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Reserve Exhibit Booth Space

Exhibition Themes

  • Medical Centers
    • Advanced medical technologies and surgery solutions: liver transplant,advanced reconstructive surgery, in vitro fertilization (IVF), complex cardiacsurgery, pediatric & neonatal specializations
    • Nursing care services, hospital management, and health IT systems
    • Medical fellowships & training
  • Smart Healthcare
    • Smart hospital solutions: smart ward, smart operation room
    • Robots: surgical robots, rehabilitation robots, companion robots, surveillance robots
    • Lab automation products
  • Medical Devices
    • Surgical navigation systems, CT scan machines, vital sign monitoring devices
    • Implants, orthopedic/dental devices
    • Hospital equipment, beds, supplies, and surgical tools
    • Laboratory equipment
  • Precision Medicine
    • Genetic testing, screening, and disease risk assessments
    • Biomarker-based diagnostics, reagents, and instruments
    • Cell therapies, stem cell storage services, regenerative medicine, and related reagents/instruments
  • Biotech & Pharmaceuticals
    • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), CMOs, CROs, CDMOs
    • New drugs, biologics, vaccines, and generics
    • New drug development, testing, manufacturing equipment and pharmaceutical plant construction services
  • Health Management Services
    • Long-term care total solution
    • Design & planning
    • Assistive devices, mobility devices
    • Visual/hearing/cognitive impairment devices
    • IoT solutions
  • Preventive Medicine
    • Personal health management, health evaluation/promotion services, disease prevention supplies
    • Health supplements, sports medicine, assistive technologies, training products
  • Bio Agriculture
    • Development of natural ingredients and cultivation and production of organic products
    • Biodetection reagents, products, and services for plants, animals, and food safety
    • Animal feed additives, drugs, and vaccines, and plant growth regulators
  • Bio Innovations
    • Innovative technologies from academic and research institutes and startups
    • R&D services, collaborations, and incubator services
    • Financial, intellectual property, commercialization, and regulatory consultation services and support




1. Booth Size: 3 meters x 3 meters
2. Raw Space: NTD 55,000 (tax included)/booth
3. Shell scheme (package includes the following basic equipment): NTD 60,500 (tax included)/booth
(1) Standard partition (wall panel)
(2) Carpet
(3) Company name sign & fascia board
(4) Spot light x 3
(5) Information Desk x 1
(6) Folding Chair x 2
(7) Electrical Power Supply & Outlet 110V/5A


Note 1. Basic electricity (110V/500W) is supplied to each booth. Exhibitors requiring power supply, drainage and compressed gas, power consumption exceeding basic power supply, 24h power supply, internet, and telephone lines should submit additional applications.

Note 2. A discount of NTD 5,000 will be applied to each booth space that inlcudes a pillar. (Not applicable to medical centers)


2018 Discounts

Category-(1)10-14 Booths:5% Off; (2)15-19 Booths:10%Off; (3)≥ 20 Boothss:15%Off

Learn more about Taiwan Healthcare+

Application Process

1.Complete the application form→2.Approval of application→3.Notification of application approval→4.Payment of deposit (NTD 10,000/booth)→5.Complete full payment of exhibition fee by 3/31→6.Exhibit booth space reserved→7.Booth space selection and coordination meeting in August→8.Booth setup (11/27 ~ 11/28)→9.2018 Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo (11/29 ~ 12/02)



Payment Information

1. International exhibitors are required to pay a deposit of NTD 10,000/booth (tax included) upon application approval, and the remaining amount should be fully paid by June 30, 2018.

Payment by Remittance:
Account Name: Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy
Bank: First Commercial Bank, Taipei, Taiwan (SWIFT Code: FCBKTWTP or FCBKTWTPXXX)
Branch: Hua Shan Branch
Account number: 129-10-002256
Telephone: +886-2-26557888 
Fax: +886-2-26557978
2. Booth deposits are non-refundable. Exhibitors are not to use deposits as fees for booths other than the ones specified in the application. No refund will be made for exhibitors who withdraw after booth selection.
3. Exhibitors are not to privately transfer their booths to non-original applicants. Any exhibitor that violates this regulation will have its booths withdrawn, and any fee already paid by the exhibitor shall not be refunded.


Official Contractor  (Exhibitors may decide to authorize the decoration of exhibition stands to the official contractor or other contractors at their own discretion)

O'YA Marketing Solution & Interior Design

10F., No.19-6, Sanchong Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei 115, Taiwan





Contact Information

Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
Mr. David Yang: +886-2-26557888*627, fmyang@rbmp.org.tw
Ms. Lori Chang: +886-2-26557888*625, lori@rbmp.org.tw