Quanta showcases medical innovations at Taiwan Healthcare + Expo 2017


Quanta Computer, together with its Taiwan distributor Leosys, is showcasing its QOCA brand remote healthcare, bedside care and cloud computing conference systems at Taiwan Healthcare + Expo 2017 in Taipei from December 7-10.

Quanta chairman Barry Lam has been optimistic about the potential of smart medical care devices, and Quanta is currently cooperating with clinics and hospitals to establish a medical care platform, with plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) system into the platform to enhance its capability.

The QOCA home is a remote health care system that is supported by Quanta's Qmulus private cloud system and application services to allow medical staff to remotely inspect patients' statuses.

QOCA spt is a bedside care system that allows patients to instantaneously communicate with medical staff and provide information and entertainment services to improve the efficiency for healthcare services.

QC cube is a cloud computing video conference system supporting Windows, MacOS and Linux, allowing users to host a conference at any time using a smartphone, a tablet or a PC.

QC cube is integrated with the latest webpage and multimedia communication technologies and users are able to connect to the system using a browser that supports webRTC function, Quanta said.