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Bora Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd

Bora Pharmaceutical is one of the premier pharmaceutical companies in Taiwan that covers the entire pharmaceutical supply chain from research and development all the way to sales and distribution. We provide pharmaceutical CDMO and CMO services for Taiwan domestic and global pharmaceutical companies around the world.
We are looking forward to become your best partner based in Asia to help connect your products to the world.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Taiwan local or global CMO/CDMO services
2. In licensing including Taiwan pharma sales and marketing

BP BioTechnology Company

AMO+ is the world's smallest wearable sleep device. Thie device is wearing as a necklace. AMO+ Sleep Device could improve the quality of sleep as well as restoring and maintaining the balance of the body to recover health naturally.

Brain Navi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Within the increasing demand for precision medicine, the neuro-navigation is a standard in neurosurgery worldwide. Nowadays, most of the navigation system are using the type of “vision-based optical tracking systems” for registration (the relationship setting between patient and equipment). However, it does require the line of sight between the charge-coupled device cameras, the probe, and the microscope remain unobstructed. Brain Navi innovated the “Autopilot” neurosurgery robot- NaoTrac in 2018. With the combination of the computer, touch screen, machine vision, and robotic arm, it can assist in the surgery like Biopsy, DDP, SEEG, endoscope and EVD…etc. to localize the positioning and guide the surgeon to the surgical targets without the use of external frames.

Core Value of Brain Navi design is to improve the Doctor-Patient Relationship. Usually, the surgeon explained the estimated with the post-operative result. However, so many uncertain elements contained during the surgery and out of the plan. NaoTrac’s machine vision can show the surgical pre-planning and the surgeon can explain what the effect of the post-operative will be. With the pre-planning analysis, the patient can understand the exact situation of preventing the misunderstanding.


BRAXX focuses on developing novel radiation treatment solution for cancers. BRAXX designs new generation of brachytherapy applicator for esophageal cancer according to clinical needs; this applicator gives clinicians and radiologists a better tool deliver therapy.
In conventional brachytherapy to treat esophageal cancer using radiation, the radiation is not only delivered to tumor cells, but healthy tissues are also exposed. This usually causes unfavored local control rate and other side effects. We designed an applicator that contains multiple balloons that each allows independent control to achieve precision positioning and targeting.
By adjusting individual balloons, radioactive source can be placed at desired position based on computed tomography. The applicator can be positioned according to tumor size and location. This method can increase the conformity of radioactive treatment and greatly decrease side effects due to exposure of radiation to normal tissue.
Based on preliminary physical studies, it is found that our designed applicator can reduce the amount of radiation exposed to as much as 60% comparing to using regular nasogastric tube. It is expected that this technology will provide esophageal and other cancer patients a better treatment plan.
BRAXX applicator is a patented technology. The applicator received FDA 510(k) clearance, and expected to obtain TFDA approval in 2019 Q3.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Request Oversea Distributor
2. Request Business partner

Brise Care B.V.

By providing healthy air, BRISE Angel system is an eHealth solution for chronic respiratory health promotion, disease prevention and control, including allergies, asthma, and sleep disorders. The system is composed of AI air purifiers, air quality meter, smart IR controller, health promotion App, and accessories. It accurately monitors your indoor/outdoor environment and personal symptoms, automatically controls your air quality and guides you for better health and Quality of Life. With medical doctors’ co-development, it generates personalized and objective data to provide the visibility and validation of allergy prevention, sleep disorders improvement, medical diagnosis assistance, and long-term care.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. BRISE C360 AI healthcare air purifier


BSI is the British national standards body, and a CE Notified Body. We help medical device manufacturers to expand the global market with our trusted regulations and quality management solutions and services. The "BSOL - Online Standard Library" and "BSI Compliance Navigator - Medical Device Compliance Navigating System" are powerful tools for research and development of medical devices and ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory requirements.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Online Standard Library - a simple online tool that gives you instant access to standards you need, including ISO, EN, BS, PAS, ASTM and IEC standards
2. Compliance Navigator - a simple way to manage your regulatory information for MD and IVD products with EU, UK and US requirements
3. Certification and Training - BSI provides certification and training for various standards and regulations , including ISO 13485, CE marking, MDSAP...

Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital / United Orthopedic Corp. Industrial Medical Cooperation Team

The minimally invasive surgical (MIS) instruments are applied to the U2 Knee system to perform minimally invasive surgery for total knee arthroplasty. With innovative and user-friendly design concepts, the size of the MIS surgical instruments are reduced, and the surgical techniques are slightly adjusted to allow users to perform surgery in a limited space and field of vision. Through the accurate and safe bone cutting, the surgeon can achieve excellent postoperative result.
The minimally invasive surgical (MIS) instruments has been used in various regions and countries. The number of surgeons who perform minimally invasive surgical is increasing, and the number of patients is growing. Facing more knee joints, with the idea of serving the patients, we enlarge the size range of minimally invasive instruments for different knee joint sizes.

Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital

Tzu Chi Charity Foundation had set foot around the world in over 99 countries. Therefore, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital already became an internationalized medical center, which has accumulated many fruitful accomplishments over 33 years in medical aspects. For many years, it collaborated with charity, education, culture main missions and continued to provide innovation and hope within the Taiwan medical systems. Hence, our hospital participates in this exhibition with co-development firms. Our central theme this year is ”Stem cell innovative therapy” followed with other hot issues, including cell therapy, cancer immune treatment, development of new drugs and innovative medical appliances, smart healthcare, preventive medicine, international healthcare, and New Southbound Projects. We hope to share our accomplishments with society. Through this exhibition, our hospital wishes to enhance international links and achieve the initial intention of innovative development with people-oriented thoughts in the end.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Co-Developments
2. Commissioned development and trial
3. Technology transfer

Caduceus Biotechnology Inc.

The Reader “SpinScan Microarray Scanner HC-BS01”, is based on a modified optical pickup head, akin to well establish DVD technology to the molecular diagnostic market. It is the only reader where the 6 slides can be read at one time. Moreover, the platform is easily scalable simply by faster rotation scan with corresponding upgrade in detection. We’re now working on adding more integration to the modified optical head to make it a truly portable for point of care (POC) applications in remote areas for fast response to epidemic prevention. it’s an open system for all the detection like DNA, peptide, protein, antibody and cell chips.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distributors on microarray scanner
2. End users from Hospital/Clinical labs/Academic institute
3. Manufacturers of Biochips

Cancerfree Biotech Ltd.

Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) is a group of tumor cells that detach from tumor tissue into the blood circulatory system. CTCs flow with blood in the body and considered to be a key factor leading to tumor metastasis. Tumor samples from blood are also referred to as "liquid biopsy". Liquid biopsy is low-risk and real-time sample sources can be used to reflect the dynamic changes of tumor cells in the human body. Our innovative technology is the first in vitro culture of CTC including lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic cancer... Etc.

1. "Personalized Anti-cancer Drug Sensitivity Profile Report"
2. "The commission research of CTCs"

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Cooperate with a hospital or clinic to provide a scientific report on personal cancer medication
2. Research and development partner
3. Business partner