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Yang Cheng Medical

Yang Cheng Medical is an innovative and promising company concentrated on the development and manufacture of high-tech medical products. We are working to improve our heathier world and life quality, from innovating research for decades. Carry on the development of Polyurethane (PU) industry, Yang Cheng medical currently broaden vision to healthcare industry and continuously strive for excellence in our medical products.
To widely apply PU material to medical devices, Yang Cheng medical has dedicated to develop of high-precision and user-friendly vascular grafts, particularly for lower extremity vascular occlusion or hemodialysis patients. In 2019, Yang Cheng medical has made our debut in providing highly biocompatible vascular prosthesis, as well as durable, comfortable, and high puncture resistance.
Yang Cheng medical are deeply rooted in Taiwan and strive for excellence in our products. We stand firm to pursuit high product quality and continuously upgrade our technology. We truly believe: To pursue a healthier life and to improve our life quality are our common goals. Yang Cheng medical keep accompany you to stay healthy and make your life forever young!
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Cooperation agents / distributors

Yeschain Pharmacy

"Yeschain pharmacy was established in 1989, which is the first chain pharmacy in Taiwan practiced by the pharmacists. All the pharmacists have won the trust of people with ethics, profession, kindness and spirit of service.

In July 2018, acquired by ShareHope Medicine Corporation, Yeschain immediately became the top three chain pharmacy in Taiwan. Through advanced professional training, strong medical logistics, and exquisite customer experience, Yeschain provides customers convenient and caring health services, leading the traditional drugstore market into e-commerce, changing the market structure of Taiwan drugstore industry, and establishing a new business system.

In April 2019, in cooperation with Institute for Information Industry (III), Yeschain has developed the first “smart pharmacy store” in Taiwan. With information and communication technology (ICT), Yeschain provides people in Taiwan innovation health services, and develop the pharmacy of the future."
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Pharmacy franchise

2. Smart health measurement equipment

3. Application of smart technology software and hardware


Yi Poung Industrial Co., ltd. Established the brand ALTAIS in 2017 to develop an assortment of natural health products using the Mongolian sea buckthorn as the main ingredient.

Yonglin healthcare foundation

The Century Medical Revolution; A Future Without Cancer
In 2007, Mr. Terry Gou, the founder and CEO of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group, established YongLin Healthcare Foundation to start the donation projects for YongLin Institute of Health in National Taiwan University, with a focus on fighting cancer through innovative designs for smart hospitals as well as explorations into precision medicine. Additionally, with a goal of promoting healthy living within the scope of Hospital of Tomorrow, Precision Medicine, Comprehensive Digital Healthcare, and Advanced Environmental Inspections.

Yourgene Health (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.

Yourgene Health is an international molecular diagnostics group which develops and commercialises genetic products and services. The group works in partnership with global leaders in DNA technology to advance diagnostic science.

Yourgene develops and commercialises simple and accurate molecular diagnostic solutions, primarily for reproductive health. The Group’s products include non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPT) for Down’s Syndrome and other genetic disorders, Cystic Fibrosis screening tests, invasive rapid aneuploidy tests, male infertility tests and genetic disease tests. Yourgene’s commercial footprint is already established in the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Canada and Asia-Pacific.

Our product development, research service and commercial capabilities extend across the lifecycle of genetic test development including regulatory submissions. Through our technical expertise and partnerships, Yourgene Health is also extending its genetic testing offering into oncology.

Yourgene Health is headquartered in Manchester, UK with offices in Taipei and Singapore, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange's AIM market under the ticker "YGEN". For more information visit www.yourgene-health.com and follow us on twitter @Yourgene_Health


GCD is an abbreviation for Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide Gaseous Chlorine Dioxide.The company has quietly cultivated the chlorine dioxide market in Taiwan for nearly 6 years, and is committed to the natural electrolytic gaseous chlorine dioxide application, with independent development of equipment, product development and other production technologies. Molecular functional oxygen:The antibacterial mechanism of chlorine dioxide is a molecular type strong oxygen bactericide, which has the function of rapid sterilization, so it is called \\\\\\\"molecular functional oxygen\\\\\\\".Yuanqi Biotech is a domestic manufacturer and manufacturer of gaseous chlorine dioxide equipment. It is the first to develop the first automatic chlorine dioxide aqueous solution production and dosing equipment in the country. It has domestic and foreign equipment patents and uses different past operational experience to target different stages of customers. Demand provides a full range of solutions.Technical services: 1. Provide fully automated whole plant output 2. Product technical support 3. Composite product development We hope to achieve an environmentally friendly, safe and healthy living environment through environmental protection, safety and high efficiency.

YUANLI Medical Beauty Group

YUANLI Medical Beauty Group was founded by a well known dermatologist, Dr. Grace Y.L. Liao, in 2002. At that time, patients would ask: “What is wrong with my skin”? or “What kind of medication should I use for my abnormal skin conditions”? Most of the dermatologists only focus on the problems of the skin, rather than finding solutions to prevent the problems from occurring.

Yung Tai Hsin Enterprise Company

【Eight Miles】Mosquito Repellent Spray


Believing that the produced medicine would be given to our family, Yung Shin Group insists quality and integrity are the robustness of its Ethos.
Yung Shin has more than 60 years expertise and become as an all-round transnational drug manufacturer and health technology group with related enterprises and business throughout the United States, Central America, Japan, China, Southeast Asian countries, Africa and other countries. Besides of being sophisticated on pharmaceutical products, Yung Shin also developed diversified capacities, such as health supplement, medical cosmetic products, fine chemicals, API and contract-manufacturing …etc.