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1. Swallow Assessment and Training
2. Block Chain Application in Health Care
3. Sugar Control Easily! Digital Healthcare for Diabetes
4. Intellectualized Mental Care 360 Dashboard
5. The Type Nine Smart Constitution Dashboard of the Traditional Chinese Medicine
6. AI Imaging Interpretation of Hepatic Tumor
7. Ovulation Test Smart Management System

Taipei Harvard Clinic

"Taipei Harvard Clinic was founded in 1993. In 1996, the clinic was expanded to Taipei Harvard Health Checkup Center and Clinic, and has been dedicated to the mission of disease prevention and health checkup. It is also the first clinic center to be accredited by The Joint Commission of Taiwan.

In August 2019, an affiliated company with Missioncare, Pregetic Medical Health Co. Ltd acquired Taipei Harvard Clinic to combine with the resources Missioncare has already had to establish a comprehensive health checkup system. They are planning on starting a new operational mode with Precision Medicine, the growth is limitless. Other than that, they are also
planning on solving the mystery of DNA for each customer, to help them to learn more about their gene and implement proper health promoting plan, which includes customized diet, exercises and lifestyle instructions."
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Health Checkup demanders

2. Wearable medical devices

3. Exercise instructors

Taipei Medical University

Taipei Medical University (TMU) is a collegiate academic institution with an extensive history in Taiwan.
Established in 1960, over the past half-century, TMU was able to grow under challenging circumstances without regular official budget from the government or funding from foundations. It underwent the processes to building the foundation, flourishing, expansion and transformation via innovation. Today, TMU has expanded into a world-class university with ten colleges, 6,000 students per year, six hospitals (TMU hospital, Wan Fang Medical Center, Shuang Ho Hospital, Taipei Cancer Center, TMU NingBo medical Center, Taipei Neurosurgeon Institute, Hsin Kuo Min Hospital), and more than 40,000 alumni around the world, serving the society and humankind and also cultivating the future talents for the nation. These are TMU’s most concrete contributions and also its most important responsibility and mission.

The exhibition will include health topics such as
1. Smart healthcare
2. Advanced medical technologies
3. Precision Medicine
4. Cell therapy and regeneration medicine

Taipei Medical University Hospital

1. iTPass
2. Automated pharmacy management(ADC&Carousel)
3. Reproductive Medicine Center (Time Lapse System + Embryoscope)

Taipei Neuroscience Institute, Taipei Medical University

Taipei Neuroscience Institute (TNI) was established in 2017 after the integration of all the departments of neurosurgery, neurology, neuroradiology, rehabilitation and psychiatry of the university’s three affiliated general hospitals in Taipei. Through this integration, we can promote our standard of practice in clinical neuroscience, improve the quality of clinical training and education, and enhance the research collaboration between clinicians and basic neuroscientists.
This time we will present the latest technology on neuroscience field, TNI will be the brand for the comprehensive treatment or cure for all the neurological diseases. We will give you the ROSA, the latest robotic assisted system in neurosurgery and also the ExAblate Neuro, which is MR guided focused ultrasound for treatment of essential tremor, tremor dominant Parkinson’s disease and other neuropathic pain.

Taipei Veterans General Hospital

We take the featured medicine, it will be divided into three major themes: smart hospital, precision medicine and cancer treatment.

Taiwan Adventist Hospital

一、ALL in One Comprehensive Tube Fixation Device
Tubes are usually fixed with elastic tapes or cotton cords which can cause skin breakdown and smearing of the markings on the tube. Currently no three-in-one tube fixation devices exist. The comprehensive tube fixation device can be used with three different types of tubes.
Silicone material preventing skin breakdown
- Effectively fixes tubes, reduce tube slippage, shifting
- Snap design makes it easy to fix and remove
- Endotracheal tube and mouthpiece slide into the slots easily.
- Nasogastric tube fits into notch easily
The intubation depth marks on the endotracheal tube are do not wear out.
- Reusable and can be washed with water.
二、Supplemental Nursing System
Just after giving birth and before she produces sufficient milk, a new mother may supplement her milk with formula using tools such as a bottle, a cup, or a supplemental nursing system. Bottles may lead to nipple confusion, while cup feeding is time-consuming.
Structure - Silicone insert forms perfect seal with nipple collar. When used with nasogastric tube.
Ease of Use - Baby can continue to suck without being interrupted; bag is thermally insulated.
Appeal - Newly-devised supplemental nursing system is designed to be comfortable, hands-free.

Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital

1. Perform large blood vessel and urinary surgery by Biplane Hybrid room
2. Patient-Centered Laboratory Medicine-“e”asy AppReport is a mobile app developed by Information Management Center and Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of Taoyuan Armed Forces General Hospital.

Taoyuan General Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Medical specialties and services

Taoyuan Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare

For recent years, there is a rising trend for substance abuse which results in personal, family, public health, and legal problems. The Department of Addiction Psychiatry of Taoyuan Psychiatric Center (TYPC) has been devoted to provide a safe, trustworthy and warm treatment for people with substance use problems and keeps on improving quality of service, education and research fields and also offers outreach programs for education and treatment. The services of Department of Addiction Psychiatry of TYPC have become a national benchmark in the field of addiction treatment.
Based upon the achievements, TYPC established the Integrated Addiction Treatment Center Pilot Program of Northern Taiwan in 2018 with the funding from Department of Mental and Oral Health of Ministry of Health and Welfare.Research and education were also included in the program in order to provide more sophisticated and multi-modal drug treatment programs to help people with substance use problems to conquer addiction problems and promote social stability as well as public health.