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Ten Chen Medical Group
Yu-Mei Chang is the chairwoman of Ten-Chen Medical Group (TCMG) and a member of the Central Standing Committee of Kuomintang (KMT). She established Ten-Chen Medical Group (TCMG) with her husband Dr. Wan-Hsing Hsu in 1991. Ten-Chen Medical Group which includes Zhong-Li Metropolitan Hospital, Yang-Mei Local Community Teaching Hospital and one long-term care facility, making TCMG the largest medical group in southern Taoyuan City.
Facing the global ageing trend, Taiwan’s ageing population growth is greater than US and UK. TCMG builds an 800-bed long term care facility in the city center in 2016, named it “golden age" series. The Golden age series contains nursing home, high end retirement housing, and smart hospital, which provides a total care one-stop shop service to our community for all age group. We are dedicated to create an ageing in place community, and to establish a truly ageing friendly place, furthermore to enhance the development of sliver economy for all generation.
In 2016, Ten-Chan Hospital and Singapore listed company, Forchn Investments (Singapore) Pte.Ltd joint invested Fuchun Golf Resort. Yu-Mei as the executive director of Healthcare and long term care division, she supervises the planning of Hangzhou Gongwon Renya outpatient center, four specialized health centers in the resort. Connecting the resource from Stanford University international medical department, Fuchun Golf resort creates a luxury leisure and healthy atmosphere for you, immerse yourself in the pure serenity and beauty of nature right by the ancient capital of Hangzhou.


Medical care and innovation research and development results
Cooperation projects and needs
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1. The goal of digitalizing our hospital workflow and patient data through new technologies is to improve patient care. Our Mobile Patient Chart (MPC) App System is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution that allows physicians to remotely access PACS images, TPR trends, laboratory data, admission & progression notes, prescription history and other diagnostic reports via his/her mobile phone. Its mobile optimized interface and seamless user experience allow it to become an indispensable tool for our physicians and reshape patient care in our hospital.
2. The millennia-old practice of postnatal care has stepped into a new era. We, along with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), co-developed a Postnatal Care Information System that includes a full IoT network, the first of its kind. It is a system specifically designed for postnatal care center that includes non-contact baby physiological data monitoring, automatic upload of all physiological data for accurate tracking, hospital bassinet positioning with location analysis, facial recognition recording and full resource planning & management. It is a streamlined total solution that helps our staff to focus on baby care and provides an unparalleled experience to our mothers.

Yeschain Pharmacy

Established in 1989, the first chain pharmacy that operates by professional pharmacists in Taiwan. In April 2019, YESchain worked with Institute for Information Industry, implemented ICT into health and medical care industry, which allows big data analysis to provide more comprehensive healthcare services for the customers, and by keep using the most up-to-date IoT and Blockchain technology to chain all their health related data and archive all the information on iCloud, provide convenient service and ensure the security of personal information at the same time, which effectively protect customers' health measuring and medicine administration information.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Healthcare related products and services collaboration
2. Exploring any potential franchise partners
3. The co-development of intelligent medical measuring software and hardware.

Yonglin Healthcare Foundation

New Precision Healthcare Centennium; A Future Without Cancer
In 2007, Mr. Terry Gou, the founder and CEO of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Group, established YongLin Healthcare Foundation to start the donation projects for YongLin Institute of Health in National Taiwan University, with a focus on fighting cancer through innovative designs for smart hospitals as well as explorations into precision medicine. Additionally, with a goal of promoting healthy living within the scope of Hospital of Tomorrow, Precision Medicine, Comprehensive Digital Healthcare, and Advanced Environmental Inspections.