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Health care adjustment bed and other mattress supplies


"BEMER"Pro-Set Therapy System

BenQ Medical Technology Corporation

Ultrasound、Surgical Table、Surgical Light、iQOR Integrated System、Dialysis Disposables、3D Integrated Implant Service、Medical Consumable、Hearing aid、Medical aesthetic devices、Medical Display、Smart Healthcare Solution
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution channel

Bio-Ray Group

Personalized probiotics, Immune cell Culture, Mesenchymal stem cell, Somatic variant detection, Cancer assessment set
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Multiple types of immune cells, stem cell storage, preparation research and production.
2. Cooperate with clinical units such as medical units, medical inspection units, and health management centers.
Technology Transfer.
3. Patented raw material supply and OEM, ODM foundry services

BioMab Inc

Automated CTC platform, including CTC enrichment kit , CTC staining kit, CTC instrument cartridge kit and automated CTC instrument ( process 12 samples /run)
ex viov autologous NK cell activation and expansion kit with simple work flow, high expansion rate( >1000 folds) and high target cell purity (>90%)
Cooperation projects and needs
1. cancer screening, disease progression monitoring
2. monitor treatment response and guide prognosis

Biomdcare Corporation

Biomdcare focuses on developing AI driven medical devices, including AI screening assistant for Osteoporosis, Cervical Cancer, Blood Cancer, and Sarcopenia, and autonomous clinic and medical vehicles. Having worked with more than twenty hospitals in Taiwan, Volkswagen Group has also adopted our solution, and Biomdcare is proud and honored to be awarded SMEs Innovation Award by Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2018.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Collaboration on "All-In-One Medical Image AI Training Software"
2. Collaboration on "Self-Developed AI Algorithm & Clinical AI Screening Assistant"
3. Collaboration on "Disease Management System"

BiOptic Inc.

The Qsep Series capillary electrophoresis system and the lightweight portable Qamp Mini PCR thermocycler plus reagent kits make the analysis of Bio-Fragments (DNA, RNA, Protein) fast and accurate.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Looking for distributors
2. Looking for OEM, ODM partner


BIOTOOLS exhibits “Revolutionary Diagnosis of clinical pathogenic microbe and early periodontal disease” as well as “Interventions of gut microbiome and precision health” to emphasize the Microbiota’s clinical applications.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Medical Center/Department of Laboratory Medicine

Bluesea Biotech Co., Ltd.

Diets revolutionized with biotechnology
“Lan-Bao” is fully balanced nutritional food, rich in vitamins, amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals, DHA(docosahexaenoic acid), EPA(eicosapentaenoic acid), DPA, over more than forty kinds of nutrients, and through international food laboratories in Germany Davidoff Rhine food safety certification and did not including traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine ingredients, is a low-calorie, high-calorie, high-quality protein, also known as the nearest distance health balanced ideal food.

Body Learning Co., Ltd.

Bodylearning provides “Health promotion” method of spine, assists people to use the simple ways to learn and create their own health. Our service contains:
▸Mental – Series of course with health promotion.
▸Physical – Training of exercise, fascia, and posture.
▸Environmental – Providing ergonomic design products.
We’re devoting to design experiential learning method and be a professional health consultant. Hope everyone can live a wonderful life, build a healthy lifestyle.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Dealer of ergonomic design products.
2. Course service cooperation and brand agent.