory. We expect that inhibition of brain spinal cord inflammation and nerve cell oxidative stresses for treating Alzheimer’s disease. Additionally, we are establishing the “Taiwan Database of Extracts and Compounds (TDEC)” for Chinese Herbal Medicine and related pure compounds of natural products and synthetics.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution channel- Natural Products & Drugs Screening Service, TDEC Database Service online
2. Cooperative Development- Small Molecule GSTO inhibitor (IND Co-development partner)
3. Research Collaboration- (1) Anti-aging health food and product research programs including airway inflammation, anti-oxidant agents, muscle & skin, dementia, and ice protection. (2) Natural Products & Drugs Library Online Services and System Development.

Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital

Artificial Intelligent breast cancer treatment.
Digital dental technology.
Advanced surgical system

Kaohsiung Municipal CiJin Hospital

As of June 107,Qijin’s population over 65 years old accounted for 15.2%.Urgent need for long-term resources to intervene.We are committed to providing quality long-term care and health services to the local people.
Provide a more complete care service resource,AirPlus has more cases/families and carers who need long-term related services.

Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital

Kaohsiung Municipal Siaogang Hospital (KMSH) was established in 1998, and has been run by Kaohsiung Medical University (KMU) for 18 years.
Base on regional characteristics and Social Structure, we develop 7 medical centers in our hospital, including Environmental & Occupational Medicine, Tropical Medicine, Emergency & Critical Care Medicine, Community Medicine, Health Management Center, Cancer Treatment Center and International Medical Center, and also we have the excellent performance, like Day-care Centre, Dengue fever preventing, and industrial rehabilitation and so on.
Therefore, we will display long term care( The Intern) in this exhibition as well as achieve our vision that is to become the best holistic health-care provider.

Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital

Full Love School is a day care center established by Kaohsiung Municipal Ta-Tung Hospital and it’s the first one by using the unused classrooms to run day care program.

Kemyth Biotech Co., Ltd.

It is a pleasure for KeMyth Biotech to introduce our platform technology and products as follows. Please join our booth for the details in Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo 2018. (1) Rapid diagnostic kit: KeMyth product, Klebsiella pneumoniae serotype K1/K2 rapid testing cassette (License No.007019 of Taiwan FDA), has been published in a leading journal (2016, J Clin Microbiol 54, 3018-3021) and earned an award of the 13th National Innovation Award in Taiwan. (2) Platform technology: KeMyth product, antibiotic testing and screening system against superbugs, has been published in a leading journal (2017, J Antimicrob Chemother 72, 3302-16) and has been used by Entasis Therapeutics, a famous pharmaceutical company in the USA. (3) Drug development: a candidate drug to control type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, and body weight. (4) Natural drinks: KeMyth product, exquisite ginger tea, is a natural and nice drink, which helps to get relief from cold and to increase metabolism rate that will burn off stored fat in the body. The main ingredients of this product are ginger, green tea and black soybean, which were processed by using advanced extraction technology to keep all active ingredients.

kerry Pharma Logistics Co., Ltd.

Kerry Pharma Logistics is committed to professional delivery, also the only specialty pharmaceutical delivery supplier in Taiwan. We have 13 distribution stations and three warehouses, including 25 ºC below constant temperature storage and 2~8ºC cold chain storage. All the distribution stations have perfect equipment and specialty delivery vehicle. Training professional sales represent to provide compatriots better services. Additionally, we provide packaged product, storage, deliver service
We have the ownership of all vehicles, which equipped GPRS systems and electronic temperature recorder, can effectively records temperature range during delivering. Complete information management system can serve customer demands to do Electronic Data Interchange. Kerry Pharma cooperates with government to implement GDP policy. We provide professional and reliable delivery service to international and domestic well-known enterprises.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Delivery services for the international and domestic pharmaceutical.
2. 25 ºC below constant temperature storage and 2~8ºC cold chain storage.
3. Professional and diversified pharmaceutical delivery services.
4. We provide medical institution with one-stop services from storage to delivery.
5. Value-added services


KimForest was founded in 2004 in Taiwan, and provided devices, reagents, and analysis pipelines to health care providers, which include screening tests for cancer and inherited diseases. Since 2014, the "GeneOnLink" (GoL) precision medicine division has been established to provide next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis services for cancer studies, including experimental design, sequencing service, bioinformatics analysis, and consulting service. Following is our Integrated Precision Medicine Service:
1. Gol Comprehensive and Gol Focus: These tests are provided physicians with clinically information to guide treatment decisions for patients based on the genomic profile of their solid tumor sample.
2. GoL Lung, GoL Colon, GoL Breast and GoL Pan-Cancer: These tests are provided physicians with clinically information to monitor cancer recurrence and to guide treatment decisions, such as drug resistance, for patients based on detected the ctDNA.
3. GoL BRCA: This test determines whether you carry an inherited BRCA mutation. According to you result, your doctor can help you understand your cancer risk and help to prevent the breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
4. GoL Life Non-invasive genomewide assessment: This non-invasive test will detect your genetic. According to your report physicians and dietitian could give you recommends to prevention disease to prevention disease guiding you to better health and wellness.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution channel- Agents, distributors, on cancer and personalized genetic tests
2. Cooperative Development- physical examination center and Medical Institution
3. Research Collaboration- Medical centers