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Radiant Health Bio-Tech Company

RHB was founded on 2001 and established a skin care OEM factory. Our factory is well developed and planned with waste water treatment, supply chain, production and operation, quality control, laboratory, internal audit, administrative and management. The manufacturing plant is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and skin care related licenses. Based on the market demand, RHB research and develop wide range of skin care products and formulations. RHB provides a complete OEM services from planning, design, production, packaging to excellent customer services for all our customers. Under the great efforts of RHB management, staffs and partners, RHB has once again certified by ISO 22716:2007 in 2013.


Agaricus Blazei Murill Tonic, Agaricus Blazei Murill & Milk Fish Tonic, Agaricus Blazei Murill & Golden Clam Tonic, Agaricus Blazei Murill & Chicken Essence Tonic, Agaricus Blazei Murill Capsule, Burdock Enzyme Fermentation Broth, Probiotics Powders, Burdock Crisp, Burdock Tea,.. 

RecentCare BioMedical Inc.

RecentCare Biomedical Inc. began to develop and manufacture advanced hydrogel wound dressings since 2011. The core technology has many patented certifications. We have been cooperating with academic organizations and medical centers to provide high quality and advanced wound care products meet the demands from clinicians and patients.

 Aquipher:HIPNA patented technology, which can make hydrogel and multi-directional elastic non-woven fabrics perfectly combined. The material is transparent and multi-ductile. It can anchor with different kinds of PSA materials to develop various hydrogel wound dressing products.

 GelSkin®:A series of hydrogel wound dressing products developed by Aquipher® Layer. The surface of the dressing is adhered with a special PU film, which is highly waterproof and can perfectly protect the wound from outside and keep in a moist environment. It is hardly to fall off from the skin surface and easily to observe the wound’s change and condition. With the excellent elasticity, it can fit on the joints and skin corners to increase patient’s comfort and satisfaction.
Cooperation projects and needs
OEM/ODM – Customized service on hydrogel wound dressing products.

Distribution channel – Distributors, and agents on advanced wound care and surgical wound care.

Refront loMT/ Healthera

Research Results of 2018 Medical Device Industry Counselling and Promotion Program

Research Results of 2018 Medical Device Industry Counselling and Promotion Program

Rolence Enterprise Inc.

Portable X-Ray, Scalers, Curing Lights