BSS intelligent biological sensing system, non-contact, non-interference, 24hrs data collection/physiological integrity


TPS non-contact intelligent biological sensing system, combines radar and various sensors, and integrates the advantages of various algorithms to provide full life care, full-time monitoring and warning notification, which can monitor biological activities such as : respiration, heart rate, temperature and small movement, etc.


Four characteristics of BSS non-contact intelligent biological sensing system:


  1. Privacy maintenance: Radar combines thermal imaging and infrared light to provide physiological monitoring with privacy protection.
  2. Recognition of vital signs: The software interface can not only display heartbeat, respiration but also distinguish the user's state is comfortable, excited or weak. Once the automated analysis of vital signs to recognize the user is weak, the system will alarm.
  3. Smart action identification: If the detected person falls or falls from the bed, the system will display the state is abnormal. It can be combined with health care and the medical system. When the situation is abnormal, the system will generate an alarm in conjunction.
  4. Fast screening: three physiological data of respiration, heartbeat and body temperature + face recognition to achieve fast screening effect. Once the data is abnormal, the alarm will be notified and recorded.



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