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Lambdomg Intelligent Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Established in 1984 by professor Hsieh, Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology follows the Law of Nature states that everything is vibrating with its frequency form. For more than 30 years, our company has been committed to the promotion and education of " natural harmony of the universe ~ Micromusic Therapy."

Today we have built a very professional authority in Taiwan's music therapy. Since 2011, with extensive experience in Lambdoma harmony keyboard ", we have been devoting ourselves to product development, technology creation and business development in the fields of "frequency medicine, precision medicine, and core medicine."

Our primary business includes Lambdoma spectrum resonator series, quantum information essential oil and chip series, anti-radiation stickers series. To concretely practice the concept of "natural harmony of the universe," Professor Hsieh plans not only to combine with Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology " system, but also actively participate in innovative research and development opportunities in the fields of medical clinical, agriculture, animal husbandry, and aquaculture.

Looking at the vigorous development of AI wisdom science today, it affects the harmonious balance of the big universe. Our mission is to use the “Lambdoma core technology of quantum harmonic frequency” to serve a better living environment with people. Through our continuous research and innovation spirit, we believe we will be in the journey to become one of the most specific frequency experts in the world.


Our “Virtual Training System for Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment” is to enhance clinical competency for healthcare providers. With the rendering of virtual humans and environment, the system allows interaction between users and the virtual patients. The user interviews virtual patients verbally, performs physical examination, requests for laboratory tests and image studies when necessary, and finally concludes with a diagnosis and relevant treatment. The system also requires users to review and conduct analysis based on the information they obtained. Finally, immediate feedback and scores are given based on their performances. The system interface comes in three forms: 1) VR/AR immersive experience 2) stand-alone mobile computer station with vertical panel 3) remote PC station.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Seeking investors
2. Distributor / Agency
3. Partnership for medical

LEADTEK Research Inc.

From the perspective of the overall product development strategy, Leadtek combines artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology (AIoT + Medical + Health) to provide solutions for operators in smart health, smart healthcare and eco-systems. Demanded by clinics, health centers, hospitals, remote care centers, health maintenance centers, community care bases, corporate workplaces and homes. Leadtek has developed terminal equipments such as DxPatch ECG Electrocardiograph/Phono Recorder, autonomic nerve detector, oximeter, health band, medical band, health station KIOSK and wireless physiological measurer, plus cloud member health management APP, health management platform Web, video diagnosis and treatment platform APP, providing end users with one-stop service of hardware and software cloud and big data, including health examination, disease diagnosis, precision medicine and long-term care. In Taiwan, half of medical centers have been working with Leadtek on smart medical programs; there are successful cases from the initial screening of health examination, outpatient diagnosis, and even to post-discharge remote care. In terms of smart care, it has helped health care institutions, remote areas, and outlying islands to successfully adopt scientific care. Next, Leadtek will replicate Taiwan's experience in mainland China, the United Kingdom, Thailand and other countries.

Lientong Corporation Ltd.

Electromotive food trolley Cart, Electric Lifters

Lifenergy Biotech Corp.

LE Bio is dedicated to promoting nutraceuticals' immune health concept since 2008. We have developed products, comprised of β-glucan, a natural ingredient, designed for physicians' and pharmacists’ uses, and are complementary to cancer patients’ immune support and general health care.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Public Education – Organize discussions and speeches to promote the importance of immune health and how to make human immune system work effectively.
2. Cooperation with medical institutions -Our products are complementary to cancer patients' treatments, and also suitable for general health care.


LIPS Corp., the 3D sensing solution provider, introduces the “Elderly Care Solution” based on LIPS’ exclusive image recognition and AI deep learning technology. Features include real-time monitoring and instant warning messages, daily report of sleep and activities, and extubation risk warning for intubated patients to ensure patient safety.

Litten Inc

Carbon sensitized photocatalyst with silver spray can


A Fast And Comprehensive Solution for Pencil Beam Scanning QA : Provides Proton Accelerator's ( pencil beam scan ) daily quality assurance (Energy + Spots position + Spots sizes + Output), which can reduce the damage caused by medical negligence or abnormal equipment. And it can greatly save people's daily quality assurance verification working time.

Lohasiinfra Corporation

This booth is a ecosphere, which gather life, family , organization and community, for the global Lohasters during their life. Which is also a place with on line and off line services for people to learn and a platform to improve themselves.

The Lohas Lifeware Technology which integrate all the Lohas Knowledge for those who using Lohas Buddy as a tool to enjoy the Lohas Stuff in their life.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Look for people who have the same interests about LOHAS and build the Kylin LOHAS Center together.