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Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital is the only medical center in eastern Taiwan. Our vision is “to start locally and think globally” The highlights of this exhibition are the cooperation in drug and medical material development, cell therapy, specialty care, smart healthcare, international healthcare, etc. There will be an introduction to Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital as well regarding its experiences over the past 30 years. Through the presentation of our findings and results on Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo, we seek to establish a model of the internationalized medical center in clinical medicine and bioinnovation with more and more medical institutions, professionals and pharmaceutical companies.
Cooperation projects and needs
1.Discovery and development of a small molecule (EF-005) against Alzheimer's disease by using disease iPS cell and animal Florbetaben (FBB-18F) PET
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a degenerative disease of brain neurons, with its main clinical manifestations as short-term memory and language loss accompanied by depression; when serious, the basic life and mobility will be forgotten, resulting in eventual death.
The small molecule drug –EF005–developed by the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation and National Chung Hsing University has been found to be effective in reducing the possible causes of Alzheimer's disease; it includes amyloid accumulation and distribution and phosphorylation abnormalities by animal PET in 3xTg transgenic mice and AD iPS cells. In addition, it also demonstrates significant improvement on the memory in 3xTg transgenic mice. The global patent has been applied. At present, EF005 has been performed a GMP grade production accompanied by finished GLP toxicology, safety pharmacology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics study. Registration of the new experimental drug for the US FDA and Taiwan TFDA will be applied for. We will seek for collaboration in venture capital or in an international pharmaceutical company.

2.New targeted therapy drug CerebracaTM Wafer is a biodegradable wafer for interstitial implantation comprises a small molecule EF001 and bio-degradable Carboxyphenoxypropane-Sebacic Acid Copolymer (CPPSA).
IND application approved by USFDA and TFDA. Phase I/IIa clinical trial is presently ongoing. Looking for the opportunity to cooperate with international pharmaceutical companies or venture capitals.
The anti-glioblastoma pharmacology effect of the API, identified in yellowish brown root of the plant Angelica sinensis, a well-known Chinese medicine, were firstly evaluated in several human cancer cell lines, including a human glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) cell line. These antitumor activities were contributed by the effects of API in suppression of telomerase level (Lin et al. 2011), up-regulation of nuclear receptor Nur77 (an apoptosis mediator) (Lin et al., 2008), reducing glioma migration and invasion mediated by Axl-1 tyrosine receptor (Yen et al., Oncogene, 2016) and tumor stem cell Sox-2 genes (Yen et al., 2017). More importantly, the EF001 further showed the effects on reversing Temozolomide (TMZ) resistance by suppressing O6-methylguanine-DNA-methyltransferase (MGMT) mRNA and protein expression (Harn et al., 2013). Taken together, the EF001 targeted multiple tumor associated genes including Axl, EZH2, SOX2, telomerase, and DNA repair gene MGMT.
CerebracaTM wafer was designed to order to overcome the drug delivery limited by blood-brain barrier. This novelty contributes the efficient effects on survival (2.5 time prolonged more than untreated group). To date, chemical manufacturing and control (CMC), preclinical efficacy and preclinical safety assessment and other tests of CerebracaTM Wafer were completed. The IND application of CerebracaTM Wafer phase I/IIa clinical trial had been approved by FDA (IND 128388) and TFDA. This clinical trial was performed at Tzu-Chi University Hospital in Haulien and Tri-Service General Hospital in Taipei city, Taiwan. We are looking for the opportunity to cooperate with international pharmaceutical companies or venture capitals.

3.The method of non-tumorigenesis of pluripotent stem cells

4.Using exosome derived from mesenchymal stem cells treating osteoarthritis

5.Endometrial polyp stem cells research and development

6.Developing urocortin for brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases

7.Gastrointestinal Tract Tube Fixation and Storage Device
This innovative combines the functions of fixation, storage, backflow prevention, and aesthetic considerations. This device secures the feeding tube using three fastening components, thus strengthening safety in patient care and maintain patients’ safety and comfort. In contrast to existing tube fixture and storage devices, our work features the following innovative advantages: convenience and ease of use, product safety, environment-friendly and energy saving, high compatibility, ergonomic and privacy and aesthetic considerations.

8.Ostomy Bag Cleansing Device
This medical device was designed to clean waste and promote comfort for patients with a colostomy. The proposed device combines the functions of exhaustion, cleaning, and enclosure. In contrast to existing ostomy bags, our work features the following advantages: (A)Convenience: The ostomy bag is enclosed upon connecting to the bag. (B) Safety and minimal odor: The rotating switch completely encloses the valve so that neither odor nor waste is leaked during the cleaning process. (C) Integrity: Functions such as ostomy bag enclosure, connection, rinsing, and emptying are combined.(D) Low consumption: The reusable material is restored to cleanness after rinsing and drying.

9.Rotary Retractable Safety Syringe
Medication administration is one of the primary duties of nurses. Safety syringes have been globally promoted, used to ensure the occupational safety of nurses on the front line, and used to reduce the risk of infection with blood-borne diseases after syringe injury. Safety syringes currently available on the market exhibit several drawbacks. When the medication is complete, the nurses rotate the rotary bar, and the needle is retracted to prevent needle sticks. This rotary retractable safety syringe has a user-friendly design that enables safe cover,
replacing needle, varied volume, multiple route and withdrawing blood.

10.Pill Crusher and Splitter
Currently available pill crusher and splitter are difficult to use for the following reasons: (A) a multislot design that cannot process tablets of all sizes; (B) poor tablet holding and securing, resulting in an uneven split; (C) visible blade that easily causes finger cut; (D) a manual grinder can contain a limited number of pills and produces coarse powder; and (E) no two-in-one pill cutter or grinder is available. This innovative two-in-one tool features (A) a spring and fixation securing mechanism to hold pills of varying sizes; (B) uses hidden blade cover to prevent finger cut ; (C) automatic grinding that can process multiple pills simultaneously and produce fine powder; (D) drawer-style design, easy for drug placing and acquisition ; and (E) portability, energy efficiency, and safety.

11.NaoTrac Surgical Navigation Robot
Brain Navi’s first product, NaoTrac Surgical Navigation Robot, is a robotized platform devoted to brain surgery procedure. NaoTrac consists of a compact Robotic Arm and Display Screen mounted on a wheeled Trolley. Different types of instruments may be attached to the end of the arm and changed according to the requirements of the procedure to be completed. The touch screen permits to ensure the communication between NaoTrac and its user by indicating the realizable actions as well as by proposing various commands. The robotic NaoTrac features cutting-edge proprietary technologies providing a high degree of accuracy in target identification and localization; therefore, guides the surgical procedures to anywhere the surgeon wants.

12.An eco-friendly personal mobility device with somatic full-balance control

Huayuetang International Co., Ltd.

Ergonomic chair
Professional physician chair
Medical assistant chair
Microscope special armrest

Cooperation projects and needs

Huijia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd

Smart Care System is the best auto care solution based on Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology (nFOPT) to monitor sleep safety and health with no wearable devices, no electromagnetic wave, and high safety and accuracy. It can combine with IOT to achieve 24/7 auto safety and health caring for babies and elderly.


AROMATHERAPY ESSENCE OILThis product is accumulated after 10 years of research results, analyzed more than 300 kinds of essential oils and captured of 11 kinds of them to modulated out the formulation with anti-free radical function. Through 29 volunteer for 4 weeks (IRB 10228) human trials study that confirmed inhaling the essential oil for 10 minutes, 5ppm average inhaling concentration, that is able to remove 32.1% of the superoxide radicals and 43.5% of the hydrogen peroxide from human body blood. The hospital proof that \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"no one was uncomfortable in the period of the experiments, 26 biochemical value did not change and there is no security concerns.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" The News reported \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"It is simple --- breathing can anti-aging\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". The above results have been published in five international SCI standard journals in which the published paper in J. Food Drug Anal received third place of TOP 10 cited paper in 2014. Till now, the anti-free radical essential oil has reveived invention patents from Taiwan, Japan and China. We used this patent essential oils to formulate the aromatherapy essence oil and the derived product \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"the cosmetic formula with the removal of human free radicals\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" has also obtained invention patents from Taiwan and China. Due to the significant anti-aging effect and rigorous scientific data, the umpires were very surprised. The product won 7 gold medals and it is the most award-winning, most contributions and influence of the cosmetics category in the last 3 years.


Dermashine Balance : Aesthetic Medical Device / Auto injector / Under certification of CE and Approved by CFDA
Lidocaine / Articaine Cartridges : Rank No.1 in Market share with local Anesthetics for dental care
Hutox : Clostridium botullinum toxin type A / 100 Unit / Approved Export by KFDA during 2016