Yuan Rung Medical Care System – A smart hospital with warmth and professional caregiving


Yuan Rung Medical Care System, to which Yuan Rung Hospital and Yuan Sheng Hospital are affiliated, has national-level doctors as well as advanced equipment, and is certificated by Taiwan Task Force on Medical Travel (TTFMT) to provide international health care. Most importantly, these two hospitals gain the first two highest scores in Google reviews among hospitals in Taiwan as a consequence of warmth and skilled medical care, which  is the main characteristics and mission of Yuan Rung Medical Care System!


Medical Specialties


● Cardiac catheterization center

● Gastroesophageal Reflux Diagnosis and Treatment Center with 3D Endoscope

● Innovative Stress-free & Anesthesia-free Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy

● Hyperbaric Oxygen and Wound Treatment Center

● Nerve Repair and Pain Control Center

● Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement

● Integrated Treatment across Disciplines

  -Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Medicine

  -Integrated Stroke Treatment (Neurology, Rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese medicine, Hyperbaric oxygen, and ILIB

  -Diabetic Foot without Amputation (Cardiology, Hyperbaric oxygen, Wound Treatment)


Patient-centered Workflow Design


● One-Stop Service

Patient-centered Spatial Integration : Clinic Rooms, Electrocardiograms, Ultrasounds, Lab Exams, Radiological Exam are arranged in the adjacent space on the same floor.

Patient-centered Process Improvement : the main inspections are performed by the physician and can see the results and make diagnosis at the outpatient clinic.


● Chain of Life Saving

Fast Movements: tens of seconds of movement from the emergency room to cardiac catheterization center, the intensive care unit, and the operating room.


Medical Treatment Combined with Information Technology


● AI Assisted Lung Cancer Screening System and AI EEG Interpretation of Depression

● Block Chain Insurance Fast Claims Service

● Cloud Health Management

● 5G Smart Glasses Field Application for Emergency Medical Service and Remote Home Care




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