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Raden Automatic Co., Ltd

Automatic Oral Drug Dispens & Packing system

Radiant Health Bio-Tech Company

The first one is the natural plant extract disinfectant approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare. It utilizes the characteristics of nature, safety and non-toxic. It can be sprayed directly on the skin, effectively disinfected in 30 seconds, and can fight against more than 800 kinds of bacteria, viruses and 100. More than one type of mold, fungus, yeast, etc., can be most effective for 2 hours to 48 hours, and is effective for norovirus, new influenza, and enterovirus.
It is also highly stable and is not affected by any light, heat, pH or other factors. The shelf life can be as long as three years. No need to clean again after use, no fear of eating, no irritation, no damage to mucosal tissue, adults, babies, pregnant women, silver hair and pets can be used.
It is also non-corrosive, any material can be used, no dilution when used, convenient and fast

Radiotek Corporation

> Electrosurgical analyzer---VPAD RF
> Safety tester---VPAD ES2
> Defibrillator tester--- PHASE3
> Ventilator analyzer---Ventest
> SPO2 simulator---Oxitest Plus 7

Rainbow Biotechnology Co., LTD.

Primary Antibody.Recombinant Protein.Instruments for Life Sciences Research.Bioreactor/Fermentor.Filtration Products.Microbiology QC related products

RCI Engineering Inc.

RCI provides a complete and customized sustainable building solution that allows us to make an appropriate assessment of the Client's project at different design stages, and to coordinate and assist with the Client's design or construction teams to optimize the design proposals, in order to achieve the designated green building certification. We are good at tackling various green factors including environmental impact, energy saving, CO2 reduction, water efficiency, indoor air quality, material and resource utilization and so on; and offer Enterprises with more efficient long-term investment plan and operation methods. RCI can provide the following international building related services:

Sustainable Green Building Consulting Service
Commissioning (Cx) Services
Energy Audit Services
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Design Service
Adoption and Evaluation of Green Building Materials
Promoting Taiwan's Sustainable Building through Education

Read Gene Biotech Ltd.

Read Gene Biotech have nine cancer gene detection services:“ NGS Drug Panel For Solid Cancer”, “NGS Drug Panel For Colorectal Cancer”, “NGS Drug Panel For NSCLC”, “EndoPredict®”, “Circulating Tumor Cells Detection”, “Hereditary Cancer Genetic Test”, “Cancer Early Detection”, “NGS Drug Panel For Target Therapy”, “Large Panel For Early Breast Cancer”


Agaricus Blazei Murill

Robust Technology Co., Ltd.

Customized and integrated system for biomedical laboratory processing equipment.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Cooperative development for hospital laboratory processes automation.
2. Cooperative development with biomedical company for laboratory processes automation.
3. ODM service for laboratory processes automation.

Rui An International Co., Ltd.

RECIPE LC-MS/MS Complete Kits
ViennaLab α-Globin StripAssay®
Diazyme Lp-PLA2 Assay
Diazyme Vitamin D Assay

RuiTai Medical Corp.

"Anatase" Spine Navigator
1. Cost-effective Image Construction
‒ Registration with preoperative CT imaging and familiar C-arm systems (only 2 X-rays images needed)
‒ Efficient alignment process in less than 5 minutes
‒ Significantly reduce harmful radiation exposure
2. Reliable Navigation
‒ Realize elaborative surgical procedure by planning
‒ Enhance surgery precision and efficiency with real-time navigation
‒ Elevate surgeons' confidence with intraoperative verification (Guide pin, Pedicle screw)
3. User-friendly Mechanism
‒ Non-contact device replacement procedures
‒ High compatible integration instruments