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National Cheng Kung University Hospital

Smart Medicine in Holistic Health Care
˙Health management & promotion
˙Intelligent geriatric healthcare
˙Precision Medicine
˙Smart Healthcare
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Smart Wristband and cloud-based service: Promotion and application
2. Eldercare Technology and Action Assessment System: Cooperation opportunities with hospitals, health care manufacturer, long-term care institution
3. Maternal fetal medicine and screening: distribution channel-agents, International medicine

National Defense Medical Center

The bioelectrical impedance analysis device (BIA) is used to obtain the bioelectrical impedance of the subject. The predictive model converts the bioelectrical impedance, and calculates the estimated body composition data; wherein the BIA predictive model is modeled based on multiple training materials of multiple training testers of the ethnic group.

The team established critical techniques to relief limits and massively produce Japanese encephalitis (JE), chikungunya fever, zika and dengue VLPs. The team developed a variety of high-safety mosquito-derived VLPs with high specificity, high sensitivity and suitable for the development of multiple antibody detection capabilities. In the short-term, such VLPs are potential to develop antibody detection kits for mosquito-borne viral infection.

National Taiwan University Hospital

New era of medicine – Artificial intelligence and precision medicine

National Taiwan University Hospital recently has lots of breakthrough in the fields artificial intelligence and precision medicine whole genome examination, entering a new era of medicine.
We have developed a mobile phone App performing wound interpretation. This AI system can follow up patients’wound condition after surgery at home. We will also demonstrate an AI system making diagnosis of skin abnormality, which can help doctors to make rapid and precise diagnosis of skin disease.
We have also developed next-generation sequencing diagnosis of genetic diseases and we can give molecular diagnose to critically ill children in one week. We are going to offer whole genome examination. Whole genome examination can generate information about pharmacogenomics, so doctors can know the suitable drug dosages to decrease the chances of drug-related adverse reaction. Whole genome examination also includes a number of serious diseases, so people can know their risk for cardiac, cancer, and other diseases.

National Yang-Ming University Hospital

We focus on the mini-invasive surgery application in orthropaedics. The subjects of our demonstration include:
1. Endoscopic shoulder joint and spine surgery in orthopaedics.
2. Endoscopic reconstruction surgery in sports medicine-the latest progress and novel application.
3. Mini-invasive application in orthropaedic trauma surgery.
“Seniors Leap Forward & Enjoy Living in Yilan"- seniors health promotion programs with the idea of "testing-exercise-testing", we tried to promote the seniors’ health by mean of activity with exercise in community. We checked the physical fitness, frailty screen with technology software, and mini-nutrition assessment firstly. Then the tailor-made exercise and diet control suggestions were arranged. The physical fitness tests were followed up 6 months later. Thus, the physical fitness of elders was continuously managed according to the test results to achieve the purpose of health promotion in communities.

RCI Engineering Inc.

RCI provides a complete and customized sustainable building solution that allows us to make an appropriate assessment of the Client's project at different design stages, and to coordinate and assist with the Client's design or construction teams to optimize the design proposals, in order to achieve the designated green building certification. We are good at tackling various green factors including environmental impact, energy saving, CO2 reduction, water efficiency, indoor air quality, material and resource utilization and so on; and offer Enterprises with more efficient long-term investment plan and operation methods. RCI can provide the following international building related services:

Sustainable Green Building Consulting Service
Commissioning (Cx) Services
Energy Audit Services
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing Design Service
Adoption and Evaluation of Green Building Materials
Promoting Taiwan's Sustainable Building through Education


To promote early diagnosis and disease prevention, the Department of Health Management was established in 2004. With collaboration of an outstanding medical team and application of state-of-the-art equipment such 256-slice computerized tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET/CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the Health Management Center offers optimum one-stop, efficient health examination services for the public. The sophisticated high-end medical equipment renders possible the early screening of the top ranked three life-threatening illnesses - cancer, cerebrovascular diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Detailed and comprehensive explanation of the reports by the medical team is provided after the examinations.

Show Chwan Health Care System

[Smart Hospital × New-Generation Future Operating Room × Medical Industry Accelerator Development Platform]
In AI era, Medical 4.0 is a new word. Taiwan obsesses two excellent fields of medical and ICT industries. SCMH will bring you rich presentations at the Taiwan Healthcare Expo; the theme including: Smart Ward, ExAblate, Medical Accelerator
*Technology aspect: 1. Minimally Invasive Surgery Hospital 2. Smart Ward- MIS Integration Application 3. Dense Community Service, Telemedicine, High altitude medical care, and Photographic Center
*Humanities aspect: innovation care - books lover, deconstructed nursing stations, friendly robot care
*Industry aspect: Cross-border innovation - micro-invasive surgery center (medical education and research and development), incubation center industry platform
*Features: Minimally invasive surgery AR system, 3D minimally invasive surgery, 3D microsurgery
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Medical related product research and development cooperation. Technology licensing. Medical investment cooperation
2. Professional Physician Training, with the largest minimally invasive surgery training center in Asia: IRCAD-Taiwan. Featuring professional courses.
3. Hospital construction planning. Medical system planning. Next-generation integrated surgery smart ward cooperation.

Smart eCare Inc.

Department System
- Dialysis
- Respiratory
- Vital Sign
- Ophthalmology
- Anesthesia
Registration System
- OPD Registration
- Queuing System
- E-Board
Longterm Care
Air Quality Detection
Equipment Management
- Equipment Repairment
- Equipment Location Tracking
Medical Device Integartion
- Smart Box

Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital

1.Development of new military health care hearing protection devices
2.Intelligent intravenous needle judgment system

Taipei Cancer Center, Taipei Medical University

Artificial Intelligence Medical:
Taipei Cancer Center introduces cancer treatment aid system Watson for Oncology (WFO) as well as the gene therapy aid system Watson for Genomic (WFG) to let the public recognize the clinical application of artificial intelligence system. By entering patient data into the system and comparing with medical literature and expert advice, WFO can therefore assist physicians in finding the most appropriate treatment for their patients. WFG can bring together a large number of tumor genes and build a database that is updated monthly and offer the most complete and up-to-date treatment advice for oncologists.
Compact Proton Therapy Center:
A comparison of the differences in dose distribution between traditional photon therapy and custom proton therapy by simulation of on-site clinical cases is provided. Taipei Cancer Center uses the most advanced radiotherapy equipment available, including the fourth generation of superconducting proton therapy machines with the latest features such as Pencil Beam and Cone Beam CT, in hopes of providing patients with more precise treatment.