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Wei Ming Pharmaceutical Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Excipient, API, Food material, Cosmetic material, Health food.

Wei Te Biomedical Technology Ltd.

Portable/ homecare/ clinical rTMS system
A compact rTMS system with smart positioning device
with greatly improved accessibility


1. The goal of digitalizing our hospital workflow and patient data through new technologies is to improve patient care. Our Mobile Patient Chart (MPC) App System is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution that allows physicians to remotely access PACS images, TPR trends, laboratory data, admission & progression notes, prescription history and other diagnostic reports via his/her mobile phone. Its mobile optimized interface and seamless user experience allow it to become an indispensable tool for our physicians and reshape patient care in our hospital.
2. The millennia-old practice of postnatal care has stepped into a new era. We, along with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), co-developed a Postnatal Care Information System that includes a full IoT network, the first of its kind. It is a system specifically designed for postnatal care center that includes non-contact baby physiological data monitoring, automatic upload of all physiological data for accurate tracking, hospital bassinet positioning with location analysis, facial recognition recording and full resource planning & management. It is a streamlined total solution that helps our staff to focus on baby care and provides an unparalleled experience to our mothers.


Welgene intEgrated bioFormatics clOud, WeFO
Cooperation projects and needs
1. WES/WGS service

Well Lands Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Ergonomic seat cushion/back cushion, wheelchair seat cushion, Gel mattress, footcare insoles, gel positioner.


Warm eye
Sports protective gear
Heat Therapy Wrap


1. Jie Fen-Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash
2. Jie Fen-Hand Cleanser

WideDoctor(International)Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


Wistron Medical Technology Corporation

- Design and contract manufacturing service for medtech
- Intelligence healthcare solutions
- IVD (qPCR) solutions