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Cenefom Corp.

Air foaming medical grade PVA foam material and its finished products,such as: 1. PVA sponge materials 2. Ophthalmic surgical sponge 3. ENT surgical sponge 4. Medical PVA foam

Cooperation projects and needs
1. The promotion of Medical PVA Sponge
2. Cooperation opportunities of new product development

Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology

The Central Taiwan Science Park (CTSP) of the Ministry of Science and Technology has organized jointly with 13 biomedical vendors from the CTSP including Apex Health Care Mfg. Inc., H.P.B. Optoelectronics Co. Ltd., RUEITAI Medical Corp., Microtek International Inc., Ever Young BioDimension, S&T Biomed Co. Ltd., INTAI Technology Corporation, Hsiner Co. Ltd., Cenefom Corp., Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd., DuoGenic StemCells Corp., MonoStereo, and Yang Cheng Medical Co. Ltd. for an exhibition targeted on Long Term Care and Intelligent Medical Treatment. The exhibition will demonstrate the CTSP vendors’ capacities in R&D, design, and manufacturing of smart rehabilitation equipment, minimally invasive surgery devices and medical devices.
CTSP has initiated in 2019 Innovation Program for Accelerating Biomedical Industry in Central Taiwan. Assistance will be offered to professional domains covering precision instrument and optoelectronics as well as integration of automatic control, mechanical design, optoelectronic measurement, and intelligent robots. With introducing vendors of intelligent medical treatment and medical devices, CTSP will collaborate with the renowned clinical institutions and R&D training centers including Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Chung Shan Hospital, Asia University Hospital, Show Chwan Memorial Hospital, China Medical University, Show Chwan Micro-invasive Surgery Training Center, and the China Medical University Hospital 3D Printing Medical Research Center to upgrade technology for self- development and manufacturing of precision medicine and health care on high end smart rehabilitation equipment, vital sign- monitoring systems, and minimally invasive surgery devices.
CTSP will integrate critical resources to create high economic output value by assisting biomed vendors with conduction of R&D, manufacturing and product launching, participation in major local and international exhibitions for marketing, establishment of a platform for intelligent medical treatment development and upgrade of the market competition and the visibility of the vendors.

Cooperation projects and needs
1. Local and international collaboration for clinical application
2. Academia and industry collaboration for research and development; Looking for venture capital
3. Marketing & Looking for agent/distributor

Century Biotech Development Corporation

To enhanceand promote a world class biotech industry cluster in Taipei area,Taipei City Government aggressively promoted "Taipei NanKang Biotech Park" to provide a state of the art industrial space to host the development of new drugs and advanced medical devices. It is meant to bring the discovery of research in neighboring Academia Sinica, Taiwan national institute to preclinical study and extend to clinical study and pilotproduction of new drugs. This park is equipped with incubation center to provide the space to host new startups and well planned infrastructure for well-built biotech companies to accommodate their requirements for laboratory, office and pilot production spaces.
With its outstanding location for transportation, next to Nangkang Station, Taipei NanKang Biotech Park will enrich the portfolio of Taipei hi-tech Industrial clusters and itself becomes one of the landmarks of Taipei East District Gateway Project.

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Keelung



This exhibition, combined with the five major medical features and Chang Gung Medical Technology, put forward six key themes.
1. Cancer medicine. The largest proton radiation therapy center in Asia is located at Linkou Chang Gung Medical Hospital, providing 360-degree radiation therapeutic regimens at different angles and actively developing forward-looking technologies and related researches. It can accurately target and attack cancer cells to achieve the best treatment outcomes. 2. Craniofacial esthetics medicine. provide professional medical services for inter-disciplinary integration of patients with various craniofacial diseases, and medical technology ranks internationally.3. Transplantation medicine. Provides a variety of organ transplant medical services, of which the survival rate of living liver transplantation is the highest in the world. 4. Hepatitis C Medicine. With a multi-disciplinary team to go deep into the community, starting from prevention, let the people get rid of the threat of liver cancer.5. Innovative medicine. With the three major axes of "smart medical, micro-bacterial implants, medical equipment", it presents major health issues and the latest clinical research.6. Chang Gung Medical Technology. Demonstrating the results of clinical medical and industrial cooperation and innovation with Chang Gung Intelligent Moving System

Changhua Christian Hospital

Intelligent controlled drugs management system


Changhua Christian Hospital (CCH) located in central Taiwan was established by England missionary David Landsborough and minister Campbell Naismith Moody in 1896. It is not only the best-known Christian hospital with special features in Taiwan, but also the unique medical center with a century history in central Taiwan. Furthermore, CCH is the hospital accredited and certified by Joint Commission International (JCI) - the worldwide leading standard in international healthcare quality.

The exhibition will include health topics such as
1. Genomic Medicine, which adopts novel genetic technologies and customized design strategy to promote the clinical use of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and whole exome sequencing.
2. Reproductive Medicine Center is an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) institution granted with Symbol of National Quality and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the multi-disciplinary comprehensive infertility treatment is performed by the professional, quality medical research team.
3. Medical 3D Printing: we provide 3D simulation software for preoperative planning and 3D printing bite in splint intraoperative positioning, to achieve a safe and accurate surgical treatment.
4. Cell therapy
5. Dr. LAN Medical Care Chatbot
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Hospital construction project: hospital building, internal infrastructure, hospital operation.
2. International medical care services
3. Hospital Infomation System Project



Cheng Tsun Co.

Inverted machine(for inverted movement)
Ared pad (for corrective Arch)
Tensile machime (for sports Foot Muscle)