TIE caring is a communication App for healthcare providers and patients


The goal of “TIE caring” is to provide “seamless" healthcare. Patients can consult their doctors or nurses after they go home. Scheduled care plan, follow up reminders also can be set up in advance and send timely text messages to patients. Health education can be sent at the correct moment via text messages, pictures or video. Besides, health data or satisfaction surveys can be collected for statistical analysis.


The functions of the product includes:

1. Scheduled care plan

2. Case management

3. Peer consult

4. AI assistant

5. Case referral

6. Follow up reminders

7. Survey and report for statistical analysis

8. Family participation of caring



 Look for: 


1. Health care provider (hospital, clinic, reproductive medicine, case management, hemodialysis Center, aesthetic medicine etc.).

2. Medical Specialist, nutrition and health management consultant.

3. Health industry partner. 


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