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 Where innovations are shaping a new era of intelligent healthcare 

  • World-class medical centers and hospitals
  • Over 1800 biotech companies
  • Best healthcare system in the world
  • Top-ranked life science research institutes and universities
  • Most influential ICT & electronics industry in the world
  • Growing number of emerging biotech startups

Endless potential & opportunities
Connecting all healthcare-related sectors in one place, including Medical Centers, ICT & Electronics, Biopharmaceuticals, Precision Medicine, Medical Device, Preventive Medicine,Bio Innovation, Bio Agriculture and Bio Agriculture
Medical Centers- Top-notch Hospitals, Medical Network, Management Systems, Long-term Care; ICT & Electronics- Global Players in IT Industry, IoT, Health IT, Big Data, VR, Robots, Portable Devices, Future of Hospitals; Biopharmaceuticals- Benchmark Bio Companies, Small Molecules, Biologics, Vaccines, APIs, Formulations; Precision Medicine- Genetic Screening & Testing, Cell Banks, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Regenerative medicine; Medical Device- IVDs, Implants, Biomaterials, Diagnostic Tools, Surgical Instruments; Bio Innovation- Emerging Startups, Universities, Tech Transfer, Accelerators, Incubators; Bio Agriculture- Feed Additives, Animal Drugs, Animal Vaccines, Growth Regulators, Breeding, Aquaculture; Healthcare Products- Home-use devices, Hygiene products, Health supplements, Products for long-term care, Rehabilitation products



Who Should Attend?

✔ Healthcare professionals

✔ Hospital management executives

✔ Pharmaceutical professionals

✔ Medical device professionals

✔ Biotech professionals

✔ Clinical research professionals

✔ Academic researchers & scientists

✔ Healthcare IT professionals

✔ Digital health professionals

✔ Medical electronics professionals

✔ Health insurance professionals

✔ Government representatives

✔ Biotech entrepreneurs

✔ Investors

✔ Venture capitalists

✔ Distributors

✔ Foreign trade professionals & representatives

✔ Media

Expo At A Glance
 Asia’s most comprehensive expo on health industry
 Connect with industry leaders
 Find your strategic partners
 Explore business opportunities in Asia
 Hand-pick the best teams
 Exchange leading insights with KOLs