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ChrisKey Biomedical Technology Corp.

Provides hi-technique Medical device and novel health projects

1. Service of Bio-Kil Epidemic prevention.
A. Medical centers in Singapore and Taiwan, Bio-Kil mainly used in Medical ICU, Surgery ICU, Burning center, Respiratory caring center. Eliminating Legionalla pneumophila, MRSA and other lethal pathogens.
B. In Postpartum care centers, sports centers and gyms, creates environment as high level as aseptic room.
C. In Laboratory Animal Centers, more reliable experiment data are given.

2. Bio-Kil antibacterial peripherals
Bio-Kil protects family health and environment clean.
Lists: Bio-Kil air cleaner, water pitcher, antibacterial mask, antibacterial socks, and medical mask etc.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Booth number: S311, Q1014
Business discussion: Agents, Dealers, Medical institutions, and Medical channels