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Wei Ming Pharmaceutical Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Introduction of international API, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Functional Foods and Cosmetic Ingredients. International Brands: BASF, KOWA, Fuji Chemical, Eastman, Shin-Etsu, IPS, etc. Also introduction of Better-Iodine series products.

Welgene Biotech. Co.,Ltd.

Welgene Biotech Co., Ltd. is a precision medical and biotechnology company. we are aiming at transforming basic research results into clinical applications. We specialty provides services in sequence analysis (NGS), biochip analysis (microarray), and bioinformatics that serve biotechnology and clinical studies. We had developed clinical products, such as pre-implantation screening (Cytoscan and Embryoscan ) and non-invasive prenatal testing (WelBay).
Welgene’s whole exome sequencing service is ideal for those who have a complex or very rare combination of phenotypes that are not suggestive of any recognizable syndrome. We design to examine coding regions and splice junctions for thousands of genes and report the variants that are of plausible relevance to your target. we provide a straightforward for the genetic variants report for a wide range of genetic disorders, thereby assisting researcher and clinician to the extensive interpretation of data delivered with our comprehensive report. welgene’s whole exome sequencing service, offers fast and one-step solution which involves sequencing all exons across the genome.
In addition to the whole exome sequencing, Welgene Offer several services, as technology and product development with TAF-certified laboratory and ISO17025 management service process, including sample purification, genetic testing and bioinformatics analysis to develop the required gene detection technology.
Cooperation projects and needs
We are seeking
1. Our service is available to companies looking to develop gene test product or technology.
2. Distribution channel

Wistron Medical Technology Corporation

Wistron: Basically there're five medical device product lines: Healthcare data analytics & AI system, Exoskeleton Robotics, POCT, Optical Medical Imaging, and In Vitro Diagnostic. due to the long life cycle of medical device products, including product development, clinical trials, product certification, marketing and post-marketing tracking, based on medical risk considerations, the company has adopted comprehensive audit systems (ISO13485,QSR,TFDA GMP,CFDA GMP) from medical device design to production, and offering totally solutions for medical OEM/ODM business.

BestShape™ performs data analytics and offers predicted probabilities of risks of complications during hemodialysis, to improve quality of care and gives the healthcare team the whole picture.

The Keeogo™ is a day-to-day walking assistive device which is designed for individuals who’s health condition limited their mobility.

PlexBio’s IntelliPlex platform is based on the patented πCode™ MicroDisc technology along with our novel instruments for multiplexing of assays. Product lines include: πCode, Instrumentation, Companion Diagnostics Panel, Early Cancer Detection Kits, Prenatal Diagnostics, Food Safety and Animal Testing Kits

MiCareo focus on liquid biopsy technology for precision medicine, to isolate a single cell including CTC and rare immune cell.」

Apollo Medical Optics aims to provide high-resolution real-time images to assist medical professionals to make diagnosis more efficient.
Cooperation projects and needs
Looking for the cooperation opportunity for Healthcare data analytics & AI system, Exoskeleton Robotics, POCT, Optical Medical Imaging, and In Vitro Diagnostic.1. ODM manufacturing and related medical quality system application and certification.2. OEM manufacturing, with the application of medical quality system certification.3. Big data and expert system development and application.

World Courier Group , Inc. Taiwan Branch


世界速遞(World Courier)於2012年被 AmerisourceBergen Corporation (紐約證券交易所代號: ABC) 收購並成為旗下四個醫藥配送事業體之一。AmerisourceBergen Corporation為2015年Fortune財富雜誌美國500強之第16名。



世界速遞堅持廣受認可的生物製藥良好操作規範(“GxP”) ,該規範為生產、良好臨床操作、倉儲和配送各流程提供指導。世界速遞是全球生技運輸的業界內唯一符合GxP的物流供應商。擁有如此地位,世界速遞提供真正獨特的商業模型,將公司擁有的廣闊全球網絡和地方市場專家的靈活性以及品質控制完美地結合起來。