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Zeppelin Corporation Taiwan Branch

1.Anti-UV Color-changeable Mask
The color of the Chameleon Anti-UV Color-changeable Mask becomes correspondingly darker, depending on how aggressive the sunlight is. You can “see” how it protects! Blocking up to 95% of UVB rays and 90% of UVA rays, it also filters out 99% of pollen, smog, and PM2.5 pollution.

2.Anti-Virus Mask
The only anti-virus mask accredited with ISO 18184 - Prevention is better than cure
Suppresses viruses and germs on the mask through our exclusive formula
Passed the SGS anti-virus test (ISO 18184) with up to 99% effectiveness against such as H1N1, H3N2, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, and E. coli, etc.
Regular fabric may only block viruses, but our special formula not only resists viruses and germs but also inhibits their growth for dual performance.
Filters out PM2.5 particles, developed and made in Taiwan, 3D design, seamless non-woven fabric, breathable, and easy to wear.
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1. Looking for Domestic/Oversea Distributor
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Zhao Hong Biotech

Golden Clam Protein

Cooperation projects and needs
1. dealer or agent wanted
2. provide raw materials and ingredients

Zoetek Inc.

Zoetek was established in 2014. We put in a lot of effort on development of physiological measurement on wearable medical device.Zoetek's product has obtained TFDA、FDA certification.
Features Of Product:
(1)ANS Monitor(ANS Analysis report)
(2)Sleep Analysis(Sleep Analysis report).
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1. Expand marketing channel
2. Request Business partner