FusionNet:AIoT-powered platform and solutions


FusionNet is a cross-industry AIoT platform developed by Chiun Mai Communication systems (CMCC). FusionNet is empowered by the technology of low-power Bluetooth (BLE), artificial intelligence (AI), Internet-of-Things (IoT) and cloud platform to offer our customers a full range of intelligent services of indoor positioning and smart sensing, which helps hospitals to prevent medical violence and improve operational efficiency.


FusionNet is an open AIoT platform. We expect to grow with our partners together as an ecosystem. We provide the flexibility to connect 3rd-party Bluetooth devices and offer open API to let our partners integrate and develop their services on FusionNet easily.


Our customized solutions include Smart equipment tracking and management system, Continuous Vital Sign Collecting System, Medical violence prevention system, Wireless nurse call button. We have successfully protected first-line medical personnel from violence, reducing workload and improving medical efficiency and quality in many hospitals.



Medical violence prevention system




Smart equipment tracking and management system




FusionNet AIoT framework



 Look for: hospitals, corporates intereted in AIoT solutions and indoor positioning system  


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