M01_UVC_V3_20200522.4747 - New Era AI Robotic.png
Indoor Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot
The Indoor Autonomous UVC Disinfection Robot from New Era AI Robotic (N.ERA) is the first UVC robot in Taiwan using Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) as a platform which is approved by EN60601 as medical equipment.
M01_SP_02 - New Era AI Robotic.png
Indoor Autonomous Disinfectant Spraying Robot
The Indoor Autonomous Disinfectant Spraying Robot from New Era AI Robotic (N.ERA) is the first disinfectant spraying robot in Taiwan using Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) as a platform which is approved by EN60601 as medical equipment.
防疫機_含酒精_小 - Chasty Tseng.jpg
Contactless Intelligent SafePass (CIS) Kiosk
The Contactless Intelligent SafePass (CIS) Kiosk is designed to provide the visitor's Name-based Access Control and can remotely detect the facial temperature and with/without wearing a face mask.
Hyper Light3 - Mediland Enterprise Corporation.jpg
Hyper Light Disinfection Robot
Hyper Light Disinfection Robot is a professional disinfection system for against Healthcare-Associated Infection(HAI).
台灣骨王-眼鏡2 - 蔡孟瑾.png
With the approval of the European CE for the use of Foresee-X, Taiwan Main Orthopaedic Biotechnology Co. Ltd. has worked closely with many hospitals and surgeons, showing the confidence of the medical community in the use of Foresee-X.
台灣骨王-解剖桌解2 - 蔡孟瑾.png
With the advancement of the technological age, the current education methods are more and more surpassing the teaching that can be presented in the previous books.
醫療展_線上展示資料登錄_800 420 px_30cm16.2cm - Rita Guo.jpg
Group real-time physiological signal management platform
A management system for remote group monitoring, continuous physiological data recording and screening, health status assessment, and abnormal warning, so that management units can find abnormalities in home quarantine at an early stage.
Nasal Swab Robot
With the assistance of the Nasal Swab Robot, it can automatically collect the sample of the patient for the medical staff, to prevent the cross-infectious environment while sample collecting.
Product pic3 - e Bus.jpg
Remote AI epidemic prevention & healthcare system
The intelligent epidemic prevention of body temperature and heart rate monitoring system is a health monitoring solution that helps central units/ schools/ enterprises/factories to manage quarantine/ quarantine people at home or employees and students.
TWIN BEANS-10-F - Neil Ma.jpg
Black box in Operating room, one click ready for teleconsultation
MEDIRECO is one of cutting edge video integration system dedicated for multi medical modalities environment such as hybrid OR, combination exam room.
hi_2020國家新創獎_產品照片 - 曾意婷.jpg
COVID19-AI360 Decision Management Dashboard
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, domestic and foreign medical institutions have tried their best to reduce the outbreak and improve the follow-up integrated response measures. In order to reach the goal, we developed COVID19-AI360 Decision Management Dashboard.
防疫平台 - Chasty Tseng.jpg
Contactless Biometric Platform
Contactless Biometric Platform is designed to provide contactless, round-the-clock, real-time monitoring of patient vital signs such as heart rate, respiratory rate, facial skin temperature, and bed-exit detection.
AULISA--系列商品(1.5代) - bon chou.png
Aulisa Vital Sign Monitoring System
Provides continuous vitals monitoring of SpO2 and PR via a wearable, wireless sensor worn on the wrist and finger.
normal - 盧慶祥.png
AccurSound Electronic Stethoscope AS -101
Breathing sound analysis begins when the sensors are attached to the skin of the patients.
2020美維科技展覽圖 - 李螢潔Jesse Lee.jpg
MyGuardian Smart Care System
With advanced sensing technologies, IOT and data analytics, MyGuardian Smart Care System provide continuous in-bed patient monitoring of respiration rate, in-bed movement, and sleep statistics.
產品應用_英-04 - nFOPT Huijia.jpg
Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology (nFOPT® ) & Smart Care System
Huijia's non-invasive monitoring Smart Care System for elderly and babies uses fiber optics based on nFOPT® core technology (2017 R&D 100 Awards) that can track the first symptoms in the early stages of COVID-19.
聚陽智慧健康管理服飾系統 - YC Wang.png
Makalot Textile-based Smart Healthcare Solution
Makalot Smart Healthcare Clothing is a textile-based smart telemedicine solution, including bio-sensing clothes and a portable tracking sensor.
AECG100 Test Setup - Service WhaleTeq.png
ECG, PPG Heart Rate, PPG SpO2 and PWTT Multifunction Tester
The AECG100 multifunction simulator features outputting ECG and PPG analog signals, combined with WhaleTeq exclusive test parameters.
(線上展示Banner)自身防疫從健康管理開始_800x420px - May Teng.jpg
Chief i Health-Wisdom to manage your health
“Chief i Health” integrates exercise, diet, and health-related data collection, conducts intelligent value-added analysis, and promotes personalized health promotion management.
DKABio 線上展示用圖 - Roger Lou.jpg
DKABio Smart Health Analytics
“DKABio Immunity Index” has been developed to increase self-awareness of epidemic prevention and precautions taking because of the prevalence of Covid-19 in 2020.