World First Ultrasound CAD for Thyroid Cancer Detection with Visualization and Quantification


The “AmCAD-UT Detection” utilizes patented image analysis technology to capture commonly used clinical diagnostic features as well as the pattern features of the thyroid neoplasm from the thyroid ultrasound images.


Through quantification and visualization, detailed color images are thereby displayed for greatly improved and more accurate ultrasound image interpretation. With the ever increasing global incidence of thyroid cancer, such technology provides a non-invasive assessment tool for the definitive diagnosis of thyroid cancer.


The “AmCAD-UT Detection” can convert all detection results into clinical reports, including diagnostic information of thyroid nodules (e.g. neoplasm size, location, and shape), feature visualization for result determination and corresponding quantitative values.


The automatic report generation system not only can greatly save time, but can improve the efficiency of result interpretations and reports. The “AmCAD-UT Detection” has been approved by US FDA, received CE Mark. It has become the indispensable computer-aided thyroid ultrasound image detection system worldwide.



AmCAD-UT® Detection analyzes images for key characteristics (i.e., hyperechoic foci, echogenicity, texture, margin, anechoic areas, height/width ratio, tumor shape, and tumor size) to provide physicians with both the visual and quantitative data.


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