Jun Less Solution “Estrong”, CHG+ medicinal alcohol brings you longer and more comprehensive protection



At this period of the continual spread of Covid-19 around the world, the hand sanitizer become more important than ever. But how should we choose the hand sanitizer? Most of the hand sanitizer only contain alcohol, which has an immediate disinfecting effect, but it has no protective effect. It needs to be repeated used for cleaning at all times. Jun Less Solution contains CHG (chlorhexidine), a quick-acting and long-acting fungicide, which can provide long-term. The protection, when combine with alcohol, can provide a wider range of disinfection effects and a more comprehensive anti-virus.


In addition to the hand sanitizer used by general consumers when going out, the wall-mounted hand sanitizer and imported hand sanitizer currently used in medical hospitals are mostly products that only use 75% alcohol and essential oils to reduce the dryness caused by alcohol. The Jun Less Solution added with CHG, while using, the hands can form a protective film, and have a more obvious moisturizing feeling. It is a new form to choose for hospitals, clinics, nursing centers, and public places.


  1. It is a PIC/S GMP high-quality drug, Certified by TFDA, No. 058154 of the Ministry of Health Medicine, and No. 1080911 of the Ministry of Health Medicine.
  2. Can use without dilution, simply spray or put on the place to be disinfected.
  3. Can be used for initial wound treatment.
  4. The content is only CHG+70% alcohol and pure water, no other additives, it is refreshing and not sticky to use.
  5. Compared with the general 75% alcohol, it has more protective power, and it is less dry and cracked when used on the hands.
  6. Multiple packaging, suitable for hospitals, homes, and outings.
  7. Made in Taiwan.


Jun Less Solution “Estrong” has multiple packaging sizes, suitable for disinfection in various medical institutions, emergency rooms, intensive care units, infant centers, nurseries and general households.


 Look for: International agents/distributors, sales channel consult and cooperate, promote the use of disinfection in medical institutions, nursing homes, catering industry and school.


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