2017 Taiwan Healthcare Expo Spotlights Medical Technology Integration


Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the opening ceremony for 2017 Taiwan Healthcare Expo at TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall on December 7.

During his address, Ko reckoned that the occasion marked the first time the capabilities of Taiwan’s medical industry took the spotlight in an exhibition. The fair saw the participation of 50 medical centers and regional hospitals, as well as 300-odd corporations and institutions specializing in ICT, medical equipment, pharmaceutical products, and nursing services. The expo is arguably the largest of its kind on the island, boasting over 1,000 booths covering cradle-to-grave healthcare.

The future of Taiwan’s healthcare industry lies in the integration of existing resources rather than the development of new medicines, equipment, or techniques, noted the mayor. Citing extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation as an example, he pointed out that National Taiwan University leads the world in applying the life support technique to CPR procedures, which can be performed in 15 minutes.

He also acknowledged the effort of Taipei City Hospital in advancing household healthcare by dispatching doctors to elderly patients living in the communities. The practice involves the development of a sound electronic health record system, electronic prescribing, and ways to carry portable ultrasound examination devices. Hence, Taiwan needs to take advantage of its strength to effectively incorporate new techniques into the medical industry.

In addition, the mayor made a case for driving the island’s biotech industry through the support from its clinical medicine capabilities, rich pool of medical talents, and resources.


Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government