The plant RNA biological antibody drugs are leading the emerging drugs


Our products are Biological & Agriculture Polypeptide raw material products R&D and manufacturing OEM production ,Can activate T cell and B cell immune system to produce phage activation factor



  • The RNA of liver virus application
  • The HBV of treatment application utility
  • The HCV of clear treatment utility
  • The treatment application of trauma infection
  • The treatment application of lungs infection
  • The treatment utility of  flu immunity
  • The RNA therapeutics: Natural materials application 、 High antioxidant  enzymes (Protein) app lication
  • The plant RNA  interference  drugs
  • The  RNA aptamers immunity treatment
  • The  RNA treatment medicine prospect



Look for:

  • Seeking for the cooperation and development of international pharmaceutical factories and antibody institutions.
  • We seek cooperation with national laboratories.



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