BenQ Medical Portable Ultrasound System, Optimized Mobile diagnostic, Minimized infection risk, Perfect partner against COVID-19


As COVID-19 pandemic continues to expand globally, lacking medical resources has become the most critical challenge among many countries. BenQ Medical unique “Portable Ultrasound System” can be applied to various types of isolation wards in order to assist doctors to monitor patients’ lung condition in real-time medical care. The system is designed for point-of-care with touch screen design, which is convenient to sanitize to minimized infection risk.


1. Non-invasive enables Mobile diagnosis optimization

When doctors are required to diagnose patients’ lung condition at various isolation wards, Ultrasound can be applied to diagnosis Acute Respiratory Failure, ARDS or other intensive Lung Disease causes by Mechanical Ventilation.


Ultrasound system is capable of positioning accurately during medical treatment and able to assist the doctors to proceed Intubation, Puncture Aspiration, Drainage, and Biopsy. In addition, it can also avoid the risk of injuries caused by blind puncture, multiple punctures, and medical exclusion of the expiratory dyspnea caused by Acute circulation disorder.


2. Conveniently sanitized with Bezel-Free Touch Screen, minimized infection risk

BenQ Medical unique “Portable Ultrasound System” offers high mobility as well as instant scanning to support Frontline medical staff as essential medical equipment in various isolation wards, and it is also capable of proceeding diagnostic scanning directly to the patients at bedside. Traditional keyboard-type Ultrasound system has always been criticized for its difficulty of fully sanitization, whereas BenQ Medical’s Bezel-Free Touch Screen is able to optimized sanitization to minimized infection risk.


High mobility

The adjustable handle allows BenQ ultrasound to quickly change from table-type to hand-held. It also can be mounted on a mobile trolley.


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