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Space Application

Space Application Procedures

Early bird: From now until June 30, 2017
Application and payment deadline: August 31, 2017

Space Application Procedures

Booth Rental fees

1.Booth size: 3 meters x 3 meters
2.Raw space: NTD 53,000 (tax included) per booth
3.Shell scheme: NTD 58,000 (tax included) per booth
(1) Standard partition
(2) Carpet
(3) Company name fascia board
(4) Three Spotlights
(5) Info Desk
(6) Two folding chairs
(7) One power socket 110V/5A

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Note: Basic electricity 110V/500W is supplied to each booth. Exhibotors requiring power supply, drainage and compressed gas, power consumption exceeding basic power supply, 24-h power supply, internet, and telephone lines should submit additional applications.

Payment Information

1.All exhibitors are required to pay a deposit of 10,000 NTD (tax included) for each booth and the remaining amount should be fully paid by August 31, 2017. Please pay via remittance:
Account holder- Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
Bank-First Commercial Bank, Hua Shan Branch
Account number-129-10-002256
Telephone: 02-26557888
Fax: 02-26557978
2.Booth deposit fee are non-refundable, exhibitors are not to use deposits as fees for other booths.Booth Rental fee already paid by exhibitors who withdraw after booth allocation will not be refunded.
3.Exhibitors are not to privately transfer their booths to non-original applicants. Any exhibitors that violate this regulation will have their booths withdrawn and rental already paid by the exhibitor shall not be refunded.


The technology, services, products, and activities exhibited by the exhibitor during the exhibition period should comply with the laws of Taiwan and not harm the interests of others. If these rules are not followed, they will not be allowed to be exhibited and the organizer will request for exhibitor withdrawal, rental already paid by the exhibitor shall not be refunded.

Contact Information

Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
Ms. Esther Yang and Dr. Gordon Shen: 02-2655-7888*617、630