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  • World-class medical centers and advanced medical specialties
  • Over Most influential IT, ICT & Electronics industry in the world
  • Best choice for Medical AI, IoT, and Robotic technologies
  • High Quality pharmaceutical R&D, CMO, & CDMO capabilities
  • Most comprehensive health care database and electronic clinical data
Endless potential & opportunities
Your one stop shop for healthcare solutions, including Medical Centers, ICT & Electronics, Biopharmaceuticals, Precision Medicine, Medical Device, Preventive Medicine,Bio Innovation, Bio Agriculture and Bio Agriculture
Medical Centers- Top-notch Hospitals, Medical Network, Management Systems, Long-term Care; ICT & Electronics- Global Players in IT Industry, IoT, Health IT, Big Data, VR, Robots, Portable Devices, Future of Hospitals; Biopharmaceuticals- Benchmark Bio Companies, Small Molecules, Biologics, Vaccines, APIs, Formulations; Precision Medicine- Genetic Screening & Testing, Cell Banks, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy, Regenerative medicine; Medical Device- IVDs, Implants, Biomaterials, Diagnostic Tools, Surgical Instruments; Bio Innovation- Emerging Startups, Universities, Tech Transfer, Accelerators, Incubators; Bio Agriculture- Feed Additives, Animal Drugs, Animal Vaccines, Growth Regulators, Breeding, Aquaculture; Healthcare Products- Home-use devices, Hygiene products, Health supplements, Products for long-term care, Rehabilitation products



Who Should Attend?

✔ Healthcare professionals

✔ Hospital management executives

✔ Pharmaceutical professionals

✔ Medical device professionals

✔ Biotech professionals

✔ Clinical research professionals

✔ Academic researchers & scientists

✔ Healthcare IT professionals

✔ Digital health professionals

✔ Medical electronics professionals

✔ Health insurance professionals

✔ Government representatives

✔ Biotech entrepreneurs

✔ Investors

✔ Venture capitalists

✔ Distributors

✔ Foreign trade professionals & representatives

✔ Media

Expo Events

◆ Forums on Innovative Medical Technologies

Following the great success of the 2017 Taiwan Healthcare+ Expo that effectively integrated the capabilities from medicine and technology through interdisciplinary collaborations, this year’s expo will further explore the 3 main themes of “Efficient Healthcare,” “Smart Healthcare,” and “Innovative Healthcare.” The organizers have invited AI pioneer IBM Watson Health, IoT tech giant, and medical experts to come together for discussions on cutting-edge technology trends, innovative applications, and market opportunities.

Efficient Healthcare – Applications of big data, precision medicine, and AI in healthcare

Smart Healthcare – New values in IoT healthcare solutions

Innovative Healthcare – Microbiota, human metabolism, and immunotherapy


◆ Medical Conferences

In 2018, we will co-organize meetings with Association for Dental Sciences of the Republic of China, Taiwan Medical Association, Taiwan Union of Nurses Association, TAPO, Taiwan Society of Internal Medicine, Taiwan Surgical Association, Taiwan Otolaryngological Society, Taiwan Association of Family Medicine, Taiwan Hypertension Society, Taiwan Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Taiwan Society of Plastic Surgery, and Formosan Medical Association to discuss updates on the latest clinical developmental trends and needs. Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with medical experts and healthcare providers.


◆ Innovative Technology Workshops

The Innovative Technology Workshop series provides a global stage for exhibitors to showcase the latest technologies, products, and services. Receive immediate feedback from clinical experts and healthcare providers, and unlock opportunities for collaborations.


◆ 2nd Annual BioMed Innovation and Investment Conference

This conference gathers biomedical entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals from Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau all in one place. This is your best gateway to familiarize yourself with strategies to enter the Greater China market and discover new business opportunities.


◆ Health Seminars

Seminars led by the expo’s top medical teams on critical health issues. Key opinion leaders will present the latest findings, preventive measures, treatment options, and patient care models. Co-organize or sponsor a health seminar on a health topic of interest with the expo’s medical teams to engage in insightful discussions!



Visitor registration: https://expo.taiwan-healthcare.org/visit/registration.php

Symposium registration: Opens in mid-September

One on One Partnering registration: Opens in mid-September


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