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Lasinmed Company

Demonstration for our new Product "Soho Stone" .
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In Taiwan, there is expanding populations of metabolic syndrome, and it is highly related with the citizen’s top ten causes of deaths.
That’s why Li-Hsin Biotech company developed this product-〝3D+R plus Curcumin〞. Li-Hsin Biotech co. is a pioneer to develop products with the most advanced concept of 〝PPARs〞on the world. Both of this PPARs activity screening technology platform and the active ingredient of resveratrol analysis techniques are authorized by the National Health Research Institute. Then we selected five ingredients which can highly activated human PPARs receptors, and extracted high concentration from natural food ingredients. Besides we jointed the extraction, 〝Resveratrol〞,which is a kind of high antioxidant and extracted from French natural grape. 〝Cur cumin〞,which is developed using Meriva® patented. Resveratrol and Curcumin on PPARγ( a kind of PPARs type ) activation has a synergistic effect. 3D+R plus Curcumin is the second generation of 3D+R plus ( Get SNQ ) development and improvement of and upgraded version, but also to strengthen the doubling of activation effects of PPARs and enhance the activity of 2.85 times compared with the second generation.
The〝3D+R plus Curcumin〞process was controlled from raw material selection, extraction technology, to the filling and packing, strictly as laboratory quality.
The 〝3D+R plus Curcumin〞can restart the switch of the human metabolism, and longevity, is the most significant health-care products in twenty-first century.

LIBO Medical Products Inc.

1. The bristle of LIBO cervical cytology brushes made with soft and flexible nylon material provide safe and comfort sampling.
2. LIBO sampling swabs have various swab styles and materials, and available for customization according to user needs.
3. LIBO nasopharyngeal sampling swab have super flexible design swab stick. Improve sampling comfort, enhance virus detection rate and test quality.

Life Star International Limited

Life Star International Company Limited is a Biomedical company.

We are specialising in medical dressings, stem cell research, medical technology-related products commercialisation.

In addition that we have own biomedical laboratory, and Class10000 clean room with factory certification. Through strategic alliances with medical centers and tertiary institutions, commercialization of technology with market potential and follow-up of access and sales will be conducted.

The company's core

management team are biotechnology-based high-level researchers, with cross-domain expertise, such as research and development、intellectual property and business management, double degrees. Expect to biotechnology-based, business management for the purpose of creating social value as its mission.


We have established the world\'s first artificial intelligence dietitian program. People and health care workers can fill in their personal body and disease status online, and they can immediately learn about dietary advice, exercise recommendations, nutritional supplement recommendations, and health check recommendations.

Linkware Corporation

Thermal Printer,Laser,Feeding Machine,Code Imprinter,High Resolution Inkjet Peinter,Barcode Printer


Intravenous Laser Irradiation of Blood
A Fast And Comprehensive Solution for Pencil Beam Scanning QA


Using our world-class nanofabrication technique and taking advantage of the antimicrobial effects of silver, Foreal presents to you a natural, non-chemical, and long-lasting antimicrobial protection that does not irritate your skin.

Our Products:
歐惟淨 O.LIVING-Personal Hygiene Antimicrobial & Odor Removal Spray/毛星球LUVPET-Pet Hygiene Antimicrobial & Odor Removal Spray/呼嘻WHO’s AIR-Silver Nanoparticle Water Dispersion
Cooperation projects and needs
Distribution & agency: We seek to work with distributors or agents for antimicrobial products for general purposes or pets. /Customization: We provide customization to entities in need of antimicrobial & anti-odor products (medical institutions, postnatal confinement centers, food processing plants, public space, etc.). /R&D Cooperation: We work with customers to research and develop metal/metal oxide nanopowder & dispersion.

Longcare Health Equipment Inc

Automatic alternating Zero-pressure mattress system
Cooperation projects and needs

LoreMaster Tech Inc.

BEasy multinational language actual person interpret APP
Hospital website medical documents translation (English 、Japanese、Korea 、Vietnamese 、Thailand、Indonesia )