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Quanta Computer Inc.

QOCA® Smart Hospital Solution is designed to reduce hospital’s workload and simplify management process. It consists of smart patient terminals, nurse station terminals, mobile care APP, smart beside cards, and smart whiteboards. QOCA® home is a cloud-based platform for telehealthcare with user experience optimized for senior citizens.

Quark Biosciences, Inc.

PanelChip® Analysis System is a multi-gene expression profiling platform with dual functionality, capable of both expression profiling and digital level quantitation. Targeted primers are pre-loaded on PanelChip®, providing ready-to-use, easy-to-operate clinical assays with a two-hour turnaround time. Designed using optoelectronic semiconductor technology, PanelChip® makes expression profiling simple, fast, yet concise.

Alongside our partners in the healthcare, biotechnology, and pharma sectors, QuarkBio has been rapidly increasing its selection of clinical assays developed on PanelChip® Analysis System for both expression profiling and digital qPCR applications. Our pipeline in expression profiling includes assays for the prediction of immunotherapy responses based on tumor microenvironment and treatment selection for patients with breast cancer after surgery. As for QuarkBio’s digital qPCR applications, MoDEL™, a high sensitivity liquid biopsy for EGFR mutation monitoring of NSCLC cancer patients, has been developed in partnership with renowned hospitals in Taiwan.

mirSCAN™, a miRNA profiling PanelChip® with 167 miRNAs selected from over 30,000 studies, makes it easy for researchers to discover their own miRNA biomarkers for different clinical applications, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, and more.

Quarton inc.

Quarton Inc, established in 1989, is a premier producer of high quality laser diode and specialized laser application products. During the past 23 years, Quarton has proven itself to be an innovative and leading provider of laser solutions.