Wellness Hub providing Smart, Cloud-based Remote Care Services


Wellness Hub seeks to enhance the telemed experience through providing smart, cloud-based remote care services. After installing the Wellness Hub, designated caretakers can utilize Bluetooth devices to passively collect physiological data for even easier remote monitoring.


The wide variety of data and functions available to caretakers further increases the care which can be provided, increasing the efficiency of care a single caretaker is able to give to a number of different cases. No longer just passively monitoring, caretakers are able to actively analyze data, send alerts, make inquiries, comment on dietary habits, push messages, and make calls to name a few. With our healthcare management platform, we're giving you the best choice in remote senior care.


Wellness Hub Features:

  1. Easy installation.
  2. Daily activity measurements, data analysis, and notifications.
  3. Physiological data management.
  4. Continuous updates and optimization.


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》Cooperation projects and needs:Wellness Hub would like to cooperate with hospitals, clinics, community care centers and home health care related operators.