Varian VitalBeam- As Vital to advancing your clinic as you are



VitalBeam lets you access performance and value with a high-quality system. Enhance your capabilities and throughput for patients and expand your new technology for your patient.


The VitalBeam system integrates respiratory gating, imaging and treatment delivery to create a streamlined system. With this integration, you could deliver complex treatments using advanced radiotherapy techniques, including IMRT and RapidArc radiotherapy technology in a routine treatment session. Increase confidence in your delivery by taking advantage of VitalBeam’s high quality imaging capabilities.


Intelligent automation and seamless integration minimize additional time for imaging. Respiratory gating allows you to monitor patient breathing and compensate for tumor motion while efficiently delivering treatment.




With VitalBeam, you can make your mark in cancer treatment. You can have improved workflow and clinical processes plus the technology to enable precise treatments that take only minutes. Take a step forward and prepare for the future in cancer care. With VitalBeam, your clinic is ready.


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