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Analytik Jena Taiwan Co.,Ltd.

Single Cell Droplet System, Real Time PCR, SERS Raman System, Ultra-micro DNA/RNA/Protien Analyzer


surgical gown,OR wrappers,OR drapes,OR shoes
color coded bags,isolation gown

Ann Tong Ind., Co. Ltd.

MICRO INJECTION MOLDING, medical hot runner system, medical cold runner system


■ ANYONG Biotechnology, an aquatic food processing factory abiding by the high standard of the semiconductor industry, introduces Cells Alive System to preserve freshness and complies with ISO22000, HACCP and Halal standard. The ANYONG Food Safety Lab in the factory conducts strict quality control to ensure food safety.
■ ANYONG Freshmart provides one stop shopping service to sub health people and gourmands. (e.g., aquatic food/ livestock/ tonic soups/ ready-to-eat products)
■ Sport gym of National Taipei University:The comprehensive sports center, with swimming pool, gymnasium, Aerobic classroom, sports training and other complete facilities, provides teachers and students of Taipei University, the residents of the Sanxia and Yingge areas for high-quality sports environment and affordable price.

Apex Health Care Mfg.,Inc

1.Patient lift-Mobility assistance device
2.Long terms care bed


1. Medical Peripheral Components 2. Connector、Waterproof Connector
3. Precision Molds & processing Parts 4. Wire Assembly 、 Auto Controller 5. Wireless Communication 6. Precision Machine Design & Manufacturing

Apollo Medical Optics, Ltd.

Apollo Medical Optics (AMO) develops optical imaging devices based on the revolutionary technology known as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT). AMO's product originated at National Taiwan University (NTU), when AMO's researchers first began investigating medical optics. Although OCT technology has been researched before, the research base from NTU gives AMO's product a competitive advantage, with stronger axial resolution and faster scanning speed.

OCT is a non-invasive technique for three-dimensional tomography and AMO's refinements give higher horizontal and vertical resolution compared to the current international leaders. Our system uses our unique OCT technology to generate three-dimensional images of the cell structure and the microvascular distribution of the integral epidermis and partial dermis of human skin (in vivo). We believe we can put a serious scanning system, capable of revealing organization and cell structure, into the hands of dermatologists and pathologists, allowing faster, more accurate diagnostic and research capabilities.

Our first goal is to focus on the clinical development of our device for dermatology, followed by the establishment of an OCT database for dermatology and pathology. By licensing to foreign agents, AMO will cooperate with international associations of dermatology and pathology to promote the use of our OCT medical devices. We will continue to explore applications for OCT, and our next research aim is to integrate OCT with endoscopy.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Seeking international medical collaborators.
2. Seeking international distributors focusing on dermatology and aesthetic medicine.


日濢 益康膠囊

Armed Forces Medical Supplies Office

Introduction to the Tactical First-aid Backpack(EMTP Backpack) for the Military Emergency Medical Technicians.

ARNOLD Peaceful Water

A Safer Sanitiser – 99% Water
Eco-friendly – Fast Acting – Non-toxic – Alcohol-Free – Non-residual.
A powerful disinfectant, whilst providing peace of mind around your home. Simulating mother nature’s process, electrolysed water can now offer you and your loved ones a clear point of difference. Our home sanitiser products are perfect for use on:
Hard surfaces
Floors and walls
Kitchens and bathrooms
Toys and equipment
Toilets and laundries
Tables and hardware
Benchtops and chopping boards
What’s more, they eliminate odours leaving your home fresh, clean and safe.
For use produce wash at 10% dilution rate, rinse with potable water prior to use.